25 September 2008

happy thoughts of the week

this is a list of the things that made me smile this week...

knowing that God did not bring me this far to leave me now

knowing that when the world goes out, God and His word will always be there

being surprised

lil lady had a sub for one of her classes and the sub said they could do what she wanted and she decided to txt me *huge smile*

lil lady's boyfriend txts me to say thank you and that he loves me

feeling like a little girl in his big, strong arms

an email from jus.b.fli to say, "I Love You"

an email from believer1964 to ask me if i'd like to do a guest post on her blog

a voicemail from The Man saying, "hi sweetie pie"

a call from The Man where i realized it was him after i answered and before he spoke, and greeted him with a cheery, "hi honey"

another call at work from The Man where he paused after i said, "hi, this is Blu" and made sure he made enough noise for me to realize it was him so i could say, "hi honey"

graduating from doing 30 pushups a day to now being able to do 40

successfully losing almost 12lbs

the shock and awe on someone's face when they realized i was not 29, but 41

lunch with a dear friend who saw me through my tears and encouraged me

a call from the same dear friend who called me to tell me that God will handle it all for me

my pending "girls day" with my 63 year old friend Robin; she's so crazy

realizing how strong he is

IPRs (Involuntary Physical Responses) *giggle*

that certain feeling right there *devilish giggle*

going to my support group and know that it's okay for me to "act out"

the random and crazy txts from The Mayor (moniker for cuz's bf)

the txt from my cuz (The Mayor's girl) telling me not to worry about what they're doing after i received the crazy txt from her man

looking in my freezer at all the food my mum cooked for me while she was in NJ last week

knowing that mum has my back

fussing at doing lil lady's laundry, but doing it anyway

finding a way to make a $1 out of 15 cents

knowing that somehow; in some way i'm making a difference to someone

the great posts i've read from my blogger family

knowing and believing that everything will be okay



jus butterfli said...

HA! i'm first, chumps!

ummm... thxs 4 the heads up. LOL

n e way. i DO love u & i'm thankful 4 every opportunity i get 2 tell u! :o)

thxs 4 always stayin' close. enjoy the rest of your week, beautiful lady!

peace! love!

chele said...

You can do 40 pushups? I am so jealous.

By the way, I need to get myself out of the dumps so I'm STEALING this idea for a post of my own.

hawa said...

IPRs. Love 'em!

And OMG... You're going to see Robin???? Please please please tell her "hello" for me. Do you have an email address for her?

(PS: I see you're still rolling down that hill. Did you happen to see The Man on the way down?... Because he's probably rolling faster than you are.)

(PPS: I apologize to those who don't understand this inside joke, so forgive Blu's laughter right now.)

Love you, Blu!

Blu Jewel said...

@ jus - lol@ the heads up...had to! loved shared is love a great joy and blessing.

@ chele - yes, i'm up to 40. took a while, but i'm proud to be there. reaching 50 will be fantastic. steal on girlie; glad i could help.

@ hawa - hysterically choking back the loudness LMAO!!! you are too much. Jack & Jill rolled down the hill....LMAO!


Diva (in Demand) said...

awwwww....I followed Chele over here and this is such a nice post! Mind if I steal it too? :)

Don said...

I'm smiling from simply reading this post...

knowing that somehow; in some way i'm making a difference to someone. You are very inspirational and that definitely makes a difference in the next person's life. I know theere have been plenty mornings where I'm courting a bad attitude and I will read a post of yours and realize it's not that bad, afterall.

Congrats on the weight loss and flex them biceps! LOL.

Blu Jewel said...

@Diva - thanks for following Chele and i appreciate the visit. yes, you may steal the idea too.

@Don - *blush* thanks for the compliment and i had no idea that i've inspired you so. wow! i'm humbled. thanks on the weight loss and i'm going to eventually take a pic and post it of my bicepts...lol!


Eb the Celeb said...

reminds me of that India Arie song "little things" more times than not is those things that make and keep us happy

have a great weekend blu!!

Mizrepresent said...

Beautiful moments Blu...i'm just sitting here smiling right back at ya! HAve a great weekend!

dessex said...

tryna make a $1 out of 15 cent is my story for a while now lol...

But I'm mad you can do more push up than me lol

Believer 1964 said...

"knowing that when the world goes out, God and His word will always be there"

Amen! Psalm 91

What's up with all the "honey" references? ;) You are so hooked girl!

Smiling with you and you have so much to be thankful for.

Blu's blessed!

Blu Jewel said...

@ Eb - definitely feeling the India.Arie reference and couldn't agree more.

@Miz - thanks for the shared smile; you know we're in this together.

@dessex - the $1 outta 15 cents is how we appreciate what we have and how we survive. lol@ me being able to do more pushups than you.

@believer - thanks for the Psalm ref. yes, i'm really feeling the honey and ironically that's what I call him all the time. yes, i do have a lot to be smiling about and yes, i'm blessed.


MysTery said...

'lunch with a dear friend who saw me through my tears and encouraged me' beautiful :)

I need to do one of these...

Lovely Lady Luxe said...

"finding a way to make a $1 out of 15 cents"... I've been doing a whole lot of that lately! LOL!