21 March 2007

just stuff

...for knowing God

...for my faith and for knowing the power of prayer and divinity

...for having a voice and using it

...for the yesterday's post as i needed to get it off my chest

...for knowing that i'm a good friend

...for being the kind of parent that mine weren't

...for my family and real friends

...for my blog family

...for the recent bogs that were filled with positive insight and inspiration

...for the vacation i'm gonna take with lil lady

...for the new "man" in my life...he's a lil cutie pie and auntie jewel is gonna spoil him

...you THINK the world revolves around you; it doesn't and karma is a mutha effa

...you've been friends with someone for a long time; doesn't mean it's a healthy relationship

...you might not get caught, but cheating still aint right

...you're in a bad mood that you need to take it out on others

...it hasn't manifested itself yet; but love, joy, peace, and happiness is waiting for you

...for showing me your true colors

...for being the type of person i'm glad i never became

...for being stupid enough to reveal things that will come back to bite you in the ass later

...for your wide shut eyes cause your dumb ass can't see the forest for the trees

...for affording me the opportunity to run tell dat

...without the truth, words are all lies

...telling you what i knew you might not want to hear was love speaking

...sugar coating shit and calling it candy would be bittersweet

...standing up for myself and those i love

...talking lil lady and my "son" about sex, STDs, and relationships will help; not hurt them

...i look kinda cute today

...listening to music is like food for my soul

...live life out loud

...never doubt your integrity or character because someone has made you act in a manner you typically don't. sometimes you gotta get dirty in order to cleanse yourself thoroughly

...say something nice to yourself daily

...feelings aren't right or wrong; they just are

...for today; just be!


jus butterfli said...

woooo hoooo!

i'm FIRST sukkas! ...back the fuck up!! (lmao)

loved this:
never doubt your integrity or character because someone has made you act in a manner you typically don't. sometimes you gotta get dirty in order to cleanse yourself thoroughly


loved the post in it's entirety! altho', when i got to the "fuck you very much" part i had to giggle. thank you for being you, ms ma'am! you brighten my life. tremendously!!

peace, love and BIG hugs!

give julian a kiss for me, since he is my other nephew. (lol)

T.C. said...

Ok did you get wit 'em this morning or WHAT...HELLO!!!
I loved it...
I love coming here...always leave with something new, funny and inspiring...REAL TALK!

BZ said...

This post is great!!!

"Live life out loud."

AMEN! I love all of these. This made me smile and laugh and think today.

Thank you!

Honey-Libra said...

I think I read some of the same blogs too much LOL..why was I about to say woohoo too LOL...

YEAAA!! Ok I am totally the F you very much list LOL...as others would say when folks show you who they are the first time..Believe them :)

Have a great week :)

Blu Jewel said...

jus - u know i jus hafta call it as i see it sometimes. i'm not one for fakin the funk that's for chicks who can't fuck! I'm a grown ass woman; grown ass things. I got no time for the fake ones cause I'm a real Jewel and real gems sparkle. So, glad I could spout some wise words and raise some consciousness.

t.c - actually, i didn't break chic down, but i guess releasing it yesterday allowed me to get this piece out today. Real talk is for real people...you included cause you pop some wisdom in your spot too.

bz - knowing that i put a smile on your face and some thoughts in your head is always a good thing.

honey - you are too damn funny. and i love what you said about people showing you who they are.

JoJo D. said...

See there, there goes that wisdom again. I thought I knew a little something in my 38 years of hopping and popping.

Turns out, I don't know ... (well, I wanted to put a curse word here, but then I thought better)

You ought not be so cruel with that knowledge, Jewel...

Darius T. Williams said...

Live life out loud...I love that!

Lyrically speaking said...

I must say I am loving your post, this is the most self-expressive gratitude list I have encountered and I read it over to appreciate it more.

"Say something nice to yourself daily" hmmmmmmm, true, I need that dose of vitamin for my spirit

"never doubt your integrity or character because someone has made you act in a manner you typically don't. sometimes you gotta get dirty in order to cleanse yourself thoroughly"

I can relate to that one...a couple years back I had to deal with someone whom I trusted and it wasn't in me to get revenge, but I felt so used by her and sadly had to take her to court cause it was about "business" nothing personal although I made the mistake of us becoming friends. So you can imagine the shock when I took her to court and I won the case. It's something perhaps I should post to my blog when I'm good and ready to talk about it in details.

Great post, thanks for sharing with us

Ali's Zay said...

"...for being the kind of parent that mine weren't"


blaqrayne said...

Bravo! Can't argue with you on any of these points.

Shelle said...

You have made my friday girl...got me cracking up ova here...say say say it girl. live your life outloud...and fuck 'em for not getting it lOL

Rosemarie said...

This is fabulous!

I took your lead and gave you a shout on my blog.

Thank you for sharing with us so many tender lessons. We're thankful!