13 February 2007

The Blu Zone

A collection of thoughts and other things on my mind today.

This is the first time since I’ve been in my new position that I’ve had nothing to do.

My daughter’s best friend is the son I never had. Love that kid!

“I wish I knew the truth without search.” Borrowed this from jus.b.fli

I further wish some people would simply leave other people alone.

If the weather people don’t stop teasing with the “it’s going to snow…” bull crap, I’m gonna go to The Weather Channel studios in Tims and a black hoodie.

I want to go out to a restaurant and enjoy a really good 7-course meal. I know that’s a lot of food, but I’m good for it.

I need new clothes, but lack the ambition to go shopping.

One of my best friends thinks she’s alone; she’s not. Got mad love for ya girl!

A long weekend away is a must happen activity.

My Lead (boss lady) and I prayed together this morning and it was fantastic for my disposition.

For those who are believers, do you pray with others at work?

A real friend tells you when you're not looking your best and I appreciated hearing that and taking corrective action. (thank goodness I carry a makeup bag...mascara, lipstick & gloss did wonders for me)

Six months til my military retirement and I can't wait though I'll miss that monthly check.

John Legend is going to be in my tri-state area the same weekend of the family reunion (dad's side)...I really want to see John Legend *sigh*

I hate Valentine's Day! How can you put a price on love and commericalise the emotion? So much is put into a the day and folk'll still act like ass-lesions shortly thereafter. If I love you, I'll love you year round and don't Feb 14th to put a stamp on it.

Today is exactly 7 months til my birthday and I can't friggin wait; it's a big one and I'm sooped!

That's all folks...time for lunch!


Honey-Libra said...

LOL I had to tell someone what you said about the Timbs and Hoodie....Gotta love random posts LOL

T.C. said...

I don't do V-Day either, I think making a BIG deal of one day over lov is rediculous...give me love 365/24/7...its a totally over hype and waste of energy and an excuse for folks to do stuff one day a year and act like an jerk for the rest...so eiher show me love all the time or move on...so NO I don't do it either

I don't pray at work with anyone, but I have begin meditating/praying/reading the word DAILY first thing in the morning before i do anything else and I find that it totally makes the difference in my life

Wendy said...

Ass-lesion damn I have got to use that one.LMAO!

Terry said...

"I need new clothes, but lack the ambition to go shopping."

Wait until spring. Everything's better in spring.

Blu Jewel said...

honey - LOL@u for telling someone that. Tims & hoodie is my fave ass-kickin expression

t.c - ^5 to you sis! it's so refreshing to hear women say they're not caught up in the v-day hype fest. i pray each morning at home, but it sure was nice to not only pray at work, but pray with my Lead.

wendy - LOL! I say all kinds of crazy mess like that...

terry - while waiting til spring is a viable option, I'm not much of a shopper per se, so I'm only puttin off the inevitable. *sigh*

jus butterfli said...

i have a couple of people i KNOW i can go to on the job if i need/want to have someone pray for me and i'd gladly return the favor. it's a great feeling KNOWING that i have that support system in place.

valentine's day is a trip. i've witnessed folks getting flowers and balloons and shit on that day who i know for a fact were jus crying on the one before because their husband is/was cheating and treating them like ass! so, ummm... i'm jaded big time by the day itself. besides, if it's REALLY love, shouldn't EVERY day be like valentine's day?

anywho... i love you! ALL the time. don't forget it!! and i'm out... (hehehe)


Susan Abraham said...

Enjoyed this post, Blu.
Thanks for just being here. :-)

The Mistress said...

ROFL @ "taking corrective action" with your make-up. I know that's right girl!

I used to wish I could give people makeovers off the street. I see some major fashion felonies and makeup mishaps.

It's sad.

Rosemarie said...

"One of my best friends thinks she’s alone; she’s not. Got mad love for ya girl!"


Zephaniah 3:17 NIV
"The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing."

Rosemarie said...

I enjoy random thought posts so much I had to do it yesterday.

Have you read Bunny's yet? She is on my featured post. Girl is crazy.

Paula D. said...

Stopping by to say 'hey'! I hate V-day also!

BZ said...

Retirement - what a birthday present!!! Congrats, lady! Hopefully sis will be separating in June, too! WHEW!

OK, I do like V-day. I think it's important to be consistent year-round in the little things. But, I think it's cool to have a themed mini-celebration of sorts.

LMAO @ "ass-lesion" -- OUCH!

BlaqRayne said...

Thanks :-)

I'm with you on Valentine's Day. A former love and I used to have a special night each month. Eff the commercialism of Valentine's Day.

I will be with you stompin the weather people to the ground.

I actually got up the ambition to shop for clothes, but the pickins were so slim :-(.

Ass-lesion??? Now that was hilarious!!!

Blu Jewel said...

JUS - u are fortunate that you have allies on the plantation and that tends to be where you need them the most. I'm with you on Valentine's too. love you back

su - u know i've got your back lady

mistress - girl, without that intervention, i would have looked a mess all day. i was happy for the "ambush"

rosemarie - thanks for the verse, i loved it. haven't checked out the post yet, but will. random post are fun to do because you say the things you're thinking but tend not to say out loud.

paula - thanks for the stop by. yay, another woman not caught up in the hype

bz - yeah, that will be one hella bday present. i still have your sis in prayer and i hope she gets to separate in june. V day is cool if people are consistent, but most aren't and i just cant fathom putting a price on love.

rayne - what you and your former used to do is what folk should do and then it would make v-day mean even more. the more the merrier on the weather channel beat down. oh, great just what i needed, slim pickens in the stores *ugh*

Anonymous said...

I love John Legend and I'd love to see him perform live. Wonderful voice!

I wonder if my mom thought that about my best friend in high school, who was a gay guy named David. Did she feel he was the son she never had?! LOL. I think I'll ask her!