11 June 2007

i'd be THAT dude!

Have you ever wanted to be the opposite sex for the weekend? I don't know why this thought has crossed my mind, but I'm curious to know what kind of guy I'd be.

My boy, TJ thinks I'd be one of those guys that chicks would migrate to because I have this easy air about me. He says, I'm easy to talk to, not offensive (unless pissed off), and chicks would dig that. So, I asked if I'd just be a male version of who i am now? He said, yes! Of course I ask if he thinks I'd have a stash of chicks because they'd be so "drawn" to me and he said yes, but I wouldn't be sleeping with them. Wasn't that a nice thing for him to say?

Now, TJ is a a man who has a damn near insatiable sexual appetite and would probably sleep with the girls who I wasn't because if they were friends with me, it meant they were good peeps. Strange logic right? Lemme splain...women say they want a man who's polite, respectful, a good listener, and all that gush-gooey shit; meanwhile, they'll cheat on him with some other dude. Why, probably because he's too good to be true, or the desire to have a "bad boy" hasn't completely left her system.

Let me take this a step further...So, my name is now Lou and not Blu. My boy, TJ and I are hanging out. I could lure the girls in with my relaxed and somewhat reserved demeanor while TJ gets to go in for the kill once the girls are caught in the snare. Don't laugh cause if you really think about it, that's how it tends to go down. In any group of friends there's a pretty dynamic pattern...the playa, the thinker, and the comedian. There could be more or less of a particular kind, but overall, that's how most cliques are formed; too many of a like kind is bad for social activities.

Back to the topic. So, from my boys perspective, I'd be the kind of dude that would treat women well, have women flocking to me, but for the most part, I'd be "the friend" type because I wouldn't be breaking them off with my top gun. To be honest, I think I'd be close to that with one exception; I would be breaking off a choice one, maybe two and I'd be laying it down so good. I'd only need to have the 1 or 2 because they'd be so hooked that I wouldn't have time for any more. In addition, I'd be THAT dude because I'd remember that I have a mother or maybe a sister and I wouldn't want some dude to be treating her in some less than manner. I know a lot of guys say that, but there are some that actually practice what they preach. Think about it, just how triflin would it be to be out there treating chicks like crap and then wanna mash some dudes face in cause he did something shitty to his mother or sister? Yeah, it happens all day; everyday, but I just couldn't be that dude.

My curiosity in being of the opposite for weekend lies less in sex though. I'd want to know what it's like to wake up with a piss boner; to eat on the fly cause I couldn't cook; to drink beer and talk shit about a football game (yea, i know some chicks do that, but you feel me), and to do those other "manly" things. Hell, to not have to worry about wearing a bra might be enough for me...lol!


Mr.Slish said...

I guess you would be my twin...The dude you described you would sounds just like my ass...lol Before my lady ofcourse

Anonymous said...

I'm with Slish. I was THAT GUY! Wow. Gotta go to church though. The older you get in your guy-ness, the more you figure out what life is all about, you leave the pahtnas, settle down with the girlie with the most potential, do it right and live a life learned from experiences and mistakes. You still holla atcha boys, but that's about it.

...you raise your sons and teach your daughters...

Oh. Am I going to deep?

Miz JJ said...

I would just want to have sex all weekend long if I became a dude. I doubt it would get boring.

Blu Jewel said...

mr.slish - maybe i am your fraternal twin *smile*

sojo - you were not deep at all. you did what you do best...speak the truth and let it be so. i love this..."you raise your sons and teach your daughters"

miz jj - a part of me thought the same thing, but with the state of women today, i'm not sure i could deal with all the drama they come with. might have to gag 'em if yo know what i mean *wink* lol!

T.C. said...

interesting....now you have me wondering...i think i'll bring this up with HIM and see what thinks i would be...LOL

Mizrepresent said...

Oh, i like this topic...and if i was a dude, i think i would be the kind you described as well, good looking, fun to be around, down to earth, everybody's friend...but i'm gonna choose and pick my ladies...cuz i was raised that way...and 1st thing gone is the bra! HAH!

jus butterfli said...

very, very interesting this topic. hmmm... i don't know what kind of guy i'd be. hmmm... i'd probably be a mama's boy... which makes since 'cause i was a daddy's girl. i'm not sure how many women i would have, since i'd be a spoiled brat and i'd want what i want, when i wanted it. no questions asked! funny thing is... listenin' to the women around the plantation... that's what their dumb asses like, so maybe i would be a mac!! (LOL)

anyhoo... like i said, very interesting topic.

peace, love and hugs!

Blu Jewel said...

tc - i'd love to get HIS take on what kind of dude you'd be...velly intalesting!

misrepresent - so you feel me on the bra issue...niiice! seems like the laid back bruh is the concensus so far.

jus - you'd be the biggest and i repeat biggest mama's boy out there. lawd those girls would be in for it with you. that being said though, you'd treat your women well, even if you were a mack. *smiles*

Ali's Zay said...

Damn! Your analysis is spot on. From the bad boy (old me) to the male you (new me,) I couldn’t agree with you more. Now if I was woman. I’d be a very discreet slut and very like bisexual in my twenties. Then chill with a quality dude in my late 20s, but he’d have to be a freak to keep me from straying.

Actually, there are a few women in blog land that I think are what I would be as a woman, but I don’t want to put anyone on the spot so I’ll keep the names to myself.

Anonymous said...

This post is the best!!

I would be that guy that would want to have sex-scope out the chics, move my genitals to the left....lol just do crazy stuff.....I would like to be one of the guys to hang out with them and study them on what they think about women...also learn about the Down Low one's....OOooooookay!!
So when I return back as a women I will be well read!!

j.a.c. said...

ha ha!! i loved this. what kind of dude would I be? hmmm. I think I'd be the one no one gives the time of day to, but secretly am the best thing they'd ever have. yeah, i think that's the type of guy I'd be. Sorely overlooked but a prized possession like no other.

Blu Jewel said...

zay - that's a great compliment coming from a guy. thanks for your input.omg! you had me lauging at what kind of woman you'd be and yes, keep your blog crushes to yourself. *lol*

yaz - *lmao* you're funny. though we've never met, i can actually imagine you being that way for some crazy reason.

jac - i like your male persona. he sounds like he'd be one hell of a keeper.

B.m.W said...

That's tight! I love having this conversation with women. I actually think you described me pretty well in describing yourself as a man (as weird as that may sound). And what you said about dudes in a clique is true. I go between being the comedian and the thinker...depends on the company. Good luck with all that in case you wake up in the twilight zone one day.

deepnthought said...

ok. I have been told that I usually play the guys role in a relationship. I dont like a lot of drama. So, I know if I was a guy for the weekend, I would probably be the soft spoken laid back cat. I would be the one that no one would suspect to have three girls, but I would. lol. only kidding. I would be the laid back introspective cat who loves sports and would constantly be the one put in the friend category, cause women would keep saying they cant figure me out.