13 November 2007

Weekend Happs!

Needing a little get away, I took lil lady and went to ATL for a long weekend. We have fam there, which made being there even more fun. We did the usual things, like shop, eat, walk around etc.

How come I paid $5 to park for 40 minutes while at Gladys and Ron's Chicken and Waffles? That mess ticked me off royal; especially after being jipped for street parking when the meter stole my money and only gave me 15 minutes on the meter.

Now, I'm not trying to brag, but lil lady is frikkin beautiful and has a cute, petite body. (for security reasons, I can't post a pic of her) We're walking around downtown Atlanta and I see GROWN ASS MEN looking at her like she's their next snack.

As much as I don't like it, I've gotten used to men staring at her, but when I realize how they're looking at her, it sickens me because you can see that she's a kid. Sometimes she's oblivious to it and other times I see her roll her eyes or blush. I can't control people looking at her, but damn, is it that serious that a grown man looks at her, licks his lips, and says, "dayum!"
That aside, I couldn't help but notice how adult men are still dressing like teenagers and then get mad when they're not taken seriously. I mean, how can you roll up on me and expect me to respond to, "aye bay-bay or you lookin real gud in dem jeans shawty!" When I look at them cross-eyed like, "are you serious?" They get offended. Aren't adults supposed to carry themselves accordingly or did I miss the memo on that? I'm far from bougie, but I'll be damned if I allow that kind of interaction when I'm carrying myself very much like the lady I am.

It's gets better...So, we're at the club and if I say so myself, I'm looking rather cute in my fitted jeans, nice top, and hella sexy 4 inch peep toe, stilettos.

All I see around me are these bustas in fitted hats, oversized clothes, sunglasses, hanging off the ass jeans; posted up like they're the hottest things since testosterone. I could have choked when dude with his grillz tried to holla. I'm not sure what kind of women they're used to dealing, but I sure as hell wasn't it. And don't even get me started on the chicks (sorry, but they were anything but ladies). I saw a couple of girls who were at least a size 16 in size 8 coochie cutter shorts and under sized tops, in high heels parading around. It was cold outside and they were strutting around like there were in South Beach. I saw a black Barbie who was wearing a sequined tank top as a dress and was upset when the guys were pointing to here and making comments. Hell, she came out the house looking like she was selling something so what did she expect? I know this kind of dress isn't only a southern thing, but I saw some things and outfits that I'm yet to see up north. There were a few classy dressed men and women in the club, but they were the exception and I'm sure they felt as out of place as I did there.

For anyone in ATL, my cousin DJ Redd, is a DJ on Hot 107.9. I'm not sure of his entire air time, but you can look it up. He had me do some drops for his shows and I'll be featured on his upcoming mix CD.

And for those in need of a photographer, my brother does great photography.


Pro said...

And to that club scene, what's a lady to do? Make the stay short, sit in one spot, bored, praying that the dudes don't waste their time or corny ass lines on you? And you did look great! I know they were on some, "Shawty ain't frum roun heyah," tip. *LOL*

Don said...

Don't hesitate to kill when it comes to your daughter...lol

It sounds like you had a good time in Atlanta besides
all the "compliments" you received.

Loved the pics. You are right...you are attractive.

lol @ it being cold outside and females strutting around like they are chillin' on South Beach.

dc_speaks said...

heyyyyyyyyyy, girl glad you stepped out and enjoyed yourself. i thought you knew thats how the club scene was and the thirsty dudes looking hard becuase they have pedophile issues.

you looked fabulous.

have a great week!

Blu Jewel said...

Pro - you couldn't have been more right with that "Shawty ain't frum roun heyah,"line.*smh* Had to stick out the club a little longer than I wanted to in order to meet cuz @ the radio station @ 2:00am cause trust me, I would have been out with a quickness. Thanks for the compliment.

Don - LOL@ don't hesitate to kill. Man, it's so hard not to completely break bad on these dudes. I had a blast as always; save for the club scene. Thanks for the compliment; I wear CLOTHES to the club, not beach attire...lol!

DC - Maaan, these pedophiles need to get a grip cause I'm sometimes 2 seconds shy of getting in their faces. The club scene will be what it is I guess. I dress like a lady!

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear about the peepers and creepers on baby girl. Educate her ma!

As far as how "we" sometimes carry oursleves...makes me ill personally. I turn it off like TV. Everyone has the right to express themselves, but MY PREFERENCE is to not express MYSELF that way. Oh well. Takes all kinds...

Rosemarie said...

I LOVE all the pics of you. You're steppin' out on the blog, and in the club. You look fabulous! Yes, you're a lady, and carry yourself as such. These men rollin' up on you are blind, and deaf!

Ahem. I haven't heard of "coochie cutters" since high school!

Blu Jewel said...

sojo - i just don't get these men, but I do try to educate my daughter how on to carry herself and deal with these so-called men. As for how "we" do, it's just so sad to watch and even worse to experience.

Rosemarie - thanks for the compliments. it's important for me to carry myself like a lady and equally be treated like one. lol @ you recalling "coochie cutters"

T.C. said...

the A, the south in general is a WHOLE NOTHER WORLDE (not that the DMV area isn't technically the south...but still) I haven't been to the A in a minute, glad you had a good time...and you was looking pretty fly there big sis, so you can't blame the brothas for trying