11 August 2009

I'm really not that popular!

I take friendships very seriously and don't appoint the title easily to people. While it's pretty much a generic term when referring to people we know; there is a depth and growth that makes one a true friend. I have a small and close-knit circle and we're fiercely loyal and are ride or die. We fight; we laugh; we love; we call each other out; but there is no doubt that we mean the world to each other.

But I didn't bring you here to tell you that (stole that phrase from Terry)

I was looking at my "Friends" List on Facebook and saw that I have 215 friend...Really? I think not. I may know 215 people, but to call them all friends just ain't happening. I've never been one who strived to be the center of attention, enjoy the limelight, or think that I'm better than someone else because of how many people I know. I take quality over quantity any day.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be offensive to anyone on my Friends List and I'm certainly not taking my acquaintences for granted because for most part; each person has played a role in my life in some capacity. All I'm saying is that I do not use Facebook or any other social networking tool as a measure of my popularity or as a means to pry into the lives of others. For me, it's a communicative device to make quick and easy contact with people; to network; or interact in some way. I'm amused at the people who use tools like Facebook, MySpace, or one of the other tools to be Head of the Class and I'm even more amused as those who get offended over whether or not their in someone's Top List. Wow! Talk about delusions of granduer, arrognace, or conceit.

Anyway, I've said all that to say, that I'm quite content blogging for myself; however, I do appreciate those who come by and read my rantings. I'm happy for those I'm in contact with through Facebook, but note that none of what I do is for popularity.

Thanks for reading...have a blessed day...love to live; live to love!


QueenBee said...

Well some people do it for popularity. I don't either girl. I, too, have people who just add me as their friend because they either know me directly or indirectly through someone else. I blog so that my brain won't burst from all the things that I be thinking.

SLC said...

Facebook is fun, but some people take it way too seriously; especially the whole friends thing. Sometimes I wish I could start over. I'd have 1/3 as many friends. I'd send you a request though since your an intelligent Jersey Girl.

Blu Jewel said...

@Queen - We are definitely like minded; especially where it comes to blogging. If I didn't write, I might end up saying to the judge, "what had happened was..."

@SLC - Definitely agree that many take things way too far when it comes to social networking. I will look out for your friend request.

love to live; live to love!

JenellyBean said...

We all love you!!

I've been on FB for over 5 years and I have over 15 hundred friends. I have no clue who 80% of them are.

Its all fun.

Blu Jewel said...

@ Jenelly - over 15 hundred friends? LMAO @ not knowing 80% of them. I ignore people who Friend Request me because we have a mutual friend. Just because we know the same person, doesn't mean we should know each other.

Love to live; live to love!

Hawa said...

Oh God. I know exactly what you're talking about. My 16 year old was almost psychotic about his "friends list" count, and I had to have a real heart-to-heart with him.

My friends list is over 200 on Facebook, and I recently decided to clean house. I created different friend lists... and only the "Inner Circle" list can see all my info (photo albums, phone number, etc). Others fall into generic lists, like fellow blog authors who I've never met.

In spite of all that categorizing, I'm still gonna delete quite a few. And whoever is offended... oh well. It's not a popularity contest, and even if it was, I wouldn't wanna be the winner. LOL

That reminds me of the day one of my High School friends deleted me from her list... only because I was kicking her arse in a Facebook game we both play.

She ended up writing and apologizing, saying she really isn't competitive like that, and added me again. I was like... "Dang... This chick is crayzee!" lol She quit the game for good after admitting it was making her act a little off. (If you're on Facebook, the game is Celebrity Agent...)

Keith said...

I think I've been taking Facebook way too seriously..I'm praying about it.lololol.

A person I thought was a friend and I have had a falling out..although I have apologized twice (for something I don't feel
I'm guily of) this person has still
brought it up a year later and has taken me off of their "friends"list. Ironically, the day after I apologized the second time.

Do you know I've been angry and upset about that for three weeks.
My wife said to me-"it's only facebook."

So this really hit home.

JenellyBean said...


Yes it's only Facebook but I think in your case it was more of a personal negative gesture.

How do you know when someone deletes you anyways??

chele said...

I'm definitely NOT one of the cool kids.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Terry said...

Your on Facebook?

Anonymous said...

I agree, I take friendship very seriously, and those who happen to be on my friend list on Facebook doesn't mean a thing..Associates I like to call them...People get mad at me because I call certain peeps Associates, but hey why lie lol

Anonymous said...

I have over 500 friends, but about 400 are only because I play Mafia Wars. *lol* Like Hawa said, everyone is in their respective group with different levels of access. The world "friend" in the real world means a whole lot to me too. I can count my real friends on two hands with a few free fingers.

Sleek said...

i have never quite understood how anyone can use a social networking tool as a measure of popularity...one might as well walk on the street and count how many people smile at them