27 July 2006

Not my day, but better than yesterday

I knew today would be another doozy, so I was thankful that I turned in early last night and got more than 5 hours of sleep for the first time in...? Uhm, since June. Anyway, I forgot my 800mgs and was not happy, but settled for the OTC's in a more than the prescribed amount, and commenced with this day. I have a ritual I follow regardless of what my day is gonna be like and after reading comments, other blogs of notable interest (links are on my page), eating breakfast, and drinking my morning cuppa; I began my work. At first it was going relatively well until...until I had the misfortune of running into an issue that required speaking with my lead. Yeah, you guessed it, we had another incident. OTC's don't pack the same punch as the Rx kind, so I was in the less than 0-60 tolerance mode. No sooner I tried to explain the issue, he did his usual know-it-all bullshit comment of which I promptly shot down with my reply. "Can you just listen for once and NOT tell me how to do my job?" A coworker who's cube we were in had to turn her back as not to laugh her ass off. I then went on to tell him, "you're always making it seem like it's so easy to do something when in fact it's not. Things don't just magically happen." I then promptly walked away. My coworker arrived at my cube minutes later laughing and then told me she'd fussed him out no more than 15 mintues before I had. She too has to deal with him and knows the frustration his comments cause. We laughed for a moment and I went on with my day.

After much contemplation, I finally decided to take a much needed break and do what should come naturally; eat lunch. I settled for a sandwich from the resident cafeteria and when I returned, read the Wide Lawns; Narrow Minds blog, which did wonders for my previously stated foul mood. You have got to read this blog; it's great!

The afternoon dragged on and I popped a few more OTC's to endure the pain and be able to complete this wretched work for this freaking deadline. Oh, and if you're wondering why all the pill poppin, no, I'm not a junkie; it's to sedate the pain I blogged about a few days ago. Notice I said sedate, this pain is so gangsta that it only responds to IV narcotics. Rx & OTC drugs are merely a sugar coating. (I need a hug )

Enough of the mushy stuff...Just as I thought my day was gonna be over, I found a discrepency that wasn't previously caught and being the anal person I am where my work is concerned, I couldn't leave it alone. I ended up spending another 20 minutes to fix it. I swear I'm my own worst enemy sometimes. But the good thing is that I have finished the damn work and I can go home knowing that I put my best effort into it.

Overall, I managed to get through the day with less bullshit than yesterday and in a better mood. I've been craving wine, but unfortunately I can't indulge being that I've been popping pills like M&M's. So, whoever can drink, please pour a little out for your homey who can't drink. 'Preciate that.

Have a great one and hopefully, I'll have something interesting to blog about tomorrow. In fact I know I will; I have to work my part-time job tomorrow. Oh the freakin joy of working on my day off. (frowning)

Slides away from the pc to pack up and take my ass home.


Freak Magnet said...

May I be the first to offer to drink some wine in your honor? Is white zinfindel good enough?

blaqrayne said...

Well lookie lookie, I beat jc....lol.

BIG HUG!!! Sorry for your day, but it makes for good blogging. At least you turn negative energy into something interesting for us. Keep ya head up girlie!!

JC said...

I'm glad your day(s) improved. Sounds like you could use a vacation somewhere you can be pampered the whole time.

I see you wanna have jokes rayne...You can joke now, but you know I had you beat for many a post.

Anonymous said...

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