17 April 2008


Since I kind of closed the lounge, I haven't posted any poems other than the two collbos I did with Sojourner, but yesterday, something hit me and I'm sharing it with you now

Dormant thoughts suddenly arise
Trading darkened recesses for the light
At the suddenness of your presence
Unexpected synchronicity ensued
And inhibition relaxed as I yielded
To my sudden willingness to release
The gates of reluctance and resistance


Don said...

sounds like you had an awakenening...

Lyrically speaking said...

Your words flow nicely, need to post some more ;)

Blu Jewel said...

don - ahh yes! it was an awakening of sort.

lyrically - thank you and i'm trying to get my flow back


Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

See now THIS is what I'm talkin bout. [Carrying large sign and marching back and forth in front of your blog.] OPEN THE LOUNGE! OPEN THE LOUNGE! OPEN THE LOUNGE!

Peace and Love,

Alizé (LoversA.blogspot.com)

Blu Jewel said...

zay - LMAO! That's a funny image.

Anonymous said...

Far too long you have resided
In dank isolation's cave
While free air and sunlight
Beckon your gift to be shared
No longer confuse your lilly
For mushroom spores so base
Your wings not meant to cover
They are meant to fly

Blu Jewel said...

Sojo - thanks for the add on; it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

i always love your poems...always

your words are so natural and flowing..

good work