20 February 2008

Sex likes/dislikes list


The unified bond of two people
The intense feelings that emanate
The yearning
Multiple positions
The willingness to let go
Being pleasured beyond one’s belief
Hearing your name called during the act


Being used
It not being good as it was made out to be
Wanting to, but waiting
When self-indulgence doesn’t cut it
Sex being used as a means to get bills paid
Men who THINK their dicks are bigger than they really are
Minute men
When it’s bad and being asked how it was


Anonymous said...

I have a million things to add to both lists. Sooo many pros and cons with this one!

Terry said...

I think that I should have took notes?

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

LOL, didn't see this one cuming... er, I mean coming. LOL ;-)

Peace and Love,

Alizé (LoversA.blogspot.com)

Blu Jewel said...

b-more - you should have added your list in your comments.

terry - take notes?

zay - you're a nut!


Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - I hate men who think their dicks are bigger than what they really are too - lol.

Anonymous said...

I think the STD one is the most important lol

Blu Jewel said...

darius - that was a rather peculiar response from a guy. but if that's how you feel; it's all good.

epi - yeah, STDs can ruin the whole thing. Gotta stay up on your Dr. visits and take your partner with you at times.

dc_speaks said...

wth? mannnnn i came over here not knowing what to expect, but i sure didn't expect this one.

I have no comments on this topic so I will take my "conspiracy brotha" demeanor back over to my blog.

peace and love

Don said...

I like ALL your likes...especially your yearning and the fact that you have no problem with multiple positions. Not used to seeing these kinds of post comin' from you. Straight up Grown Folk talk.

Is it Spring already? LOL.

Blu Jewel said...

dc - you had me LMAO @ your comment. Yes, I realized I threw a monkey wrench at people with this one, but you know me; I speak it as I feel it."conspiracy brotha" demeanor huh? Cute!

Don - Yeah, I get grown every now and again. Why is multiple positions so interesting?


Mizrepresent said...

Likes -

Tight embraces
Eye Contact
Combined Orgasms


No orgasm
Men who whip it out and splatter
Jack-rabbit (ie Speedy)
Not taking your time
No groove

Whew, Blu, what you doing over here, lol!

Don said...

@ blu: you wrote it...I should ask you that. lol.

multiple positions = more pleasure

Keelah said...

Bwahahahhahah! YOu aint neva lied!

Rosemarie said...

Dang! It's hot in here. *checking my watch and the calendar* I need a fix from hubby! :D