18 April 2008

mind dumping

i'm tired as hell

nipping ish in the bud is the best course of action

rewarding negative behavior is just wrong

an abused child forms a glitch in the global matrix

i need a vacation

you can show me better than you can tell me

"reach out and touch somebody's hand, make this world a better place if you can" powerful lyrics

why is Tiny (T.I's baby mama) registered at Babies R Us?

why do I know that fans are going to buy them stuff?

why am I appalled at that?

i think kids these days need to go through Basic Training

it just occurred to me that i haven't read this weeks PostSecret

Organized Noise doesn't seem to have his blog up and I'm on myspace too infrequently to keep in touch with him

shout out to Karrie.b cause you're such "an effin lady" *lol*

shout out to my regulars, who've stuck with me and thanks to the new visitors for stopping by

who's heard of MiraLenz?

i've noticed that some bloggers only visit you, if you visit them

i'm still intruiged by the bloggerazzi

"if loving you was a crime, i'd do 10-life, just to make you mine"

teenage girls who dress, think, and act grown have no idea what it's really like to be a woman

words are as poweful and painful as a slap in the face

if blacks are hated so much, why are we constantly being emulated?

Kim Khardashian = a big butt and a smile *singing, Poison by BBD*

i'd love to rewrite episodes of Y&R

i'd love to create my own soap opera

my mum's going to Jamaica on Sat and i'm not *sad face* but happy for her; she needs a break

well, that's enough from me for this edition of my random ish. It's currently 3:35 am and I can't wait to get to bed *yawn*



Darius T. Williams said...

I totally agree...rewarding negative behavior isn't good at all.

Mizrepresent said...

Hey Blu, you got a lot on your mind...love the title mind dumping...I know i may be guilty of visiting some blogs because of visitation...but for the most part i visit the ones i enjoy reading and the ones that support me...some folks never visit (lol), but it's all good...cuz my blog is my therapy. Have a great day!

T.C. said...

i say we definitely create our own soap opera...that would be DOPE...

why is she registered at Babies R Us...seriously i mean "keeping it real is one thing" but a...how and why did WE the common folk need to know that, you will NOT get a gift from me, hell i can't stand to buy gifts for all the weddings and babies as it stands NOW...HA!

you gotta love me huh blu....

karrie b. said...

thanks for the shout out blu, i try to be :)

and yes, when i was a teen, i thought i was soooooooooo grown.

now i'm completely on my own wit some grown ass bills. wack.

if and when u create that soap opera, can i be part of the production?

have a great weekend.


Blu Jewel said...

darius - that's why learning to respect authority is questionable these days

miz - yeah, it's amazing what you can think about at 3ish in the morning. my blog is therapy too as well as being a good networking tool. i feel awkward at times when someone visits and then i go to their blog and can't really relate. Oh well, at least i tried.

t.c - i swear if i could do it, i truly would. your reaction to Tiny/T.I is similar to how i reacted. fortunately, i'm not laden with any weddings or showers, but i got lil people in my life with birthdays coming up *pulling lint of out pocket* you knows i gots dat love fo ya! *lol*

karrie.b - you're welcome. i respect that you can admit knowing the difference to then and now. welcome to grown up land. girl, i can ever swing my own soap opera, you could so be down.


Anonymous said...

I would love to be a writer for Y&R...cuz I would write Drucilla back into the picture so quick....

Josh Morrow wooooooh u know...

fuck kim kardashian...she aint the only with a phat ass...

Tiny is a punk...and got some nerve

have a good weekend girl

Rosemarie said...

"i've noticed that some bloggers only visit you, if you visit them"

True. Either way, I take a drop in comments in stride and continue.

Thanks for visiting me last week. I would have been here earlier, but I was busy with a writing assignment. :D

Don't think it crazy, but you've been on my heart. I pray that a long weekend is in your near future.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I had my teenage God daughter staying with me for a few months and I didn't realize how much drama came with that until the first night I relaxed in my crib solo again....I laughed as I lounged on the sofa because I had just ended a soap opera called "The Young and the Foolish"....sometimes life is a daily soap opera...I hate drama!

Ms. Confessions said...

Wow, we're so on the same page, totally feeling this post :)

Wendy said...

I feel like I could write for a soap too. That's the second time you have mentioned that Blu. Do it, I'll watch I promise.

I have people I read faithfully that neva,eva come to my blog/ But I write anyway. This is for me.

I think parents should go through basic training these days. Evrything 'precious' does is not cute.

Babies R Us you say? Let me put that on my to do list. LMAO

Blu Jewel said...

yaz - maybe you and I should petition Y&R to ghost write an episode or two. *lol* ^5 on Josh Morrow. LOL @ your reaction to Kim Khardashian. Tiny is a mess.

Rosemarie - I'm with you on the drop in comments because writing it my therapy anyway. Visiting you was long overdue and I'm happy I had a chance to catch up. It's been a rough couple months, but I'm hanging in and doing well. I appreciate the prayers and concern.

Keisha - thanks for stopping by. I feel you on the Young & the Foolish. Teenage girls are a trip.

ms.confessions - like minds are great minds!

Wendy - being that it's not the first time I've mentioned it, maybe it's time to get the ball rolling. *wishful smile* I feel you on parental basic training.


Don said...

by this being a 3:15AM post I knew it was good. Nothing but good thinking take place @ that time of the morning.

they emulate us, cause everyone knows whats up. soul...

"if loving you was a crime, i'd do 10-life, just to make you mine"

it's like that, blu...

words are as poweful and painful as a slap in the face maybe. the right words are. i seldomly let negative peeps know "those were the right words."

ditto @ shout out to the regs, stuck with you.

i have organized noise's email, if you want it.

you can show me better than you can tell me words may be powerful, but action does tend to speak louder, doesn't it...

hope all is well, blu.

Blu Jewel said...

Don - "If loving you was a crime, I'd do 10-life just to make you mine" is a line from a Buju Banton song that speaks volumes. Having the ability to not let someone know what words to use to hurt you is a powerful thing. ^5 to you for hanging in there with me. I can hit Org on MySpace, but yea send it to me. Actions are always the deciding factor.


Don said...

okay i will email it to you. i know i still owe you as well. i usually try not to blog in the evenings but i am going to take this evening and clean out my inbox.

fair enough?

i protect my heart like my life depended on it. now i do. i feel better that ways too.

hawa said...

I love that you take time to post random ish. I need to try that once, since sometimes I avoid blogging because too many ideas are running through my head.