11 August 2006

Do ya hafta?

I don't usually work on Fridays, but I am today. I'm in an erratic, though a not bad mood, but I have some things that get on my nerves which cause me to ask the title question. I'll share them with you and if you'd like, comment on them accordingly. The list is as follows:

1. Do ya hafta say hi EVERY time you see me? In this case, it's every time the unnamed perp passes my cube. It's to the point that I refuse to even look up. UGH!

2. Do ya hafta talk so effin loud or on speaker phone for no good damn reason knowing you sit in a gosh-dang cubicle? I mean come the freak on already. I really don't give a shit if little Johnny scraped his knee or if your wife forgot to pack your lunch; making it your f*cking self and you wouldn't forget it. Let's practice noise reduction. UGH!

3. Do ya hafta cough and hack like you've got a perpetual hairball and never seems to care that you're scaring me or other people around her that you might fall out or die? UGH!

4. Do ya hafta ask why I'm on working a Friday and it NOT be a huge production? Does my presence really mean that much to the asking person? UGH!

5. Do ya hafta insist on having a conversation with me while you clearly see me sitting down to my lunch? A hot one to boot! UGH!

6. Do ya hafta send the same damn email that you clearly saw my name in the list of recipients to me again when it says to forward to at least four people? I got it the first damn time alright! UGH!

I'm going to quit at six cause if I chose to actually use my mind past the 75% capacity it is right now, I'll be typing a novel. I'm off to find someone to annoy because I'm here on a Friday when I'd rather home or anywhere else that doesn't include the company of my coworkers; save for the few I really do like.

Slides away from the pc to saunter down the hallway for a victim...snicker!


ray said...

LOL! you are a mess!!!! and look at you talkin about how people can't spell but look how u spell have to......HAFTA!! haha

blaqrayne said...

YES I HAFTA!!! LMAO...just kidding. This was so funny, but you're right.

JC said...

You deal with some silly ass people. Go find one of those screened tee's that say something obnoxious and wear it at work if you can get away with it. Now, I see why you started to blog.