05 March 2007

i miss you all!

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Things are pretty hectic for me right now, but I'm gonna be back soon.

Here's a few random things for you though...

i snagged a pair of Enzo's that were originally $199 for $42 on sat...i was stoked!

i sure miss some of those days when i could slack for a couple hours on the plantation

praying while dead tired is a crazy combo. i feel asleep while in prayer; caught myself; started again, and then fell back to sleep.

i wanted to ask someone this recently...

my forearms ache from carrying those heavy ass bags while at the mall on sat...it was worth it though for all the money i saved...yay!

i'm reading blogs; just not always commenting...i'll try to correct that

being a MILF is rough!

i still hate people

i've considered being a card carrying member of the KKK

without God, i'd be a complete and total mess

sexual fantasies are my way of having safe sex

i need a )*%#(^%#(* vacation in the worst way

i call the spa to finally make my appointment and they )*%#)%*#) booked...*AAARRGGHH*

i saw Number 23 the other night and didn't really like it

kids these days have no effin manners and i want to slap them when they're being disrespecful

my twin niece and nephew are so damn cute

i looked good as hell today...the hip confidence was in full effect!!

The Bible is the greatest book ever written

this is how i'm living

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stay well and be blessed y'all...Blu Jewel still has mad love for you. *muah*


blaqrayne said...

Has anyone ever told you that you're a nut...lol. Sexual fantasies are your way of having safe sex really had me LMBAO.

You may have to miss your bloggers a lil while longer because we have to work on that March deadline for you!!

T.C. said...

Ok so I tried to comment, and had this bomb joint too and it got erased...talking about your "request could not be processed..."

sorry but i ain't doing it again...

I will say this though...

Sometimes you NEED to KNOW you look good...so GET IT!!!!

Hawa Bond said...

Hey honey! I just love your random thoughts when you have them.

I hear ya about the vacation. I had a moment last week when I almost cried for need of a vacation. At this point, I'll settle for something across the country or just across the dang street.


JenellyBean said...

Hello daaarling...

Stopping through to say Hello, I know I've been very distant and I apologize for that.

I know you know how a busy life can put things on the back burner.

Darius T. Williams said...

You're right about the bible...it is the greatest book!

Terry said...

Yepper! Fantasies are the safest sex around. Until you have one that dumps you on the floor and breaks your arm.

Rosemarie said...

"i looked good as hell today...the hip confidence was in full effect!!"

I could see those hips workin' girl. You know you own it!

We’ve missed you.

Blu Jewel said...

rayne - i know YOU aint even laughing

t.c - i dont feel that cocky often, but damn, there was just sumthin about myself that day. *smile*

hawa - if i dont get a vacation soon, i'm gonna hole myself up in my room with travel mags and imagine myself there instead.

jenelly - thanks for swinging by. yeah, it's been a while, but hey; life happens.

darius - gotta love it when a man gives The Bible a shout out..thanks bruh

terry - lmao! i pray i never have a fantasy that is that deep.

rosemarie - sometimes we've gotta give ourselves that vote of confidence and simply work it.