24 July 2006


Have you ever wondered why an Express Line is called the Express Line when it's anything but that? Yeah, me too. How about the Emergency Room? Yeah, that got me too. It got me so good that I spent 6 hours in one the other night only to have to go back the next day to be there for another 7 hours. Needless to say I was one pissed off chic.
I humored myself at one point saying that I felt like I was on an episode of House (A FOX show about a egomanical, but very good Dr. and his team who spend the entire show poking and prodding the patient while they exhaust every possible cause of the phantom problem.)
To make matters worse, they still haven't figured out what the hell is wrong and I'm back where I started...going back to my initial Dr. Now ain't that a bitch? I feel like I went all the way around the mulberry bush for no good reason. Well, I guess ruling out appendicitis and any other problem was a good thing, but to still not know the cause of what sent me to the ER in the first place sucks really bad.
No cause for alarm though, I'm sure I'll get to the bottom of this soon enough. In the meantime, I'll continue to amuse you with whatever random madness I come up with.


Hawa Bond said...

Ugh! I've been through those kinds of scares. Then comes the "catch-all" diagnosis of stress-related. In my case, it certainly was stress-related because it all miraculously disappeard at the same time my ex-husband did. LOL!

I wish you well, since not knowing the reason can be a source of stress in itself. Maybe it's time to write your book and retire from this looney-bin we work in.

JC said...

Hope you're feeling better or will get better soon. I rarely ever use the express lines cause they're too much drama. As for the ER, I hate hospitals so if I'm ever there, it better be life or death for real cause if they have me hemmed there for too long, it's a wrap!

nyn said...

I hope everything works out for the better. I hate not knowing what's wrong with me. As for the hospital and express line, I feel you pain.

Freak Magnet said...

Do you want to borrow my book, The Hypochondriac's Guide to Life & Death? It'll give you all KINDS of ideas about what's wrong.

I hope they figure it out soon. Have you tried looking up your symptoms online? It's a pretty good source for that.

BlaqRayne said...

I wish you well with getting to the bottom of this. As for ERs, I definitely feel your pain. I know someone who went in losing blood from a cut and passed out after waiting 90 mins to be checked in.

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