21 February 2008

Is that right?

Okay, so as you can tell sex has been the topic of conversation for my past couple posts and today's will be no exception.

I overheard a couple young guys talking and one said to the other, "she looks like she could fuck!" I was like WTF? How does one "look like they could fuck?" In all of my years of being sexually active, I wasn't aware that there was a 'look' that came with it. I pondered this for my drive home from work and I still haven't come up with an answer.

So, my dear readers, I need your help with this one. Is there really a 'look'? I know I've checked guys out and been like "I wonder if he can fuck?" But never; not once have I ever concluded that he "looked like he could fuck". I know people look at how someone dances and concludes that that person would probably be good in bed, but even that isn't always indicative. Or is it?

What visual thing gives someone the impression of "fuckability"? Is it their walk; their attributes; their confidence? I'm SOS (stuck on stupid) with this one, so I need your help. Don, I know you've got something to say on this, so please don't let me down; I'm counting on you.



Don said...

hahahahahaha @ your reference to me.

Yeah, I have to admit, how there are some women who just look like they can get down in a strong way. it's true, Blu.

Personally, there is a certain bedroom look in their eyes that give it away. Kind of a seductive, real soft and freaky look in her eyes. Then, it can be something simple as the way she walks. Some women have this walk that gives the feeling how they perform in bed. Like a motion kind of walk.

Long story short, you know how a woman make faces while she is having sex? Well there are some women who walk around with that look embedded on their face. lol.

Love this post.

Me said...

Ya know what Blu, I think this all started as a cliché men used to throw out. They need to be real with it and just say what they really mean. "Id' like to fuck her."

That's what it really is anyway.

Hugs & Kisses

eclectik said...

I said the exact same thing on Monday or Tuesday.

Good business and Fun Knee

Did you see I shouted you out on Wednesday's post?


Blu Jewel said...

don - thanks bruh for breaking it down as I know you could. what you said makes some sense, but aren't we still working on an assumption?

me - you ain't never lied!

e - great minds! i'm sorry, i missed your Wed post...will check it out...thanks for the shout out.


Mizrepresent said...

I don't think i have ever looked at a man...and said, he looks like he could fuck, but come to think of it, there are some out there, with just a look, a stance, a swagger that give off that expression:

Omar -(The Wire) I know he plays gay on that show, but brother looks like he could do some things.

Idriss - Ummmm, yep...no other words, he would be smoothe.

Tyreese - That choco-lit REESY cup, got a mean move, and if he starts to sing...well just dayum!

Prince - oh yeah, do not negate the Royal Man...Prince done turned many of chicks out...all that "OoooUP!" and shid, please, Prince about 4 feet, and i think his D@%K is bigger, jmo!

alright gurl...lol, i had fun with this, too much fun.

Don said...

@ blu: yeah, I believe its still an assumption, and I'm sure there are some people probably end up making a donkey of themselves.

Mr.Slish said...

Don is right its always in the eyes...Thats how I know...or maybe its the lips, or her ass, or the way she walks..OOOH I CAN"T TAKE IT!.Let me go and look at some porn..lol

Keelah said...

I look at men all the time and determine whether or not I think they can get down. For me its about the little subtleties of their bodies. The way their pelvis moves, is is stuck or moving easilly? Are their body movements quick and choppy, or slow and deliberate...like they fully inhabit their body! Do they connect with the eyes, or look away like they have something to hide? So many little things...I love men! mmmmm-mmmm-MMM!

T.C. said...

i am at my desk just smh...and laughing
i guess you can tell by a look a walk or just want you WANT to do...how about that...because it all boils down to we all see what we want to see...because what floats my boat won't float the next persons...so you know...everyone lookis fuckable in some way shape or form if you look at it or think about it that way

Don said...

@ slish: lol. That post and the last post had me going to.

DBA Lehane said...

I think quite simply it means she doesn't look like the shy and retiring type. And, no doubt, is just wishful thinking on the guy's part. Those of us with a little more experience really know it's those shy, retiring dark horses you really have to watch out for! ;)

Rosemarie said...

Okay, this was hilarious! I like when the ladies keep it real. We don't always have to be refined and dignified. Right?! Let's put the mess on the table and deal with it. Too funny!

Men are visual. 'Nuff said!

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I thought that too. I've had the thought that I'd live to try someone, but never that they looked like they could fu*k. You're not alone

Rich said...

I wanted to do a post on this some time back, but my audience is more PG13, and it leaves the wrong impression coming from a married man.

I came up with the idea because there is this chick at my job who isn't visually attractive in the face, but she has this gliding way of walking that looks like she could put a brother to sleep. So, I wanted to know, how can you tell if a woman has good pussy? Every woman, just like most men, "claims" to be good, but we know that's not the case.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i have learned u cant tell if a woman has skills, but u can tell if she can take a d....

Don said...

@ all-mi-t: fo sho

Anonymous said...

Man that's like sayin' a woman looks like she can cook. Could it be (the cooking thing) because she has some of mom's or big mama's qualities? Is she overweight? Does she look a little greasy around the edges and smells faintly of a two piece, a biscuit and fries?
[I crack my self up]

There are things we men associate with sexuality, and more importantly, good sexual experiences. There are looks and visualizations that are associated with that. When we see it, we remember it ( on a concious AND subconcious level) and are automatically put in mind of it. Basically, it justifies us having sex on the mind 90% of the time anyway. It's like you might not even be thinking about having to pee, but let somebody run some water!

The funny thing about all of it is that it's just a guess (and perhaps a hope). All fat girls can't cook, all sensual looking women can't throw down.

[crossing arms at Don]