26 May 2010

Jewel drops

My sexual needs are much greater than I ever imagined they'd be

I prefer pedicures to manicures

I feel empowered by driving a manual transmission vehicle

I do not believe the hype

The best fashion trend to follow is your own

In truth the degrees of separation is less than 6

I have exhausted my divine patience and am wondering how long before my human patience kicks in

 (add on to previous) when it does, it sure isn't going to be pretty

I feel my sexiest when I'm wearing black

I look my prettiest when I'm smiling

I feel my strongest when defending someone I care about

I've learned that I know more than I thought I did

Things I used to think were off limits aren't and I enjoy them immensely

I am very much in touch with my masculine side

Silence is more damaging than the spoken word

I'd rather be confined to the madness of my own mind, than to be free in the madness around me

I am not nearly as social as people perceive me to be

The safest place I know is within my own heart/mind

Time may heal wounds, but love is a better bandage

I sometimes seek comfort in music before I would from a person

"Love is what I need to help me know my name" line from Love's Divine by Seal...Absolutely amazing line

There are few things sweeter than hearing someone say your name in the heat of passion

I have no idea what it's like to have a real/honest/true/consistent/loving relationship with my parents

I do; however, KNOW how to be a a real/honest/true/consistent/loving parent to my own child

I have conquered my own personal Mount Everest

Life IS good!

It's all possible!


T.C. said...

this is AWESOME
side note: i got "courage" on my wrist today...thought about you

Blu Jewel said...

@T.C - That's awesome! Send me a pic!

Her Side said...

I love this post! And I love the pics over at Facebook. You look so bright and happy and ALIVE.


Lyrically speaking said...

Yes, life is good, love your list

Anonymous said...

Almost all of these are the things I say to myself. You have read my mind. I think I have found a new fav blog.

Luv said...

loved it...reminded me that i have some work to do esp with the one about the relationship with my child..i have to work harder

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful smile. :)