06 November 2007


In spite of my recent misfortune this past weekend, I remain undeterred from continuing to date and exploring my options. I refuse to allow the errant ways of one man to take away any of the many positive attributes I possess. When I initially posted the blog about the experience, I thought I might be acting mean or rude, but I really don’t think I was. I felt that I was sharing an experience and looking for insight regarding it. I additionally think by sharing both positive and negative experiences in dating and relationships that we can better ourselves and find ways to improve instead of being subject to constant misgivings and misfortunes.

I was disappointed with the weekend not going as well as I’d hoped and thought it would, but I’m not bitter or angry. I’ll just put him in a category as Mr. Slish nicely stated in his comment on the situation seeing as what may not be acceptable to me may very well be cool for someone else. I must stand by my principles (as I did) and not settle because I’m a woman of a certain age or feel that my options are limited. They are so not! I’m a young, vibrant, intelligent, assertive (to name a few) woman who’s worked hard to be the best woman she can be and will not reduce herself to accepting actions that aren’t conducive to my character or social/emotional well-being. While it’s true that there are many women 40 and over who are having a hard time dating or getting into a relationship, I don’t consider myself one of them. I will not take up with a less than stellar (by my standards) man because I feel lonely, deprived, or sexually withdrawn. I'm happy with myself, my life, and direction it's heading in. The only detours I'll take are the ones that are going to be truly worth the journey. God made me a 'jewel' for a reason.

I’ll continue to put my rod in the water and even though I may pull out one that needs to be thrown back, I’m sure I’ll get the catch of the day when the time is right.

Thanks for all the comments from my previously post. It was great to get the feedback; especially from the men.


Olamild said...


dc_speaks said...

heyyyyyyy, look at that swagger. you go girl.

have a fantastic day!

Don said...

There aren't too many things in life which compare to a positive attitude.

But you already know that though

Blu Jewel said...

olamild - i'm not sure what your comment means, but thanks for stopping by

dc - that's just how it's gotta be ya know

don - a positive attitude trumps bitterness anyday.

BZ said...

AMEN!!! And this attitude is precisely why I love you!! Not to mention look up to you as a big sister.


Don said...

No doubt

T.C. said...

i KNOW that's right!!!! No need in settling...you can't...you gotta keep pressing forward you know...knowing your worth will help you shift through things and keep it moving...what you might like someone else might love, and that's cool, we don't knock noone else, but you know what you know is good for you...so go for yours!

Rosemarie said...

You're a Queen worthy of a King, and his treasures. Look out y’all Blu’s in hot pursuit!

Blu Jewel said...

BZ - thank lil sis. *blush*

T.C - it's hard out there, but being angry and/or bitter only makes it worse. Using negative experiences to create positive ones is how we'll succeed in life.

Rosemarie - and it's a King I shall receive when the time is right.