20 July 2006

Random Acts of Kindness

While in line for a show, my friend and I were complaining (mildly) to each other about the long line and how close wouldn't be able to get close to the stage. (We had General Admission tix for the show, which equals standing up). We accepted that we might be further back than we'd like, but it would be okay given that our tickets were comps anyway. As we continued to wait for our other friend to arrive, we were engaged in coversation by a woman who had comp tickets, but wasn't really sure if she wanted to see the show. Having never been to the venue before, she thought she'd give it a go.

We talked back and forth fussing over the delayed door opening and describing the venue set up. We told the lady we would show her how to get to her seat, but informed her we couldn't sit with her because our tickets wouldn't let us in the balcony. After checking out the place, the lady decided she didn't want to stay for the show and offered her tickets. We were both shocked as well as honored that the lady would do that for us. She said that we seemed like, "nice young ladies...and that we were very kind". We looked at each other in disbelief and accepted the woman's generous offer. We thanked her profously as we escorted her out of the venue. She told us she'd rather go back to the slots and told us to enjoy the show. We gave her our tickets of which she said she'd keep as souvenirs that she'd been to the venue.

As we were shown to our upgraded seats, my friend and I remarked on the woman's (Oh, she mentioned her name as Miss. Sheila Mae and was a school teacher in NYC) more than generous act of kindness.

In a day and age where being kind is often mistaken for a weakness or is seen as wanting something in return; it was apparent that that wasn't Miss. Sheila Mae's intention. Her random act of kindness reaffirmed that there is still some goodness in this otherwise brutal world and that it does pay to be kind to people. Blessings come large or small and mostly when least expected!

Give thanks!


blaqrayne said...

Thank you Miss Sheila Mae! Like she said, it pays to be nice. Our patience and kindness toward her meant a great deal to her.

JC said...

Gotta agree with this one. Pay it forward; pay it forward.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanx Miss Sheila and my girls! We all had an act of kindness that day.

Anonymous said...

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