05 July 2006

Where's the love????

Aiight people, what the )*$)^*$)*^????? You all know I'm a writer and I know you all LOVE what I write, so why the hell aren't you leaving comments? Huh? Huh? I mean come on already!!! It's not easy... well sometimes it is; to pour my heart out and hope that someone will comment on what I say. If this is the sign of things to come, then I have no faith that any of you (the regulars know who they are) will buy my published work if you won't read and comment on what I give you for free. So much for support! Sheesh! Y'all doing me dirty and I don't appreciate it. Yeah, I know you get busy, but a part of what I write it to take the monotony out of your day and provide some humor or give you something else to think about. I've even gone as far as to provide a nice little teaser (The SaPhyre Lounge link on the far right) of my real writing skills and save for a couple of people, no one reads it or comments on it. (sniff)

Those of you who read and comment, this blog is NOT for you, but for those of you who read and DON'T comment, I suggest you start. It's very easy. Click on comment at the end of the blog, choose other, then type your name, nickname, or whatever you go by, and then click publish comment and it's a wrap. And for those daring enough, I've provided some additional links to some of my favorite sites for you to check out.

If you're offended by this blog, don't be; I'm the one who should be /is offended.

I'm done...grabbing a box of tissues and going to the couch to cry my heart out.


BlaqRayne said...

Now y'all know she's an artist and she's sensitive about her $h!+...lol.

Seriously, as her manager, I find it very beneficial for her to maintain this blog and I find your feedback on her views, creativity, writing style, etc. equally important. It gives her motivation and helps her see different personalities and points of view. Additionally, it helps me display an established fan base for her work. So, please take a few minutes to post a comment. And if you have an opposing argument to an entry, please post that as well.

Thank you for your loyalty and continued support.

JC said...

Aww shit! I know you weren't talking about me, but I do feel for ya ma. I don't even know this you and I dig your stuff, so I hope your peoples start showing you some love too.

Oscar said...

Alright damn, keep your britches on. I'm new to this shit; I feel your pain though. It's something to express yourself/thoughts to people and they fail to respond. But hey, all you can do is do you. So keep up the writing and don't look for validation from others, it's nice but not needed. You got it; you know it, so flaunt it ;)

zeek59 said...

no comment... Ha Ha Ha

Hawa Bond said...

Don't fret. It takes time to build a following of folks who enjoy your writing - and topics - enough to be loyal and comment.

Dooce.com (Heather Armstrong) is my favorite example of this. I never met her, yet I feel like I know her. She was featured in Cosmopolitan magazine recently. Dooce is a great daily blog to read if you're trying to do the same. Some of her honest commentary about life stirs up quite a controversy... Heather's husband is the author of blurbomat.com.

Anonymous said...

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