28 November 2007

Are we any safer?

I was reading a post over at Rosemarie's spot and it brought to light something I've given great thought on, but never really spoke much on in mixed company. I like to travel and travel as often as I can by plane. Since the 9/11 tragedy, taxes and surcharges have been imposed for "safety and precautionary" reasons. In reality, there is no real need for these taxes as all it does for the most part is continue to fiscally rape the consumer. As I said at Rose's spot, I feel no safer now than prior to 9/11. I travelled to Vegas a couple years ago with a folding box cutter in my backpack, which was screened. It was unintentional on my part, but it goes to show that things slip through the crack.

A traveler is inconvenienced more often than not when they travel because they are all but strip searched when they clear security; are forced to report to the airport hours before their flights (to be searched); and the former sense of security of having a family member or friend sit with you before your flight departs has been ripped from us. I, for one, used to love having someone sit with me and then watch me board safely. What about that level of homeland security?

How about not allowing me to bring my 16 ounce bottle of Poland Spring through the "security" line, but force me to buy the same bottle on the other side for twice what I paid for the one I had? How the hell is that even fair, make sense, or make me feel secure? Simply put, it doesn't. While I know and feel that 9/11 was a tragedy of gargantuan proportions, fiscally raping consumers and lying to them that their security and safety is being safeguarded is a crock of shit and a tragedy in and of itself. Did you know that there are pilots who have not had their required amount of rest prior to flying, flying you to destination? Thank God that you arrived without incident. Are you aware that there are as many ways and means as there are plots and schemes to cause harm to someone in a confined space? Not giving a passenger the entire can of soda is a major rip off considering how much money was spent of the ticket in the first place and when you remove the ice from the cup, you're now only getting about two ounces of said beverage in the four ounce cup anyway. What kind of bull crap is that; especially when you're flying damn near across the country? Hell, that in itself will piss a person off and make them want to haul off and smack someone.

I'm appalled at the tactics being used to perpetrate the fraud called Homeland Security and the Patriot Act. It doesn't' take rocket science for one to know that the government and its respective agencies are the biggest terrorists and criminals out there. Check the many scenes in American Gangster where the cops were shaking down drug dealers, cutting the product, and then reselling it. How how they'd steal money instead of turning it in, and then shun the honest cop for doing his job. It's appalling to say the least, that those in positions to protect and serve; rob and steal. But then again, this is a nation that was founded on robbing, rape, and pillage. I don't mean to offend those who truly believe in trust, justice, and the American way, but it is a fact and it's also become a way of life.

Arms are being sold on the black market each and every day to guerillas in South America, war lords in Sierra Leone, and on the streets in major cities across the U.S. Naturally, the types of arms being sold aren't your average garden variety kind, but those issued by the U.S military/government. Check out the movie Lord of War, which will enlighten you as to some little known facts about our illustrious government.

I could go on and on about this subject for days, but I digress. We as a people need to be aware of what it's truly costing us to be "safe". We need to recognize that the (in)Justice Department is very selective about whom they protect and serve. The so-called terrorists that threaten the sanctity of this nation are mostly not from an international source. The arms and drugs that reach the streets in whomever's neighborhood were sourced and/or provided by those who don't have a problem with watching people commit crimes in their respective neighborhoods.

In order to create a safe and secure nation, we must feel safe and secure with those appointed to make nationwide decisons with the best interest of the nation in mind and not their own. Seeing as we know that's not or unlikely to happen, we must educate ourselves on our respective rights; protect ourselves; and remain dilligent about the things happening around us like by finding out notifications are being sent out informing people that cameras are being installed in your neighborhood for example.


Hoodoo'ed said...

America... we better wake the f up! Nobody is safe in the world these days. If we're not getting jacked high in the sky with terrorist bombs, we're getting jacked at the airport over a $15 bottle of water; that is ridiculous. And, Blu, I find it strange that, besides maybe Great Britain, America seems to be the only country that's "trying" to tighten up its "homeland security"... It's like other countries don't believe that the 9/11 ordeal that happened to us can also happen to them. And like you said, America is the biggest gangsta land on the planet! Comedian Katt Williams eluded to that point, too, in his stand up routine.

My man, because he is a cop, has tons of "corrupt cop" stories to tell and he'll be the first to tell you how other cops constantly "rob Peter to pay Paul". It's all a mess to me.
I left you a comment on my post.

Blu Jewel said...

Hoodoo'd - you aint never lied. When I was last in London, security was hella tight. They did let my peeps sit with me a while though in a lounge area fo I could get my pre-flight eat on.*altitude makes me hungry* I know cops too and got peeps in the military, so i know that you know what i know we know...lmao!

BZ said...

