07 May 2010

Thoughts on women redux

After talking to the boys about why they're still single, this is what they told me...

If women spent more time fixing their own problems instead of talking about other women, they'd be much better off.

Stop saying you want a man who has this or that, but you have nothing of substance to bring to the table.

If a man cheated on his wife with you, what makes you so special that he won't do it to you?

If a man does not take care of the children he already has, why would you have a child with him?

Tattooing a man's name on your neck/breast does not make you his wife/woman

It's okay be single; really

Sleeping with a man does not constitute a relationship

Know the rules before you play the game

Just because you have a good job, can cook, and f*ck like a porn star means nothing if there is no real depth to your personality

Seeing a man because he has a good job, lives in a nice home,  and dresses well doesn't make him the Right Man; he's still just a man

Woman should not be afraid of being a woman, but instead embrace it, live it, and be proud of it

Stop being acting like you don't need a man when you're doing all kinds of things to get a man

Woman can't press a man about being on the down low if they're not forthcoming about their sexual history

If you suspect a man is gay; he just might be.  Trust your instincts and walk away!

You can not fix a man

Learn to listen and let the man speak

There were many more things that were said, but I'll save them for another time


LadyLee said...


The Brown Blogger said...

All of this is just the unmitigated truth. I hope it resonates.

chele said...

Plenty of wisdom here.

Shai said...

There is some truth. I just trip out how lately many men advise women, yet they need some themselves. Many online convos (debates) I have had consist of men saying women need to act right and to adjust their standards. And that women outnumber men so get over it and your hangups.

Lyrically speaking said...

It's always good to trust your instints, don't ignore them, I learned that the hard way but now that's i'm older, i'm much wiser and more picky

Luv said...

deg food for thought