05 February 2008

The Bucket List

God desires to take you into new places in your life. He wants to take you to deeper places in your walk with Him, and He wants to take you into higher places of blessing in your life. Are you ready to go to places that you’ve never been before? So many people today get stuck in a rut because they don’t want to get out of their comfort zone. They want to stay with what they know because it’s comfortable. But in order for you to reach your full potential, you have to be willing to step out into the unknown. You won’t ever walk on water until you step out of the boat! We all have areas we can rise higher in. Open your heart today and be ready to step out into the unknown. Trust that the Lord will guide and order your every step. Begin to expect that the unexpected is on the way. Be ready to step out into new places. As you approach your day with faith and expectancy, you will move forward in the abundant life He has for you!

These are very important words to remember and live by. I received this while preparing this post and it coincides in so many ways.

I saw The Bucket List last Thursday and I must say it was by far one of the best and most amazing movies I’ve seen in a long time. I will admit there were some things I didn’t like; however, they weren’t enough to take away from the movie.

For those who aren’t familiar, The Bucket List is a story about two men; one wealthy and one average man whom a paired up in the same hospital room to receive treatment for their respective cancers. Naturally, they had a hard time hitting it off at first, but in time they became friends and The Bucket List was formed when the average man’s treatment was no longer working and he was given only six months left to live. So, you’re asking, “what is The Bucket List?” The Bucket List is a list of things you want to do before you die. The average man initiated the list and the wealthy man added to it and was able to facilitate the activities that were costly. I won’t continue about the movie because I really want you to go out and see it for yourselves. I will; however, tell you why we all need to live in order to appreciate our deaths because it’s extremely important that we not take our lives for granted and live it to its fullest potential.

While we all need to work hard, save money, and do all the things that we’re told to do as adults; we still need to LIVE. We need to take chances; explore all our options, and stop being afraid of our weakness or fears. Life is not promised and can be taken away at any time; on any day. What sense does it make to work your entire life and never take a real vacation? Why have countless hours of sick leave; never take it and then be forced to exhaust it and more for medical treatments because you’ve worked yourself into sickness? How about the money spent on material things instead of more tangible things. There are so many things that we do that have no memorable value or benefit to our lives because we’re too caught up in other things to enjoy or appreciate our lives. Or we rush through those times/moments we’re supposed to be spending with our friends/families because our minds are elsewhere. I think we need to slow down, evaluate our lives, and start placing real value on the real things. It’s time to take a proactive role and stop being passengers in our own lives. There is no time like the present to live.

I implore each of you to not wait until you're sick or near death to create your own Bucket List; do it and begin living it now! It doesn’t matter if the things you list are big or small or how much money you have; it matters that you do them. It’s time to make the dash between your birth and death count for something. Leave an imprint on those around you so when your eulogy is delivered, it’s more than just words; it’s substance.



Don said...

The Bucket List sounds like a great movie. I have to check it out.

I agree with you on everyone needing to slow down sometimes and simply enjoy life. Smell the fresh air, listen to the birds sing, and stop always being a rush.

For the most part, I abide by these rules.

Times get hectic, but I know I will always have my rules close by. Makes life enjoyable during the periods of crisis.

Good stuff, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Bucket List, never heard of it...must have been something special for you to make a post about it....wow

chele said...

this is the best thing that I've read all day. You are absolutely right and ever since the beginning of the new year I have taken a different view of the things that are really important in my life. Great post!

Karrie B. said...

yea man...i have a bucket list. totally agree with the whole not waiting 'til ur on ur death bed idea...

-karrie b.

Mr.Slish said...

"Why have countless hours of sick leave; never take it and then be forced to exhaust it and more for medical treatments because you’ve worked yourself into sickness? "

Thats what i've bee trying to tell my boss...I have over 200 hours of sick time 100 hours of personal time...Time for me to take monthly mental health days...

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

I also saw The Bucket List last week and I also was inspired. I'm working on my "bucket list". In fact, I've had one for years, but it's been gathering dust. I'm blessed enough to have crossed a few items off. But the majority remain to be achieved, conquered, attained, overcome, enjoyed, or simply shared. We all should have a bucket list, and we all should be about the business of crossing items off, after all, that's what life is really about. Thanks for a great post.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (LoversA.blogspot.com)

Darius T. Williams said...

What is this? church? I LOVE IT! Hallelujah all the way!


ps. the doors of the church are now open - you can come by letter, christian experience, or a candidate for baptism. Will there be one?

Blu Jewel said...

Don - Please make sure you see the movie; it's worth the money. It's good that you are living a slower life and enjoying the things around you and the fruits of your labor.

Yaz - Go see the movie and you'll understand my joy.

Chele - Good for you and I hope whatever you're doing continues to work for you.

karrie - LIVE, LIVE, LIVE!!!!

Slish - Just tell The Man, you're outy for your much needed Mental Health Breaks or he'll see
why you need them.

Zay - I think to some degree many of us had a bucket list, but never saw it as a Bucket List; more of a To Do list. With all the reminders of how short life is, maybe now we'll start putting more emphasis on things.

Darius - man, do I love when you stop by! Your comments move me so much. Thanks for the church references, they uplift my spirit in so many ways.


Pro said...

Can I add *Watch Bucket List* to my own laundry list of things to do before I reincarnate? And you know having people who are outside of the Virgo-an realm make lists is just wrong! *LOL* You know we heart making lists. While you shared a bit of the movie synopsis, I was wondering why the average guy's treatment caused him the shorter life span? Thing that made me go hmm. Conspiracy.

On another note, I commented right after you on Don's page and shouted you out. We both have a tendency to speak volumes. *LOL* Can't blame a thorough Virgo for her effort. . .

hawa said...

I actually started a bucket list yeeeeeaaars ago and lost it. It was my "100 Things I Want to Do Before I Die." Seriously. And I lost it.

I was reminded of my list after seeing previews of the Bucket List (movie).

Now that I have a positive movie review from a trusted source, I may have to get to the theater before the darned thing makes it to DVD. :-)

Anonymous said...

AMEN to that! I definitely plan to see the movie (as I do EVERYTHING Morgan Freeman is in), but I co-sign whole heartedly. There is but one life to live and once it's over, there's no going back!

T.C. said...

you already KNOW i totally feel and relate to this post...this is totally awesome..we gotta live...i am in a funk right now and i need to reevaluate some things so i can get back to living my life...because i can't keep doing this to myself