You hit the nail on the head with this one! I swear. How many toiletry products people are making extra money because we all have to buy those stupid travel bottles now, to fit in a plastic baggie that the airport will gladly SELL you?!?!

The water thing - that pisses me the f*ck off, too. I was going through security to take a four hour flight. I have low blood sugar and get woozy and/or pass out if I don't consume it often enough. They took my juice away from me. I wanted to kick the b*tch in her head. I was like, "OK, well if the plane has to make an emergency landing because I go into hypoglycemic shock, it's your fault."

Blu Jewel said...

Okay, so why did I have to cover my mouth when I read this sis? You had me rolling over here, but I certainly feel what you're saying. I have low blood pressure and low iron and let them bitches conspire to act up at the same time; talk about dizzy spells. In addition, altitude makes me hungry, so a chick needs her food and beverages. After paying out the ass for the ticket, the last thing I want is to give up what's left of my ass for food/drink. *ugh*

Don said...

I'm appalled at the tactics being used to perpetrate the fraud called Homeland Security and the Patriot Act.

The feds are watching us like flat screens. Please believe. Under the Patriot Act, there is no longer any such thing as "illegal wire taps." They can tap your phone forever if they like. They can place you under surveillance whenever they like. They implemented the usage of GPS - required. They can pretty much do anything they want.

And it's going to get more watchful when they implement the National ID card where you can't do anything w/o it. I mean, nothing. You will need it like your eyes in your head.

And the sad thing about it - the USA itself are the hand behind the hands which flew those planes into the WTCs.

We think we have blogging - they are reading your blogs.

Good post.

Blu Jewel said...

Don - my man, you are so, so right about them reading these blogs. You couldn't convince me otherwise. I don't forget for one second where I reside and who the government is. Library cards are used to track what you read; credit/debit cards are used to track your purchases; EZ passes record your speed and it can be used (as proven in a recent divorce hearing in Trenton, NJ) in court for a myriad of things.

We are so living George Orwell's 1984.

Terry said...

Don't get me started. You know I'm on "The list".

Rosemarie said...

How did such a serious issue turn into a comedic bash of the airlines? I must confess it was so funny I snorted a few times!

This topic is way out of my league and I have nothing to add, or take away. I'm just settin' here taking in your views.

Thanks for taking the time to post about it Blu! I appreciate the link. I will certainly be reciprocating on my post as well.

By the way, I really like the new graphic on your blogheader!

DBA Lehane said...

I can honestly say, hand on heart, this is one of the most refreshing and enjoyable blog posts I've read this year (and granted I ain't been reading too many this year!).

In the 21st century the "fear of terrorism" is the "new fear of god". In previous generations populations and have been controlled and ripped off by religions. Now, in the 21st century, it's the threat of a suicide bomber rather than a lightning bolt from god.

The saddest thing is...we have allowed this to happen. Society has been dumbed down so much with reality tv shows and the idea of beauty and celebrity as something to aspire to. Drugs and trash living seems almost something to be proud of. Is it any wonder that we've lost our ability to think for ourseleves and stand up to what is going on.

In the UK more young people vote in a tv reality show evition than they do a general election. That says it all.

Anonymous said...

I am coming late to this conversation, but sometimes late is on time. I was talking to a gentleman recently and we were discussing the fact that most Americans are in the dark about the world around them. They are content to be told the danger is around the corner but "we are protecting you".

It doesn't matter that the "protection" they are giving has little chance of stopping the ill will created by poor foreign policy as a cotton ball has of stopping a Mack truck.

Imagine the anger you would feel if someone was telling you how to live your life, raise your children, make love to your spouse and then when you didn't agree they moved in with gun and demanded you change. Here is this big hairy person sitting on your couch, in your living room, eating your food, driving your car, using your water and kicking your ass daily until you fall in line with there version of the way a house should run.

Then you look across the street and see that there kids are dirty, hungry, sick, abused, neglected and the nanny they hired is ignoring all of this.

This would piss you off and make you say to hell with it too. This is what breed terrorists. The US inability to see the world through another's eyes. They want little clones around the world and contrary to popular belief most people do not want to be changed in to mini me.

B.m.W said...

This post is up there with the 'I Have a Dream' speech....honest, to-the-point, and true.

Keep it up, Blu! :)

hawa said...

I hear ya. I don't feel any safer. In fact, I feel less safe.

We could be heading for a police state. Enemies (real, perceived, or planted) help distribute power to a few via removal of freedom from the many.

One blog is dedicated to the overuse and abuse of the taser by police. I am far more afraid of terrorists at home (e.g. bad cops, citizens going postal) than I am of any foreign entity. And all the limits placed on me as a law-abiding citizen will never stop one of those nuts. ::sigh::