17 August 2006

Playing Catchup!!!

In adddition to my full time job, I have a part time job. I only have to be there one weekend a month, but trust me when I tell you it might as well be a full time job. Due to medical reasons, I missed the past two months and had to make the time up. When I went in last month for a day and a half, I almost lost it when I saw a replication of Mount Everest sitting on my desk. I immediately formed the words, "what the fuck?" as I tried to make sense of the madness. There was no making sense of it. The bottom line is that folk had gotten lazy, exercised little or no good time management skills, and exercised no skills in taking on additional tasks. Long story short I had my work cut out for me.

For that day and a half I worked myself to the point of almost forgetting to piss cause I wanted to get as much of the shit done as I could. Bottom line, there wasn't enough time to get it completed. Worst yet, by the time I would go back to the PT jay-o, there'd be even more for me to do. Ding, ding, ding! Survey says, "you're right"! Yesterday and today, I worked my way through the piles of paperwork and can now actually see my desk. My inbox has some level of organization and I have weeded out what my coworkers thought they couldn't do, which was a lot. Plain laziness! To add insult to injury, I had to come to my FT jay-o in order to make up time there because I didn't want to miss hours and have to use my hard earned leave on dumb shit.

So, here I am tired, borderline hungry, and quite perturbed that I have to go back to the PT jay-o tomorrow to finish what I didn't today and still make room to get some training done. And you wanna know what else? (I see y'all nodding) I have to work my PT joy-o this weekend too and then go back to work next week til Thursday. Can a sista come close to catching a break? Apparently not.

In closing, this is how I feel about my coworkers at the PT jay-o and what I'd like to do to them.


blaqrayne said...

Stop ya cryin' heffah!!!

Wide Lawns Subservient Worker said...

Yup, I think its Snarkolepsy! And no, its not just you! :)

JC said...

LOL! Rayne is mean! Let them people know what's up cause you know if you had done what they did, you'd never hear the end of it.

What the hell is Snarkolepsy? Maybe I'll have to go to the posters site to see what that is...