15 March 2007


Most of us are familiar with the acronym S.O.S, but many do not realize there are a few meanings behind it. Here is my break down...Stuck on Stupid, Sink or Swim, Save our Souls, Shit or Shutup.

Now, that being said these are some of the S.O.S's that I feel require some attention.
  1. listening to songs that are damaging to your sex drive while at work
  2. listening to songs on repeat for like 15 mins...no, not the aforementioned ones...lol!
  3. having a voice and not using it; there is no resolution without dialog
  4. putting yourself in the line of fire and then being mad about it
  5. allowing others to define who you are
  6. knowing something/one is bad for you and doing it anyway
  7. not seeing the forest for the trees
  8. intereaction without compromise
  9. not standing up for yourself especially when you know you're right
  10. watching the world go by and not participating
  11. wasting time complaining about what you don't have instead of appreciating what you do
  12. blocking blessings
  13. never taking chances or making changes
  14. putting stipulations on yourself or others
  15. opening doors before closing others
  16. turning your pain, problems, and such inward instead of upward
  17. not saying "i love you"
  18. telling someone what they want to hear instead of what they NEED to hear
  19. not being able to accept fault
  20. not treating yourself to something nice even when you can barely afford to
  21. saying, "thank you Jesus/God" and not really expressing it effectively
  22. realizing good people can do bad things
  23. sometimes good people aren't good together
  24. because you're a size 5 doesn't mean everything looks good on you
  25. grown ass men in thug wear is NOT attractive
  26. random acts of kindness shouldn't be regarded as foolish
  27. human life should not be discounted
  28. love is not an isolated entity, share it with EVERYONE
  29. this is NOT a dress rehersal people
  30. God is good always, in ALL ways.


jus butterfli said...

what the hell??!!

I'M first??? (LOL)

i abSOULutely love this list!! as a matter of fact i copied and pasted it to a wordpad document and printed it out!!

thank you! :D

p.s. did you get that thing i asked you to bring to me last night??? (LOL)

Terry said...

Ohhh, great list. I'm likin' it.

I need to make a note of a few of these things.

blaqrayne said...

Very good post. Thanks for the wake up call. I felt like you were talking directly to me or better yet, seeing through me.

Debo Blue said...

Girl you are preaching lately! Ima have to send you an offering!

Thanks for the words of wisdom.

T.C. said...

well alright...and the people said:
I have my favs...but because I LOVE the entire list I'll just pull out the be all to be all...
EVERYONEthis is NOT a dress rehersal people
God is good always, in ALL ways.

U are Always taking us higher...

JoJo D. said...

Yessss, Ma'am. Wisdom has spoken and her name is Blu Jewel. Y'all better listen and pay attention.

That ol' sage of a gal... (LOL!)

Honey-Libra said...

LOL...now I never thought about all those potential meanings. Loved the list..have a wonderful weekend

Blu Jewel said...

jus - lol@ you being first. glad you loved the list; moreso, i'm glad you liked it enough to print it. that's very humbling for me...thanks! oh, and yeah, your "package" is on it's way *wink*

terry - glad you too, found the list beneficial and i'm happy that i could be a positive influence

rayne - sometimes it takes reading and not hearing to really sink it. i hope you found comfort in this and that it will make a positive change for you.

debo - i'll take the offering; i could use some spending money for my pending vacation

t.c - you are in part the inspiration behind this post after i read your list and "stole" some of it for my own post. happy that you found depth and meaning within this post

jojo - whenever you comment, i always get a smile on my face. thanks for the kind words and the kudos

honey - too often we only take the surface meaning of something, but i had to look for more as i've been evaluating my life and life as a whole.

ALL - this post means a lot to me as it's both a teaching experience and a learning experience. i'm no therapist; simply a life's scholar and a woman with an opinion. i hope we can all walk away from this wiser, more resilient, more aware, and certainly more assure. Be blessed one and all.

TDJ said...

Great list. My favorite: Never taking chances or making changes. Fear! Most people are paralyzed by it.

Rosemarie said...

Great list! Once again, you have pushed us in to another realm of deeper self-reflection. Thanks!

Mominator said...

Hey girl, great list! I especially like #25. The men I know like that qualify for Stuck On Stupid.
I haven't been around lately as we are preparing for the arrival new granddaughter on the 28th. I shall pass your wonderful list onto DQ. She can appreciate it now that she is doing so well.

Sue :)

Shai said...

You posted a good list. I had to ponder over some and look at what I need to do with myself.