06 May 2010


I think skinny dipping is great

Ever wonder if that cute girl/guy you've been crushing on will look as cute while they're sleeping?

If you became famous, how much of your life would you change?

I don't feel sorry for celebs who eff their lives up because I'm offended that they've squandered their talent and shit on those who are struggling to make it.

I had an opportunity to date celebs and turned it down. Just didn't want to 1) become just a f*ck and 2) didn't want my life to be on display by being with them

You're given $10,000 to get cosmetic surgery, what would you change and why?

Sometimes I look at the guys in men's magazines and wonder if 1) they're gay or 2) how big their penis is.

Kissing on the first date; a go or no go?

I have a mental crush on a few actors and wonder if they'd kiss as good in real life as they make it look on t.v

Then again, I'm not sure I'd really want to know because I'd be really disappointed if it were bad. This is the one time I think fantasy is better than reality

How come fat people always order diet drinks?

If you're completely compatible in every way with the object of your affection, but they can't really move you in bed, do you settle for bad sex or move on?

I considered changing my name to something else when I was younger and sometimes wish I'd gone through with it

How come smokers smoke in their car and then throw the butts out the window?

If a man masturbates, does that constitute murder? (been thinking about that for some time after watching Legally Blonde)

I've worn something and then taken it back for no other reason than I just wanted it for the occasion

I know stealing is wrong, but got quite a kick out of doing it when I was a kid. I'd be hard pressed to do it now though. Guess I've got too much to lose.

I feel guilty when I hear gospel songs that I don't like

I have a family member that I want to slap the taste out of her mouth so bad

If you found out you were dating your half-brother/sister how would you confront your parent(s)?

I like to send cards/notes through snail mail just because

I saw a boy in girls skinny jeans and it was very disturbing to me because he had a girlfriend. (since when were girls jeans interchangeable? Help!)

I've often wondered what it would be like to see myself through someone else's eyes...literally!


QueenBee said...

Yes kissing is acceptable on a first date, especially if you are horny and just want that wet feeling in your panties. If I was dating a half/brother and didn't know it, then I'd probably throw up in my mouth first, then keep doing what I was doing. As for as them skinny jeans on a male, that is so not right. That should be against the law.

Mizrepresent said...

Ha, this was refreshing. I agree with QueenBee kissing on first date i fine, in fact it's almost a precondition to the 2nd date, bc if i don't like kissing you, i won't like too much more. And yeah, i had that problem with guy being everything u wanted except in the bedroom, and we are still really good friends til this day (lol).

Luv said...

i have a crush on Michael Jordan and TI would love to kiss them but yeah would hate to be disappointed. lmbo @ Queen being graphic.. but they would have to be a heckofa kisser to make that happen

i used to want to see how i look thru other peeps eyes now, i just want to make sure i am seeing myself correctly