30 August 2006

Why Wednesday?

The following is a list of things that have me asking why today? Feel free to add your own in your comments:

Why do people buy ice cream when there is a threat of a power outage? (saw that as a result of people preparing for the hurricane)

Why do people not return a smile or greeting when one is extended to them?

Why is it so easy to say something negative than to give a compliment?

Why does bad songs get so much air play? (London Bridge by Fergie comes to mind)

Why does Whoopie Goldberg have a morning radio show and she doesn't have the voice for it?

Why do people who aren't reciprocal in maintaining contact call and say, "What's up stranger?"

Why do people spend so much money on comestic surgery to look worse than they did before the surgery? (Joan Rivers, Kenny Rogers, & Mickey Rouke come to mind)

Why is Reggie Bush so damn fine? (I know shit about football, but he might change my mind)

Why is so much money spent on zoos and so little is spent making affordable housing for humans?

Why do people insist on building homes on beachfronts and other waters ways knowing it will get ruined in a bad storm or hurricane?

Why is Love treated like a four letter word?


JC said...

This is some funny shit.

#1-Just stupid.
#2-Cause they're mean, rude, and spineless
#3-For the same reasons as #2
#4-Cause that's the bs that sells
#5-She does?
#6-Don't even get me started here!
#7-Self hatred
#8-That's for the women right?
#9-When you figure that out, let me know
#10-Cause they're stupid and always think it wont happen to them
#11-It's easier to be mean than to love

A couple from me...
Why do fat people always buy small cars?

Why women wear tips on their toenails?

nikki said...

that fergie song...wow. YUCK

and that last one. I'M FEELING IT.

better yet, how come love is treated like a two penny piece?

BlaqRayne said...

Having a Jadakiss moment are we?

Why do we Park in a Driveway and Drive on a Parkway?

Why can't people accept compliments without downplaying them? (ex. compliment: Your hair looks nice like that. response: Oh, this mess? I called Manny and then he had me waiting so I called my boyfriend's sister's aunt's husband's daughter's daughter's niece's cousin's friend and she messed me up, but I'll live.)

Add that Chicken Noodle soup song to the list. HATE THAT!

And why do people buy up ALL of the bread and milk as well? I went to the store once, to buy ONE loaf of bread, ONE QUART of milk and some ice. I went to FOUR stores and they had none. As I left the 4th store, I saw a lady with a cart full of bread, milk & dry cereal. Ok, the electricity is going out. How is it fair that I can't have ONE loaf of damn bread and a quart of milk just so that you can have twelve loaves of bread and 10 gallons of milk spoil because you'll never finish them before the expiration even if you do have a generator or something to preserve power?

I'm with you. All I can say is WTF? And yes Reggie Bush is PHYNE; hope you enjoyed the email that I sent you. Don't get a cavity from all that Chocolate Eye Candy!

Missedmanners said...

Thank you for the inspiration! :D I just did some Wednesday Why's of my own.

Susan Abraham said...

And I could add too,
a) Why do people pretend to be busy when they're not? or
b) Why do people pretend everything is alright even when it's not?

Have a lovely day, Blu

Atyllah said...

Why do people say, "I'll call you tomorrow" when they only intend to call in the next decade?

Why do people say "Great new hairstyle" when you know its dreadful and can't wait of it to grow out.

Why do people say they like things they don't.

Why do people fail to stand up for what is right?

Why do people see something bad and do nothing about it?

Tiffany said...

And why do the people who build a house by the pretty waterfront in a flood zone not buy flood insurance to go with it, but instead assume that the government or a charity will bail out their soggy behinds after the water recedes?

Your list is great! :-)

The Mistress said...

I agree with most of the shit you said here. Especially about the zoo. I hate the fucking zoo! In what world is it okay to kidnap animals from their natural habitat, lock them up in cages, and then charge people to come gawk at them?


Seabrook Slimm said...

The ice cream?
People need a reprieve.
I suggest "Ice cream therapy" by my boy Solomon