01 May 2007

Raelly Legendary

Okay, so this post is late, but you know how the saying goes...

So, I went to see Corinne and John last Thursday and of course the show was off the hook. Rayne and I figured we had ample time to get there and for the most part we did, but anyone familiar with Philly can tell you, ALWAYS allow extra time. Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA is a PITA to get to and with the ongoing construction on Market St. a 50 minute trip can easily turn into well over an hour. We finally get to the theater after some crazy maneuvering and parking skills and arrive just in time to hear Corinne's soft, yet powerful vocals as the show started promptly @ 8:00pm. It was 8:02 when we walked into the actual seating area. *phew* She sang so beautifully and to me sounded even better than her CD, which says a lot. Unfortunately, she didn't sing Enchantment (Rayne's fave), but she was wonderful nonetheless. I would like to see her again, but at a smaller venue where I think she'll better serve her audience. She has the kind of on stage personality that would suit an intimate arena where she can bond and interact. She was very friendly, but again, she'd be better served in smaller venues.

Now, John did the damned thang people! I saw him a few years back and was enamored by his presence and vocal range. This recent show exemplified those talents and then some. He has such a commanding and interactive stage presence. He poured heart and soul into that show and the extremely diverse demographics only complimented the it. It was nice to see people of all races, gender, and ages interacting at one show. It's also a testiment to how widely John is reaching with his music. John sang almost every track from his new CD and many from his first. He flipped my two fave songs Again and Another Again, which threw me at first, but I got into hoping he'd complete Another Again, but he didn't. I was disappointed by that, but it didn't depreciate my liking for his performance or the show. He has a phenomenal band and his back up singers did a great job too. There's one in particular; a tall, thin, light complected woman who sings her skinny ass off! *lol* I'm curious to know what she'd sound like doing a solo. When John and Corinne did their version of Where Is The Love, the old Donny and Roberta hit, I was like "yeah, I hope they record that for real". Yes, it was that good!

The encore was oustanding and John showed off his rather buff body when he returned in his black wife beater. He's not my type looks wise, but he could do a body good. *devilish grin*. Go to Show Me Campaign for information regarding John's organization, which provides a variety of tools and resources for social, economcal, and developmental change/growth.

This has been a pretty watered down review of the show as I didn't highlights particular songs as they were performed, but trust and believe going to see John and/or Corinne is a good move.


TDJ said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed the show. I can't wait to see Corinne live. I am loving that CD on a daily basis.

BZ said...

You are right - we didn't notice! but, I loved reading this review. Slow Dance is my favorite song off the new cd. And, I remember seeing him perform "Another Again" on DPJ before it was really a song. Can we say AWESOME?!?! Man, I need to see the two of them. I just hate dealing with crowds. I prefer the intimate venues.

blaqrayne said...

I must concur 100%. I wish she had sang my song. I would have loved to hear it live, but I wasn't disappointed. Both artists put on a great show. That was my second time seeing John Legend and he has definitely stepped his game up. Not that the other performance was bad. It was actually very good, but this time around he was seasoned.