23 July 2007

Blu Jewel PSA #1 – Knowing your playa quotient

As many know there’s a lot to be said about getting your game on; your creep on; you’re sexual prowess; and the like. Many think they have what it takes to successfully achieve the aforementioned, but self-praise is no guarantee of your capabilities; well unless your game is just that tight!

Here’s a few things that I know are essential to getting and keeping yourself in the game and not find yourself assed out and in a world of hurt.

PROBLEM – Standards…The person with whom you’re creeping with must have something to lose in the situation too.
SUGGESTION – Know a little more than their name, they look good, or have good freak potential. Keep your jump off at some distance so you’re not “bumping” into each other unnecessarily. Don’t overly reveal too much about your personal life; spouse; or S.O. Over sharing can be used against you.

PROBLEM - The Underwear Factor…If you’re creeping, the last thing you want to do is go home in soiled undies or in a color that you didn’t leave home in.
SUGGESTION - Get in the habit of wearing the same color/style as it safely prevents you from being found out. If the creep is a regular activity, leave undies as your jump-offs spot.

PROBLEM - The Scent Factor…Chances are you’ll want to clean up/shower after the deed is done and as not to draw attention to yourself by smelling a little too fresh and clean you have to exact some additional common sense practices.
SUGGESTION – As with leaving undies at the creep spot; leave the same scented lotion, perfume or colognes at their house. If that’s not possible, carry trial sizes of said products. Of to play it additionally safe, use unscented products or don’t wear a scent that day if you know you’re getting together.

PROBLEM – Talking Too Much…Yeah, “Roni/Tyrone” has some good ish with them, but your girl/boy doesn’t need to know or know everything/every detail.
SUGGESTION – Resist the urge to reveal and if you have to, make sure who you tell has as much or more so to lose as you. Also, is Roni tells Lisa or Tyrone tells Jordan that old girl/boy is working with something extra good, she/he could potentially tempt their friend to wanna sample the goodies.

PROBLEM – Alibi…If you’re married or living with someone, the last thing you should be doing is bringing your jump-off to the crib. Or if your bf/gf has a key to your crib and they may show up at anytime.
SUGGESTION – Find a cheap but decent hotel/motel to get your creep on at or if you’re really cool with a single friend who has an extra room, maybe you could use it. Remember said person has to be able to keep your secret. Most importantly, whomever is covering your back, make sure they’re completing in sync with the coverup.

PROBLEM – Needing to communicate during “off” hours....
SUGGESTION – If you have to call him/her block your number and their “other” answers, relax, be confident, and ask for a person of the same sex as the caller. This usually throws the person off. I know said limit who you tell, but in certain instances, you may need someone to intervene on your behalf. On said occasions, ensure that said person’s name has already been established so they’re not caught off guard. Furthermore, establish a word code to let each other know it’s safe to speak.

PROBLEM – Blurring the Line…Either you or the jump off is acting like feelings are being caught.
SUGGESTION – Talk it out if you can and if not, end that ish before it gets real messy. Hopefully, this will go off without incident. Remember Fatal Attraction is VERY real.

PROBLEM – Birth Control…This shouldn’t even be a problem. This is a MANDATORY part of the game. STDs or pregnancy should NOT be able to factor into what you’re doing. The last thing you need is to go home with something you didn't leave with.
SUGGESTION – Ladies, make sure you have your OWN method of BC and ensure he’s wearing a condom. Men, BRING YOUR OWN condoms. Sorry ladies, you know how shady we can get and a hole in a condom could yield more than just a pregnancy.

Okay boys and girls, don’t say you haven’t been learned…lol!


Hoodoo's Hostess said...

And important, too: don't skeeze around town with somebody that's in the same town as you.

That's how mofos get caught.

Don't know how to go OUTSIDE the city limits with their late night creeping.

LOL! I laughed all the way, Blu. Yes ma'am; you have taught class today. I hope we were paying attention... I've really been missing you, sis.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious.....I think we have been schooled today.....

I'm just sayin''

Mega Rich said...

I done seen it all. A FEMALE is trying to encourage creeping. umph, umph, umph.

If that's what you like, you should enjoy what I'm cooking up at my spot (shameless plug).

I will say this much; your list is pretty good.

Mega Rich said...

oh, the piece I'm referring to is called "chance encounters".

Rayne said...

Spoken like a true professional. Your experience is evident here. LOL

Rosemarie said...

I'm happy to report it's been many years since I've even thought about this mess up in here!

Blu Jewel said...

hoodoo - i know you know all about this and have schooled a few cats in your day. thanks for stopping by; it's always good to "see" you.

yazmar - thanks for attending "class" today. you get a gold star!

mega - actually, i'm NOT trying to encourage creeping at all. what i'm saying is, if you're going to; do it right. i just put it out there from a females pov.

rayne - some from experience; some from common sense, which is something many lack when get their creep on.

rosemarie - well, you've got no need to worry about such frivilous matters my dear! i'm not practicing any of these things, but seeing as there are those who are; they could learn somehthing

deepnthought said...

toooo much

I am over here tripping out.

jus butterfli said...


lmao @ "don't say you haven't been learned"!!!

well, ummm... i know i sho appreciate the 4-1-1. altho', this post was sorta like watching dr. phil... meaning everything you said is pure COMMON sense! so why dha hell so many mofos get busted?!! damn!! (lol)

loved this!!!

peace, love, and hugs.