07 February 2008

The ish!

I'm feeling very transitory right now. My mind is all over the place and I feel like a fish out of water gasping for air. I can't pinpoint it to any one thing, which doesn't help in trying to resolve this mess, but that's how it goes sometimes I guess.

I do; however, have some random ish I'd like to get off my chest...

With all the politricking going on right now, has this nation really come to a viable conclusion on who is truly the best candidate for president?

I'm really pissed at the people who did not vote.

I want to see social/recreational outlets for children built.

Can we get some affordable housing?

Why am I seeing so many fat kids and their parents not giving a damn about their kids health and well being?

At my recent GYN appointment, I saw 5 girls between 15 and 19 pregnant, on welfare, barely being able to complete forms without assistance and acting like it's the best thing since sliced bread?

Can someone tell The Sandman to make some really good love to me so I can sleep at night.

The following links are MUST reads Courage Remembered, Children of Children, Bounceback-resilient

Why are men looking and acting so feminine these days?...I'm all for a well groomed man, but damn, too many are taking it to places it really doesn't need to go.

If anyone has HBO, please check out In Treatment and email me, I want to get some discussion going on that show.

My body is going through so many changes right now and I can't handle it. I love being a woman, but damn all the ish that comes with it is a bit much at times.

I miss my mummy!

I NEED a vacation!

I'm happy my best friend is making a positive stand for herself and saying "eff y'all and your opinions"

I'm appalled by people who are so intrusive and think nothing of their actions.

Lil Lady was asked, "what it's like to have a white father?" Being her mother's child, she replied, "what's it like to have a black father? I didn't realize color made a difference".

I'm looking forward to meeting my nephew for the first time.

The power of prayer is amazing.


Lyrically speaking said...

Another wonderful post Miss Blu :)
unfortunetly, I cancelled my HBO services, got tired of watching the same movies over and over plus it saves me some money.

As for men looking and acting feminine, it's really something I can't even explain. My ex was a metro-sexual and at first it was hard for me, he took forever to get himself ready to go out, he took longer than I did in front of the mirror which was strange, very strange...well, we're not together anymore so that tells you something :)
Yes, must agree with you about the power of prayer, but I tend to get some freaking impatient, I want to see quick results so I pray a lot for patience

Diva said...

Good post. Why should color matter? It's shouldn't but to a lot of people it does.

Anonymous said...

Big ups to Li'l Lady! We all need a perspective check every now and then.

Natural Mystic said...

I love the way randomness brews in your mind. It's captivating, yet very relateable. I have been watching that show "In Treatment", but always seem to catch it a few minutes before its over, it is very interesting though and makes me remember why I love Psychology so much, but also a reminder as to why I didn't go forth with that degree. Men and their intensified feminine ways...hmm maybe they have something to prove, or are attempting to stay in the closet and yet be open about their gayness at the same time, or maybe...just maybe the embrace of their mother was a bit too much for their personalities and they took on a sense of their mother's ways... Who knows?! Maybe we should sit a few down and question them.

Blu Jewel said...

lyrically - hi there! I owe you some visit, but thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I feel you on the movies, but the new series' that HBO has come up with have been really good. I can't say I blame you for your breakup with your ex Mr. Miss. I have no problem with a well groomed man, but they just seem to be taking it to a place where it doesn't belong and it's really made me question what's up with them. I know patience isn't an easy thing to work with, but be still and know that He is God and His will will prevail for you.

Diva - color doesn't matter, but some just can't seem to get past it. Makes no sense to me.

SoJo - I was really proud of her response. She was once asked, "what are you?" in terms of her race/color and she responded..."a girl, why?" I love when she hits them below the belt.

Mystic - my mind is a crazy playground at times and right now it's spinning seemingly out of control. Okay, so you watch In Treatment, we need to converse on the characters, their issues, and Paul interactions with them. I'm really furious with Alex and Sophie right now. I would love to ask them about it, but sadly, the majority would probably cuss me out for questioning their manhood, which would lead me to think that they're truly hiding something and then that would set off a whole other chain of questions. Whew! That was a mouthful! *lol*


Rosemarie said...

