09 September 2008

content of character

"A good test of a person’s character is his behavior when he is wrong."

When I read this quote, I recalled a recent incident where someone was caught in a situation and did everything in his power to play the victim. Even when confronted with the facts and how he blew things out of proportion, he still tried to play the victim and not admit to his own fault/actions in what took place and move to correct his behavior. It took a lot of gumption on the parts of the other parties involved to not back down and make said person account for what he did and make the necessary concessions and apologies.

To that end, I take a lot of pride in trying to make good when I've done something wrong. I get the most awful feeling inside of me that does not rest until I can and have found a way to fix things.

I think it's extremely important for people to take the necessary provisions to correct their wrongdoings and rest on their integrity and moral fiber. While it's not always easy to admit fault, it's still a well-noted and received quality. When one is willing to admit s/he is wrong, the wrongdoing isn't always thrown back at them, but instead the fact of being of good character is always mentioned and remembered.

I recall an incident with Lil Lady and she hurt and disappointed me enormously, but she went to great lengths to remedy the situation that all I could do was praise her and her improvements. Being a part of the solution is far better than being a part of the situation.

The more I live life, the more I see how much integrity, moral fiber, and content of character is so important. With the installation of these traits, we're able to become raise better children, handle various situations, and most importantly be seen as upstanding people. No one wants to be branded a liar or untrustworthy, but so many are willing to receive that than stand up and do the hard thing, which has more value. Doing the right thing may be hard, but it carries the most weight and is more favorable in the long run.

As I look at the current political arena, I've become more aware of how important it is to stand firm on your convictions is they're true than to appease the masses or lie your way out of a situation. It's my humble opinion that if you're really 'bout it; bout it, you don't need to sling mud at another to make your point because your actions will speak for you and your moral fiber remains in tact. Jamaican's have an expression, "the higher the monkey climbs, the more he exposes". I think it's all time we stop climbing trees and remain on firm ground.

Well class is now over kiddies. I hope the opening quote will be of use out there in classroom of life and help you to be of good character.



LadyLee said...

...Being a part of the solution is far better than being a part of the situation.

Ain't that the truth. I'm asking myself, just a bit quicker these days: What is the solution to the problem and am I at fault? At any rate, I work on determining the solution. This is painful at times, especially as of late, but oh well. I find that if I work on the solution, well, I am alleviating and solving the problem. And that should be the purpose in the first place.

A good post to go along with my morning coffee. Thanks for stirring up my thoughts this morning!

nikki said...

this entry is TOO timely. just had to sever connections with a guy i felt was behaving wrongly yet trying to twist that ish like i was seeing things that weren't there. it's amazing the lengths folk go to in order to escape accountability for what they do. thing is, i'm not sure i could have done that when i was younger. back then i was quick to overlook behavior because the emotions were so strong.

now that i'm older (and maybe a bit wiser) i realize no matter how strong the feelings are, they can't discount how a brotha acts when he's not doing right.

thanks for this entry, blu.

Blu Jewel said...

@ladylee - well, i'm honored that i could give you something to go with your morning coffee. yes, while it's often painful to see that you're a part of a situation, the pain is soon released when you're able to get to a solution and make things right. continued success in your growth journey; at least you know you're being proactive.

@nikki - girl, i feel your response. good for you to making and taking a stand. makes no sense to train someone to treat you bad or not own up to their actions. yes, age and wisdom does help us make the right decisions and not tolerate or make excuses for the shortcomings of others. can you imagine how many years of our lives we could get back if we'd only known what we know now; then? sheesh!


MysTery said...

Love that quote. Dang that is SO true.

Keith said...

Hey Blu Jewell...This is my first time commenting on your blog, although I've lurked on here for close to a month now and I've enjoyed your comments on Mizrepresent, 12 Kyle and other
people's blogs. I too enjoyed reading your post while sipping my
morning coffee..I'm not at work today..I'm just chilling and reading everybody else's blogs..
I won't be a stranger..If you get a
chance, you are more than welcome to visit both of my blogs.."Keith's
Space" and my poetry and fiction
blog -"Escapades". I will certainly
be back here.

T.C. said...

i definitely agree and would add this: someone will ALWAYS show you who they are, when they feel that nobodies watching that's when true colors come out...
as always right on time

Mr.Slish said...

The higher the monkey climbs the harder the shyt from im Batty fall...lol

Blu Jewel said...

@mystery - i love great quotes; especially ones that I can use in real life.

@keith - thank you for your visit and i'm happy that you found it interesting enough to want to return.

@t.c - you know that's right and that's why i always strive to be on my better behavior at all times.

@slishy - u know seh u jus shtupid to rass! *lol*


Trina said...

seriously-i think u r on to something here...it is so discouraging watching the ish-slinging between McCain-Palin and Obama-Biden...what r we teaching our children by all this? winning at all costs? character is just pie in the sky, no one really believes in living the way they say they believe is right??? So, the end result is up is down and down is now up? Come on, now!

Believer 1964 said...

Whomever the said person is in this post I pray that though he/she didn't come clean and own up to his/her fault that they learn the lesson, eventually if not sooner.

Some folk aren't wired to stand up when called out. They need time to regroup and sometimes in seclusion to think through the process.

I admire your tenacity to fix issues on the spot, even when they're yours.

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