10 March 2008

All about me!

Last week, Don did a post called You and I didn't have time to answer the questions he posed, so I'm using his post to answer them...

Have you ever did something that even amazed you?
Yes. I gave up an entire semester of school to attend Army Basic Training. Though I couldn't do push up the first, I managed to learn enough to not get punked when I arrived at Ft. McClellen, Al. In spite of a physical condition, I managed to excel at PT and passed every fitness test I had. Furthermore, I did well throughout the entire 8 weeks of training and graduated in the top 10% of my class. Though this may seem like nothing to some, I overcame a lot of fears, humiliation, excelled in areas I didn't even know I was capable of and gained lifelong discipline and skills that I use to this day.

What is your writing muse?
Anything and everything. There is no one person or thing that inspires me.

What gets on your nerve as it relates to the opposite sex?
His inability to show real emotion. I know you've been taught to "man up", "not cry" or whatnot, but that's some real live bull-ish right there. To me, you're more of a man for showing me your soft side than for holding it in.

Do you bring up the past when you argue?
No! It serves no major purpose and only takes away from the real issues. The only time it's relevant is when it's being used as an instrument to show said person that they've repeatedly doen whatever you're arguing about.

Who are you?
I'm a child of God. A daughter; sister; mother; aunt; godmother; best friend; and a genuinely nice person. I am the queen of my castle, a mentor, a role model, and a proud black woman.

Do you bow out of any potential arguments gracefully?
Yes. I say what I mean and mean what I say, so if I feel the person can't handle the truth, then it's best to just walk away.

What is the best advice that you can give me?
Continue to be you and always be true to you. Allow yourself to grow in whatever way you can and never settle for anything less than you know you deserve.

Are you trying to be a better person?
Always; in all ways.

Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Honestly? Well, the answer is two-fold. On one hand, I see that life (society) has taken a turn in the absolute wrong direction. We've forgotten values, manners/discipline, and how to be good to each other. We've become distant and internalized so much so that many of us live vicariously through the Net or through others instead of actually going out into the world and making a mark. On the other hand, I love my life and the achievements I've made. I love being me and am happy with myself and those I include in it.

What do you love?
God, first and foremost because He's made me who I am. I love lil lady, my family, friends, and for having another day in this world.



Mr.Slish said...

Do you bow out of any potential arguments gracefully?

HELL NO!!! Punch ya in the tummy if you start with me first...lol

Blu Jewel said...

Slish - Man, you just ignant! *LMAO*

Don said...

Love and agree with your two-fold answer. I cant think of the last time Ive brought up the past in an argument. Actually I cant even remember the last time Ive argued. Love God, it seems that love is unchanging. I remember Basic Training. I hate it @ first, then I hated when it ended.

T.C. said...

i luv these types of posts when you learn about people....
i don't bring up the past, UNLESS i am making a point or trying to explain something, HOWEVER, i am finding that, that does NOT often times work...so yea...

but i am learning, trying not to sweat the small stuff so that i don't have to argue


Blu Jewel said...

Don - the past is just that; the past and sometimes it's more of a hindrance to the issue at hand when arguing. We could trade BT stories; email me.

T.C - the small stuff is truly small stuff. Staying relevant and on point is where it's at. God first and all else will fall into place.


Don said...

@ blu: cool.

Anonymous said...

Now that's what's up. We are certainly reaching for the same goals.

Mizrepresent said...

Great answers blu. I love, that you love "being you"...that speaks volumes!

Rosemarie said...

I could definitely see you in basic training.

In my younger years when life got tough, I always fantasized of giving up and going in the military. I'm so glad I never did, because I wouldn't have made it.