23 June 2007

I wish...

I stole this idea from jus.b.fli and wanted to share my wish list...

I wish...

God could reach down and give me a huge hug; i bet that would feel really great

people would allow others to be human; not superhuman

distance wasn't a factor and i could see my dad as often as i wanted

my mother and i liked each other

that i had enough money to pay my bills AND have a comfortable savings account

resentment wasn't more powerful than love

that love wasn't used as a four letter word

writing was my full time job

everyday people were headlined for their random acts of kindness instead of celebs and their random acts of bullshit

healing heartache was as easy to fix as putting neosporin and a band-aid on it

reality shows were really based on REALITY

forgiveness actually equated with forgetting

peace of mind wasn't a figment of the imagination

a man crying wasn't equated with him being weak

men and woman would treat each other better

children were allowed to be children

i could post poems with the same ease i used to & didn't have to resort to shameless plugs *new poem up The SaPhyreLounge*

people say they want the truth would actually accept it

passive-aggressive people would just say what's on their minds *refer to Nikki for her analysis on this topic*

a blessing or miracle will fall each of you reading


Ali's Zay said...

I love this. My list is coming soon. :-)

deepnthought said...

I love your list. I so agree on the first one.

I think I may produce a list.

A woman on the move said...

I wish..

we could all do what brings our hearts joy 24/7.

we all had a heart and positive outlook on life as u.

we all had the power to dream and the nerve to conquer.

Terry said...

I wish...
you were happy.

Remember, someone in the world Baby - someone in the world.

dc_speaks said...

oh wow...this is slick. im going to borrow some ideas if you don't mind...lol

Honey-Libra said...

Hmm I might have to do this...

I wish for you all the blessings that God has coming your way...Cause I know he will take care of you :)

Organized Noise said...

everyday people were headlined for their random acts of kindness instead of celebs and their random acts of bullshit

That is my favorite. I'm so sick and tired of seeing Paris, Nicole, Foxy, Lindsey, and Eddie on the cover of my newspapers. There are more important things going on in the world.

Anonymous said...

Now that we know what the wishes and dreams are, what are you willing to do to make as many of them as you can come true. Face it, there's nothing you can do about reality shows! ROFL

Miz JJ said...

Great list. Especially the one about a hug from God.

Mr.Slish said...

I wish Common sense was common...lol

jus butterfli said...

fuckin' thief you!! (lol)

heyyyyy sweet big sis!

i know you're rubbin' your eyes in disbelief, but yes, it's really me!! (lol)

lovin' the list! and sharing the entire concept with you!

have i told you lately that you're one of my for all time favorite people?? cause you are!!

peace, love, and hugs!