06 March 2007

what's it to ya???

Ever noticed how folk stay in other folks business? WTF? I mean, let’s be real here, why do you care what I’m doing or with whom I’m doing it? Does it matter what car I drive, what town I live in or who my friends are? Does my sexuality, religion, or whatever make or break your impression of me? The answer; a resounding “NO!”.

I have a friend with whom I have lunch with almost weekly. Recently I was asked if he was my boyfriend. I laughed at the assumption and humored the person by responding. “No, he’s not, we’re good friends.”

“Oh!” She responded as if they expected a different answer.

Now, being the antagonist I can be at times, I decided to take things further. “What gave you the impression he was my boyfriend?”

“Because I see you here (the restaurant) a lot together.” She replied.

“Oh, so because two people are seen together a lot it means they’re a couple?”

She was stumped for a few, so I decided to keep pushing.

“Let me take this one step further. If you saw me with a girl more often than not, would you assume she was my girlfriend of an intimate nature?”

“No,” she said in horror. “Of course not. It’s just that you’re an attractive woman, he’s a good looking guy and I see you together a lot, so I ass…”

“And that’s where you should not assume,” I cut her off. “I’m single and very much okay with that.”

“I know, but it’s just that…”

I cut her off again. “Listen, just because we’re attractive doesn’t make us compatible and looks certainly aren’t indicative of a person’s personality of which carries; or at least should carry a lot of weight.” I paused to gather my thoughts as not to completely demean this narrow-minded and nosey woman. “With all do respect, what I do and with whom is none of yours or anyone else's business. And for the record, just because I’m considered attractive on the outside, doesn’t mean I am on the inside. I could be a maniacal bitch who'd get dropped faster than black man in the ER with no insurance.”

By now, I think my point was made that she needed to mind her own damn business.

Folk, I’ll admit we all get into other people’s business, but be careful cause when it comes back to you it can be ugly. Check yourself because if you don’t want people asking you your business, don’t ask them theirs. Yes, things are gonna be said or done, but pick and choose your battles when dealing with nosey folk cause they’re trouble whether you admit something or not.

A smart-mouthed chic like me’s got something fo ya, so if you wanna know something ask as your own risk.


Terry said...

LOL..I love it! Lucky that you and I live 3,000 miles apart. 'Cause me and you in the same room...that would make Katrina look like a soft summer breeze.

Stupid, nosey, people wouldn't have a chance.

jus butterfli said...

to steal your phrase:

now run & tell dat!! (LOL)

i LOVED this! and you are so right! nosey bitches get on my last nerve. butterfli pretty much minds her own. ssssshit! it's truthfully all i can handle anyway! (LOL)

sometimes i feel like i'm the last one to know anything, since i simply don't inquire. that's cause AS SOON AS a mofo tries to get up in my bitness i turn into that maniacal bitch you mentioned in the post!

and anotha thing! (since you got me goin' now!!) i ABSOLUTELY DETEST folks who think they KNOW me jus because they've seen me around or read my blog or know somebody i know! but i digress cause this reply is gettin' hella long! (LOL)

peacez dah'lin! great big hugs!!

Rosemarie said...

Tip: People who want to know other folk business don't ever share their own.

You're tough! I wouldn't want to meet up with you in the ladies room alone.

I'll hold my pee thank you, or better yet use the men's room. *wink*

JoJo D. said...

Girl, before my husband died, his folks STAYED all up in our business. Every day. Every night. They were the types who'd run tell something just to get something. Ooh,the lies they told on me to him...

And right today, they still don't know whether or not if I was actually keeping company with other men. They were just lying and guessing. My husband was an asshole, and so are they. I can't stand a mofo that's always in someone's business. That's why I try to steer clear of other people's personal affairs. And I don't like for them to bring their mess to me because I can't help them straighten it out.

JoJo D. said...

And another thing: my Mom used to tell us: "The best way to keep people out your business is to keep 'em out your business..."

Paula D. said...

You are a trip! I can't stand nosey people either.

BZ said...

AHAHAHAHAHA!! I can't stand nosey people. My middle sister feels the need to share every intimate detail of her life, including the fact that if she goes to "get ready", she'll tell you the order of the actions entailed in "getting ready". As such, I think she assumes it's ok to ask the details of everyone else's business. And it's so annoying!

I'm with Butterfli (of course) - that I'm always the last to know sh*t cuz I never ask. I don't need to. My life is crazy enough.


Honey-Libra said...

DANG!! I am quite sure that she won't ask nothing else again LOL...I too don't like when folks assume..as I try not to

You should have snapped your fingers after that LOL

Blu Jewel said...

terry - love that line "make Katrina look like a soft summer breeze". you got that off and after reading some of your blogs, i can definitely relate.

jus - you KNOW how i feel about shit like this and i've been contemplating this post for a while, but time wasn't there. after a convo i had and reading someone else's similar situation, i knew i had to "run tell dat!" my mantra is "Bennett! Cause I ain't in it"

rose - i think it's those who are in yours want you to ask there's cause they think their lives are just that interesting. and you're right, i'm not the one to roll up on in the ladies room...lol!

jojo - just from what i've read in your blogs, i'd be hard pressed to ask you the time of day! *lmao* for real though, i know you ain't takin no mess and i'd certainly call on you if i ever needed backup.

paula - lol...just call it as i see it.

bz - your sis is a trip and i agree, just cause you divulge yours, doesn't mean i have to divulge mine. i don't wanna know shit and if folk insist on sharing, i make a point to forget it no sooner they're done running their mouths.

honey - nah, i'm sure she wont even look in my direction if she sees me again.

Hawa Bond said...

Well dang... did the girl end up running to the bathroom, crying, and licking her wounds? LOL

T.C. said...

so true...I remember when I was younger, in college, I was dating an older guy so when I came home for the weekends, the folks around the way would just see me with my gurls because I was NOT bringing dude home to meet the folks...well because no one ever saw anyone I was dating...it was said that I was homosexual..

NOW there is nothing wrong with it, if YOU like I love it...but that's NOT for me...feel me...

people always tend to be in YOUR bidness...I was so going to do a post about "friends" and how they ALWAYS got something to say about YOUR life...LOL...when their stuff is ALL jacked up...

I don't like people who ASS U ME and I don't like judges...HELLO!!!

Ok so imma stop rambling on...but this one dat bidness....

Rosemarie said...

Read God's Child newest post on a similar situation.


blaqrayne said...

Believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see!!

David said...


So true. People are forever all in my business, recent events in my life have only made it worse, lol.

Eventually I figure I'll just start adding to rumors and hearsay to make them even bigger, that's when it gets fun. ;-)

josie said...

nice way to break to her

j.a.c. said...

LOL!!! You took that chick down!!!