10 August 2006

Childs Play

I decided to set up a myspace page. Actually, I already had an account, but I'd done nothing with it though I've had it since like February or something. I gave the thing no additional thought until my manager said it would be good networking tool. I figured what the hell seeing as I am trying to market my work. Now comes the fun part...I hadn't a freaking clue of how to set the damn thing up, but did enough to get it started thinking I'd really done something. I then consulted an 'expert'...my daughter! I did what I thought was cool only to find out that my page was corny and needed to be pimped! "Pimped?" I ask. "Yeah," she replied. "You gotta pimp it and make it look good." I look at the child completely dumbfounded and say, "how the heck do you know all this stuff?" She shrugged her shoulders, smiled, and went about pimping my page. There were many trial and error views of what the page could look like until I finally settled on the one I liked the best.
Now what I want to know is, how the hell do these kids know how to do all that shit? I mean, I'm on the upscale of my 30s, am computer literate, set this dang blog up, and I can't set up a myspace page? Makes no good sense right? Right!
So, I gave lil lady full reign and told her to make it look good. She did! I sat there baffled as she instructed me on how to have my page pimped. The manager put her two cents in too, Lord knows what the page would have looked like without them. Kudos to you both! No, you can't have a raise!!!
Now, I revert back to my thoughts on how things that are pretty intense (to me at least) and techinical is like childs play to these kids. I watch them set up webpages, play complex video games, and make things look like spreading soft butter on bread. Meanwhile, I'm sitting there like a dumbass sucking my thumb like, "doh!" Feeling very Homer Simpson, I concede that these are kids born and raised in a technical based society. They know nothing about cassettes, life without an iPod, cell phones, email, faxes, and all the other technical gadgetries we have now.
Hell, half of them can't even spell correctly because they write in IM speak. I guess that's where I have the one up on them...(snickering wildly). I refused to get punked by a kid, so while they can pimp out myspace pages, I have a talent that they don't...I CAN SPELL!!!!!!!!! LMAO.


JC said...

It's the times with live in. At least they're doing that stuff and not shooting up high schools. Wait, some of them are...aww hell! Keep lil lady (as you called her) active. Maybe she could get a job in pimping myspace pages...lol!

blaqrayne said...

LOL....Don't worry, we'll get you up to speed. Hey, I must say that I was impressed with you going into the code to set up this Blog. Here I thought it was all click and go. Don't sleep on your skillzzzz!!! You may not be pimpin', but you ain't half bad...lmao.

blaqrayne said...


WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T GET A RAISE!!! THAT'S VERY NOT GANGSTA (yes I meant to say it that way)...LOL! Wait til you see my bill when your first royalty check comes in ;) YOU GON' PAY WHAT U OWE!!!

BluJewel said...

Oh yeah? You ain't said nuffin but a word Rayne. Imma hafta check YOU when the check comes in; then we'll see who's gonna pay what they owe! HA!

ray said...

A RAISE??? I DONT EVEN GET PAID!!!! Umm yea u funny and i can spell to so haha miss lady!

Zeek59 said...

When's the last time you saw a kid change a channel on a TV without a remote? When you grow up with technology its a lot easier to adopt it. Those of us who had it thrown at us get amused with ourselves when we concour it. :)