05 March 2008

Likes/Dislikes list

I always have to give a shout out to Don for this because I "stole" this idea from him. You know it's all love right Don? *muah*

Being back in touch with my siblings
Being the catalyst for us all coming together again
Lil lady made High Honor Roll
Being in love with myself
Letting go and moving on
Being hopeful for the upcoming election
Being a 'cool' aunt
That my boy will be moving back to NJ
Watching the National Geographic Channel with lil lady
Knowing that prayers can/do get answered

Obama constantly referred to as the "black" presidential candidate *like duh*
Mean spirited people
Having to wait for the right time/person
The lack of black love for self and community
That I haven't fulfilled my reading schedule
Knowing my friend is in pain and I can't help her
The current definition of what being black means
When good people are treated badly
My father's inability to apologize
That I haven't filed my taxes yet


Don said...

Good morning blu,

I guess you saw the election results last night. I just dont understand. Chance of a lifetime. He's still leading though. FLA and Michigan have me worried. Hillary is seriously cocky.

I too have to wait for the right time/person. Yep, theres a lack of black love. Your friend is in pain too? I believe theres power in prayer. I pray without fail. Ask for forgiveness without fail too. You seem to be a catalyst, I can tell. Good deal with your daughter and her good grades.

Blu Jewel said...

Yeah, I heard Hilary's cocky ass comments and was like, "oh, well alrighty then". I'm still holding out hope.

Friend saw Dr and there's been some relief. Praying is an act one must perform daily; it truly does work. You really can tell I'm a catalyst? How? Lil lady is a small kid *beaming smile*

Btw, how come no read/comment on my Open Letter post?


Natural Mystic said...

Seems like you definitely have a lot of things to be thankful for and the negatives... well there's prayer and hope that they'll get better!

Don said...

@ blu: the theme of your blog post pretty much shows how you try and intiate a deeper and better thought into your readers.

T.C. said...

but how about they are recalling TX because they are doing a total recount! HELLO!

i love these lists and i'll have to do one day, when i get back to knowing me again