20 March 2007

Ruffling Feathers

Those who know me; know I’m not one for conflict and drama. It is a monumental peeve of mine and no matter how you slice it; I’d rather not deal. However, there are occasions when I know I have to face the fire or voice my distain for a situation. Yesterday was one of those occasions.

After realizing that a situation I knew much about came to a head, I couldn’t help but voice my thoughts about it, though the other parties weren’t really aware of the extent of my awareness. I’m one for laying low in the cut and I tend not to reveal things I may have overheard as I feel it’s none of my business. This kind of gives me a voyeuristic observation of things and oft times when I do have to speak up; I’m able to provide an insight that may have been overlooked.

The case in question has had me pissed off for some time as the offender has the misguided impression that the world revolves around her and that gives her the right to lie; manipulate; treat people as her personal toilet paper; and other such offenses. Being that I’m a grown ass woman with little time for that kind of drama, I tend not be bothered with her simple ass. However, there are others very close to me who are subjected to her delusions of grandeur. From the little I’ve spoke on the situation, my opinion is that I don’t want to see good people get fucked over by her or anyone like her. I’m a firm believer in victims becoming survivors and those, this brat is offending don’t deserve one iota of the treatment they’re getting.

Now, you may be wondering where I fit into this fucked up equation, so I’ll tell you. Well, chick decided to put my name in her mouth and inquire about things that are of no consequence to her. WRONG MOVE! In addition, she’s offended me a time or few and I’ve for the most part let it slide; however, I haven’t forgotten and she’s been checked for her lack of decorum and/or manners. Well, back to the point. In her verbal rampage, she seemed to overlook the fact that I’ve (on more than one occasion) overheard her running her mouth; a fact that I’ve now made public seeing as she decided to put my name in her mouth. All bets are off now and she best to pray that I’m not somehow in a position to blow her spot up. It’s a bad move to mistake what I don’t say for ignorance; trust and believe the Jewel is far from that. Being feline natured has afforded me the opportunity to lay low, observe, and then attack if/when provoked. That time has come. In addition, it’s warranted because the parties she’s offended are near and dear to me as I’ve said and like the mother I am; I protect mine.

So, if you hear of some strange fall out in NJ or some major change in atmospheric pressure, it could be that chick has been atomized by the many who want to take down the one.



chele said...

I understand where you're coming from. It's like she can do/say whatever until it creeps up into my backyard ... I've been in those situations before and you have to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand.

jus butterfli said...

OHHHHH SHIT!! somebody's 'bout to get it!! i've been on the receiving end of your "tough love", so i don't even want to see how ugly things could possibly get when there's NO LOVE involved!! (LOL)

jus let me know if i need to keep a stash set aside for the bail money, 'cause i can tell it's 'bout to go down. (LOL) seriously tho', it is what it is. handle you big sis. i mean hell, i've been a brat all my life, but i also learned at an early age that altho' that's the case, you can't treat people ANY DAMN WAY you please and expect them to jus suck it up and continue to play nice, ya know?

i love it when you rant!! it makes me feel so not alone!! :D

peace, love & big hugs!

Copasetic Soul said...

hey, find your happy spot and ignore this person BUT if that doesnt work, do what ya gotta do!

i got something on ya books!

Shelle said...

Wow girl, do u live here n town LOL...i feel ya on this damn i do!! i'm with copa...got the money on the books for ya

Blu Jewel said...

chele - i'm a firm believer in keeping things simple, but when you gotta get serious; it's time to handle the biz

jus - girl, you KNOW how grimey i can get and you called it right..." don't even want to see how ugly things could possibly get when there's NO LOVE involved!". i'm so done with her and the bs.

copa - thanks for the inspiration and i hope to stay in my happy place, but when the jewel ain't shining, it ain't pretty. thanks for the look out for my books! *lol*

shelle - i'm a peaceful woman and it takes a lot for me to wanna get ugly, but once you start effin with my peeps to the umpth degree, all bets are off. between you and copa i might be straight though if i have to go to the big house.

T.C. said...

Oh SNAP! I KNOW somebody done messed up now fo real...I have NEVER heard you come out like this so I KNOW you are PISSED I can feel it coming off the page...

Well it is what it is...get her then, I mean seriously, we are all too GROWN for this mess...(Yes I said it I am grown (too)...LOL...)

Hawa Bond said...

Oh dang. Jewel, do I have to pull out my big boots and Vaseline? LOL

Please tell me this isn't a chick at work.

Blu Jewel said...

t.c - you're right; i tend not to come out of face like this, but when i've had enough, i've had enough. and i hate when little girls try to be grown but can own up to their shit. she done played in the wrongs ones toy box.

hawa - nah, no one from work, but you know she's gotta be handled. fortunately, she's a light weight in spite of her lofy aspirations and i can handle her. but it's good to know that there are so many who have my back one way or another.

JoJo D. said...

And if you need me, I'ma hold her ass while you cut the shit out of her.

For real, Jewel.

blaqrayne said...

Wow, tell me how you really feel. You know I know the situation even more and it's definitely not worth the energy. Woooosssaaaaaah