29 November 2006

Life's blessings

It's said, that when one door closes another opens and I am experiencing the benefits of that. Lately, moreso; since this summer, some very profound changes have occurred in my life and though at one point it seemed like they'd get the best of me; a way was made for me to get through it.

While I struggled to deal with a long-standing painful issue in my life, I finally decided I needed to pen my thoughts/feelings to get it off my chest and let it go once and for all. As that door closed; another did open, but it was another trap door. I once again found myself struggling with an issue I had long suppressed that had decided to resurface. During that time, I was reunited with a dear college friend whom I'd lost contact with. As we talked to catch up and reminisce the issue sat on the forefront on my mind like oil on water. The issue came up in conversation between my friend and I and it was then that I realized my reunion was a part of the process to close that open trap door. I detailed the event that caused some hurt and confusion between us and my friend embraced me (emotionally) and let me know it was all good and that I could and should let it all go. My explanation helped not only him understand what really happened, but at the same time allowed me to finally lay it all to rest. Since that day, my friendship has amplified and you'd never think that we'd lost any time between us.

That has not been the only blessing borne of doors opening and closing and as the title states, Life's Blessings are in full effect in my life. I've made some really good contacts and friends through Blogger and my ability to write and take my writing further has been amplified; especially at a time when I questioned my ability. My friends and I started our own company and we've made and are continuing to make some really good and reputable contacts along the way. We've had a few hurdles, but they've helped us see where we're deficient and those hurdles are now catalysts to become better.

I recently received and accepted an offer to have one of my posts printed in an book which will be published and I've also accepted a writing endeavor with the very talented DBA Lehane. Please check him out when you have some time Short Short Fiction. Once complete, the story will be posted on our respective sites. Mine will be posted on my other blog The Saphyre Lounge.

At a time when I thought my usual kind regard toward humanity seemed to be dissipating, my participation in my company's annual food drive, restored my compassion to its fullest and I feel ever blessed to have made such a simple difference in someone's life. They looked at me and the others who delivered food with such grateful eyes, but it is I who feels the gratitude toward them for never relenting in their faith and hope for good things to happen; as it truly opened a door within my heart that I was fighting to keep closed. Not out of disdain or disregard, but because so many abuse their plight and I'd had enough of seeing, reading, or hearing about it.

I've said all of this to say, that the doors are there and they are waiting for you to walk through. Let go of your apprehension, fears, doubts, lack of faith, and allow the familiar doors to close in favor of new ones, as many of them were doing nothing but trapping you in a place you shouldn't be.

Rest on these words and they will open and close the doors for you...

"What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see." - Hebrews 11:1

"Ask in faith, never doubting." - James 1:6

Be blessed and be well.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I know this is a blog post for the whole world to see, but it feels like a personal invitation. How odd.

Peace and Love

PS: I have never seen so many open doors!

blaqrayne said...

You're so right about this. 2006 was supposed to be THE year for me. I was so wrong. It has been one of the worst for me, but I'm trying to reflect on the few good things that happened and look at them as the bricks that will pave the way for a better 2007.

urban butterfly said...

wow...this was right on time. I really needed to read this today. It seems like I've been hearing people preach about faith. Thanks for sharing, lovely-ness! =)

BluJewel said...

X - I'm glad you were able to take something from this post and make it yours.

rayne - it's said that the the best way to make God laugh is to make plans. Even though your intentions/plans were good, maybe God wasn't ready for you yet. I'm impressed and inspired that you will use the bricks to pave the way for a better 2007

urban - i'm happy that this post hit you at the right time.

Susan Abraham said...

A great read, Blu.
Here's wishing you all the best.

jc said...

Blu, you are so, so right about this. For must of us who are fortunate to have suffered some, we can appreciate this for the inspiration it contains. For those too spoiled or caught up to understand that NOTHING they have is of their own doing better recognize and get right.

Anonymous said...

"The talented DBA Lehane"?!?! The guy's a fraud I tell ya...he dances with the devil too often and one of these days that Devil is gonna come knocking at his door! ;)

Oooops...have I gone all dark again! :)

Anonymous said...

As I rode to work this morning, doubt was in the passenger seat. I had a conversational prayer with God and found myself answering my own doubts as He touched my heart with faith.

He reminded me that just as our children rebel against the discipline that prepares them for life, we often see God's gentle grooming as something to rebel against. But closed doors and difficult situations are a part of the grooming, because victory comes with a weight. And only mature character can handle the load without crumbling.

"For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required, and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more." Luke 12:48b

As always, thanks for sharing another great post, Blu!

Anonymous said...

The concept of faith has been highlighted in my life lately and it's in posts like these that I realize how significant it continues to be. I wish more people could understand the powerful effects of faith and how to work in accordance with it. Keep writing posts like these as it will help those who are searching for something to become that much closer...And thank you for me. Thanks for being so positive.