07 November 2007


I have a male BFF and I love him to death. He's been traveling for work a lot lately, so I hadn't seen him for a couple of months. Yesterday, we met for lunch and although I knew I missed him; seeing him really made it sink in. We hugged and exchanged the usual crazy banter that exists between us. I wanted to know about his latest exploits, what he did while away (and with whom), and when he'd actually be home for a stretch.

He gave me my overdue birthday card, which was beautiful, an AMEX gift card to get myself whatever I wanted, I dished about my weekend; of which he found amusing (in that, dude's a busta kind of way). Anyhoo, I started bitchin and whinin about how he hasn't been keeping in touch with me while he's on the road and how I've given up trying to keep in touch during said times. Then, out of nowhere he pulls out this small white box and puts in on the table. I'm like, "what's that?". He says, "open it and see". I do. It's a beautiful pair of Hematite dangly earrings. I went to mush and put them on immediately. (I love Hematite jewelry). He added, "they can match the necklace I got you". Still all mushy and feeling like a scrub, I give him a big old hug in the middle of Saladworks and thank him profusely. He told me that just because he's not in touch, doesn't mean he's not thinking about me. How frikkin cool is that?

We have our moments, I've got a great male BFF and I wouldn't trade him for the world and isn't that what friendship is all about? Yesterday he proved just how much our friendship means to him. I'm floored.

Ladies, do you have a male BFF? Men, do you have a female BFF?


dc_speaks said...

yeppers I do. actually i have two female BFFs. They are great.

excellent example you got there too.

have a great day, ma'am!

Blu Jewel said...

dc - glad to hear you too are blessed with great friends of the opposite sex.

Don said...

Sounds like a winner, Blu Jewel. And look at you...about to snap out on him. lol.

I have a few good female friends, but we don't kick it like we used to. Mostly because of me though

I'm trying to change my life.

I am. lol

~Deb said...

You're very fortunate. You know, each time I try to make a "BFF" with a man, he tries to convert me into a heterosexual telling me he can change my ways. I've tried to convey my message that I am not interested in them romantically. The only male friends I have are gay...


Organized Noise said...

My best friend in the entire world is a female. We met seven years ago and clicked almost instantly. She is everything I could ask for in a friend and wouldn't change it for the world.

Shai said...

I have 2 male BFFs. One I am closer to than the other. I love how we are close and yet no romantic things have ever happened. I have known both for about 13 and 14 years. Friends have said why don't I date one of them. I laughed way back then like it is not like that. They have truly been there and I have learned to appreciate men because of them. Funny I meet both of them during my "man-eater" stage and my BFF RW says. LOL. They helped me keep hope in good men. And I have taught them a thing or two.

Rosemarie said...

Call me crazy but my male BFF is my husband. I love him and his humor! Besides, he's a handful so I couldn't think of adding to the list.

Wendy said...

My BFF and I have known each other since 5th grade. We go back. Everytime I see Brownsugar I am reminded of us. Although we will never get together because we knowwaaaay too much.

Blu Jewel said...

Don - we've been friends for over 10 yrs and as i said, we've been through some things, but we always manage to get over it and in a world where people are so transitory, it's good to have some level of permanence.

Deb - I've heard of this situation many times with hetro men and I think it's pretty offensive. A hetro man could learn a lot from you if he wasn't trying to get in your panties.

Org - good for you. The opposite sexed friendship is a very profound and wonderful experience.

Shai - congrats to you for having such wonderful men in your life. You sound as if you've learned and earned much from those relationships.

Rosemarie - you're not crazy. Hubby is supposed to be your best friend, but to me; there's nothing wrong with having an extra one.

Wendy - I couldn't help but smile when you mentioned Brown Sugar because it shows how strong a male/female friendship can truly be. And I certainly cosign with know waaaaay too much...lol!

missedmanners said...


Yeah! I've got a female BFF. Her name is Sunshine (yes, that's her real name), and she's actually married to a good friend of mine.

She's definitely more of an older sister to me, and the only person I tell every little thing to. Imagine my surprise when she still wants to be my friend after hearing all of the depraved and awful things I get myself into.

Pan-Sexual relationships are important, in my opinion. There are just certain things you can't tell another guy.

Anonymous said...

My BFF is a female and we go WAY back. In fact, she was the one who introduced me to a right relationship with the Lord. Wouldn't trade her.

And I know you know that the wonder is not in your BFFs gift presentation, but in the fact that he knew you enough to know you would snap...and how to shut you up before it happend! ROFL! Now THAT's a friend!

Blu Jewel said...

missed - Knowing you from you blog, you having a female BFF doesn't surprise me. In fact, I think it's great that you do and I'm happy that you have her to confide in.

Sojo - happy to hear that you have a female BFF; morever, that she helped you get right with the Lord. As for my BFF, yeah, he got me good and knows me well!