No, we don't have a "perfect" presidential candidate, but I'm hoping the best one does win.

I would like all the 24/7 coverage on race to just dissipate for a while. I know...FAT CHANCE!

Great retort from Lil Lady!

kathi said...

I tend to be able to ignore the politics. I dunno why, but the campaigning never has bothered me, I must have an off switch with it. I do my stuff, educate my kids and ignore the rest.

I work in a obgyn office, and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of moms making appointments for YOUNG teens to come in and get birth control. However, on the flip side, it breaks my heart when a mom of a 13, 14, 15 year old calls in needing an ob appointment for their daughter, too. Again, I dunno.

A dad is a dad is a dad. :)

Don said...

At my recent GYN appointment, I saw 5 girls between 15 and 19 pregnant, on welfare, barely being able to complete forms without assistance and acting like it's the best thing since sliced bread?

LOL. Funny. Sad, yet funny.

I loved the quote about the female concluding that color didn't make a difference when it came to a father being a father.

I believe Barack Obama is the candidate who I identify with, the most.

The Sandman, huh.

I'll be sure to check the links out over the weekend.

The children are the future. Makes perfect sense to continue to invest more into the children. If not, there's little or no hope for the future it would seem.

Terry said...

You do need a vacation. The rest would do you good.

BossMack said...

I need a vacation too ;-)

Mizrepresent said...

Your daughter is truly special.

lol@ the feminine men. It's gotten crazy!

feeling you on those woman changes...when is the ish gonna stop?

Ummm, when you finished with sandman, can you send him my way.

love your randomness, have a great weekend.

Ms. Confessions said...

Passing through to say HELLO:)

Blu Jewel said...

Rosemarie - Politics is giving me the worst headaches *sigh* Yea, lil lady stumped her good.

Kathi - what's worse than seeing all the pregnant teens are the ones who also have STDs. Yes, a dad is a dadl is a dad!

Don - lil lady is my daughter who's biracial and doesn't play that race card ish. Yeah, The Sandman and I have some catching up to do. BAAD!

Terry - So true; so right. Too bad my money ain't! *sigh*

bossmack - feeling your pain too.*hugs*

Miz - yeah, lil lady is quite a character. I know you see them in ATL too. I'm convinced it never will. If there's anything left of him, I'll send him on. My mind is a terrible thing to waste *lol*

Woman - thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...


politics i tend to keep my opinion to myself...

but... i dont know

T.C. said...

i NEED a vacation too!

Natural Mystic said...

In Treatment discussion- urg! Has Laura lost her mind??? I think she has issues that are too complex for Paul and he really does need to discontinue his therapy with her. At first I was actually waiting on him to persue her... he doesn't have anything to lose with all of this "wonderful" information his wife has dumped on him.

Alex, I think Blair Underwood's character's name is... he has a very interesting way at looking at things. In my mind I want to dislike his character but he makes it hard... at times it seems as though he treats Paul as is he is his patient. Its actualy pretty funny! What did you think about that expresso machine issue. Lol. I actually couldn't help but laugh at Paul's reaction to it. Its a safe bet that he didn't solely act that way just because he didn't want the machine in his office.

If I had a disgusting cup of coffee, I think I might have gotten frustrated and bought myself a machine too...

What happened to the athlete? Is she really sleeping with her trainer. I don't know about you but when she first mentioned the person that understood her most and showed Paul her casts as if that was a representation of the person... I thought she was really referring to the drawing! Lol... I was like woah... one accident and already the kid is resurrecting imaginary friends.

Have you noticed how extremely intelligent and outspoken all of Paul's patients are... almost as if, if you combined them they'd be more intelligent than him. I don't quite understand why but they seem to be aware of a lot of the methods of his practice, different terminology, phrases and often shove him into a corner in attempts to squeeze unanswered questions out of him. Lol! Okay... I've driven you bananas with my catching up with the show! : )