12 July 2006

Negative Energy

Yes, once again, someone has managed to piss me the hell off. I've calmed down greatly since I first attempted to write this because had I not, I might have faced FCC fines. Knowing I only make minimum wage (okay, that' s a lie, but I do need some humor to maintain my sanity), I need my damn paychecks. Anyway, without further bantering, I'll get to the point.

If we could utilize the negative energy that people create, we would never have to worry about conservation. In our daily lives we all come in contact with someone who produces negative energy; enough of it to spark spontaneous combustion. No, I'm not talking about farting either! Now, I have to be fair and say that I too have been a contributor to creating negative energy; however, upon realizing I'm being counter productive, I've made strides to rectify myself. That aside, what I really want to know is why do people expend that much time being that way? What do they have to gain by constantly fueling negativity, unnecessary fires, or being a pain in the ass? Are their lives that miserable that they take pleasure in making others miserable too? Maybe the saying, "misery loves company" is in fact true. Personally, I have no use for that kind of energy nor do I have that much time to be that non productive. In speaking with a friend, she told me of someone she came in contact with who started out being a nice person and slowly became someone she barely recognized. His words and deeds did not coincide and he wreaked havoc in her life; enough to make her think there was something wrong with her. So much for being a nice guy right?! During the conversation, we collectively came up with the same conclusion...how in the hell do people have that much time and energy to be that mean and destructive? She told me she read something on narcissistic behavior and she wondered if the person was writing about her former friend. We ended our conversation on a friendly and positive note; concluding that trials are the birth of triumphs. (love ya girl for sharing and your insight)

That being said, I do still wonder what makes people tick. Maybe that's why there's so much money to be made in psychiatry...people are fucking crazy! No, I'm not talking metaphorically, I mean, real unadulterated crazy. One would have to be, to revert to meanness, lack of creative energy, and hurting people as their mode of living.

I watched Monsters, Inc., where the monsters used the screams of small children as energy until it was realized that they could create the same effect, but by using laughter. Now, if that can be determined in a fictional children's movie, why can't we as adults do the same? (Rhetorical of course!) It's become more than sickening to me that grown folk are still acting like grade school kids. I find myself asking, "why, why, why?" all too often. If something is said or done to someone and it can't be resolved, then it's best to leave each other the fuck alone. Or if you realize you can't have your way, then walk away and leave other people alone. Whatever the deal is, get the fuck over it. Use the energy that's being expended on the bullshit for something functional.

As not to revert to my earlier disposition, I'll end now. This is actually something that's been on my mind for some time and today it all came to a head. I take solace in knowing that the people I've spoken to (prior to today) share what I'm saying and that I'm really not alone in my thinking. I know I'm stupid at times and make mistakes, but I'm not crazy and I take additional comfort in knowing that the energy I put into the universe is at least productive.

Thank you and good day.


JC said...

Aiight, who the hell has been effin with ya? Do I need to send folk your way to have your back or do your peoples have you back good and proper? I hope they do. I know where ya coming from and it's a shame that in this f'd up world we live in that people wouldn't try to live better than they do. I guess in the end it's between them and their maker. I know I aint going down like no punk though. Have a blessed day ma...One

blaqrayne said...

I agree with jc, it's between them and their maker. When you're a kind and mature person, it's hard to picture what could make people do certain things. I've dealt with it from my own family. At first, my motto became "Do Unto Others Before They Do Unto You". But that's not me. Doing that lets them win because they've penetrated you and compromised your character. You become no better than them. So, I say chalk it up to a learning experience, then "Let Go and Let God"!

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