07 June 2007

8 Habits

Rosemarie tagged some other bloggers quite awhile ago and I decided to tag myself. Eight habits or interesting facts about me. I have lots of habits to write about:

SHAKING MY LEGS: talk about restless leg syndrome! I shake my legs incessantly and then I catch myself and stop. A few minutes later, I start all over again. Sometimes, I do it so much that when I do stop, they still feel like they're moving. A friend of my dad’ said, I’m going to mess up the nerves in them. I'm not sure if that’s true or not, but she had me scared for about as long as it took for me to start all over again…lol!

NOT USING MY PLANNER: I have a Franklin Covey planner that I used to write just about anything and/or everything in so I’d have a record of what I did; when; etc, but why is it that I hardly use it anymore? It’s sad cause I carry it around daily. I think I need to re-acquaint myself with it.

LOOKING BEHIND ME: At work I sit in a way that has my back to the cube entrance and it drives me crazy, so I’m constantly looking over my shoulder or in the mirror I’ve put up so I can see what’s going on behind me. I'm the say way in restaurants and such. I have to sit where I can see the door. I just have a dire need to be familiar with my surroundings at all times.

CHECKING CERTAIN BLOGS: I feel like an e-stalker for how often I check to see if a particular blogger has put up something new. The irony is that I am usually too busy to read or comment at that very moment, but I have the comfort of knowing it’s up for when I can.

BENDING MY FINGERS & ARMS INTO UNUSUAL POSITIONS: I’m “double jointed” and for shit and giggles will bend my thumbs onto the back of my hands or bend my other fingers into strange positions. I can also twist my arms behind my back to form the praying hands position. Maybe I’ll get someone to take pix of my contortions! I can also pop my hand, wrist, and hip in a "flicted" motion. *yeah, I said, "flicted".

I CAN EAT LIKE A FIEND: I am fortunate that this is a practice I don’t do often and that I’m fit and healthy because if I wasn’t, I’d be as big as the white house. However, there are occasions when I can polish off large amounts of food like it’s nothing at all and be full ‘just right’.

I HAVE UGLY FEET: If every guy I’ve had relationships with were as shallow as Eddie Murphy in Boomerang, I’d never keep a man. The irony; however, is that in spite of their ugliness, they’re extremely soft and well maintained.

CREATIVE COOK: I love to cook and often without recipies. I just get an idea in my head and go for it. The bad thing is that I can’t always replicate it cause it was summa dis and summa dat.


Anonymous said...

Restless legs: Mess up your nerves like that? Sounds like the crap they used to say when we were kids, like when you flipped your eye lids up, they said if a fly landed on it, it would stay that way.

My bad. Was i the only one that did that?...

Miz JJ said...

Recipies are for people who can not cook. That is my firm belief.

Never stop the fidgeting. It helps you burn calories!

Blu Jewel said...

sojo - lol@ the eye thing. i can flip mine too.

miz jj - i've heard that and maybe that's why i stay energized during the day. *smile*

eclectik said...

Depending on what those legs look like, you can shake them for/around me all damn day!

WHO HAS A Frank-Cov Planner anymore? Go get you a smart phone son!

Aint nobody behind you...unless you got on the right jeans :)

I want it to be MY blog you stalk! Come read Come read!

Bending your fingers...you so nasssssssty

Then eat away Hungry McDungry!

Dont nobody care bout them dogs if the rest of you is sexy as I think lol

Good ish, to my blogroll you go!



The Message board (Grown folk talk)

Blu Jewel said...

eclectik - you ARE THAT dude! man you funny as hell. Hungry McDungry? where the hell do you come up with these names. all smiles to the rest of the stuff you said.

Ms. JJ - forgot to say, yeah, my cooking game is TIIIIGHT!

BZ said...

We are sooooo sisters!

I am a leg shaker. One time, this lady from downstairs came up and asked what was going on in the office because she could feel the vibrations. LOL

I was bad about the planner thing for a long time, but I finally got it going again. Well, it's really only a calendar. But, it suits my needs. I'm working on getting a Treo for August.

I'm an e-stalker, too!

I can bend my fingers, wrists, toes and am retardedly flexible. So yeah, I'm with you on that.

I do have pretty feet, though. LOL BUT, I'm about as big as the white house because I can eat like a fiend!

And I rarely ever use recipes!

Sisters indeed!

Blu Jewel said...

bz - oh yeah, we're sisters from another mother...lol

LOL @ coworker. i have a Treo, but there are just some things you can't put in there easily.

real cook don't use recipes

oh bz, we so HAVE to meet up and hang out, you know it'll be a blast; especially this THIS many things in common. *smile*

Rosemarie said...

Thanks for the link love.

I like the habits. I have quirks.

The double-jointed thing has me all twisted. That hurts just to visualize your contortions.

Thanks for participating!

The Mistress said...

Mine are...

Tweezing my eyebrows ALL THE TIME.

Talking to my cats incessantly like they really understand what the fuck I'm talking about.

Putting powder on my face to make sure I'm not "shiny"...

and that's all I can think of right now.

Ali's Zay said...

Double-jointed! Interesting! Tell me more. [slapping self] nevermind...

Oh, and you absolutely do NOT have ugly feet. I should know cause the first thing I check out on a woman is her little piggies and that time at FLL... LOL

PS: I promise to bring back some JA sunshine for you.


T.C. said...

this is extremely interesting...i too am an e-stalker...lol....and as long as you keep your toes up...well then hey...

j.a.c. said...

i think i'm going to tag myself on this. good idea!