24 May 2010

previous post stirred up some thangs!

It's bad enough Fantasia came out with that song Bittersweet, which made think of a certain someone, but in truth it did more than that.  What it did was take me for a stroll down memory lane where I recounted the many days and nights we shared.  There were some very long talks; there were some nights of passionate love making; there were some nights were we just held each other as if it was our last night together; and there were even some nights were I cursed his very existence.  In spite of it, he made and indelible mark on my life and I'm not sure there will be another like him, which is probably a good thing anyway; no one needs a replica of another person.

Our time together was life defining and an experience that at least afforded me some much needed life/love lessons on trust, endurance, faith, friendship; to name a few.  For a long time I wondered what my life would be without him in it and for a little while, I found out.  It was good for the learning curve and to force each of us to grow up in many ways.  We came back to each other as we always did; the boomerang effect, but never enough to form the commitment I used to think we should have. 

Time, distance, and honest growth has shown me that I'm okay with how things have turned out between us.  Finally letting go pf him, was the best way of holding on to me.   Truth be told, I have had a moment or two where I wanted to feel the intense draw of our chemistry; the trepidation of the kiss; and finally the passion of our love making, but that was then and this is now.  We had a good run and we're still friends, which for most isn't easy to maintain, but I'm good with where we are now.  We'll always be on the same street; just driving in different cars.

It's all possible!


Shai said...

Gurl, I was telling my daughter hearing the lyrics then reading them can open your eyes.

I was already tripping on a certain someone who I thought I was over but still have leftover feelings. Bittersweet got to me. I may write a journal entry or a poem, maybe both. SMH.

I like printing lyrics, it stimulates my poetry. Printing this out today.

Blu Jewel said...

@Shai - There is and probably will always be someone who stirs that part of us and the things that can propel them immediately back to mind can be as simple as lyrics like this. *Sigh/SHM*

It's all possible!

Luv said...

i think i am finally moving into that space of accepting that some love is just to teach you about love and not meant to be held on to no matter how good it may have felt