21 November 2006

With Thanksgiving

Massah n'em had me busy ALL weekend. As I mentioned in Thursday's post, it was a duty weekend right before the damn holiday. Of course the timing couldn't have been any worse cause now I'm running around doing last minute stuff instead of being able to enjoy what minimal time I have before the Thanksgiving festivities. All that drama aside, I'm alive and well and want to share a story with you, so we can truly know, enjoy, and appreciate what we have.

My company does an annual food drive for families in need of which I joyfully participate in. Yesterday as we prepared the boxes for the families, a sense of serentiy filled my heart as I appreciated what I was doing. Giving of myself to others without thought, without wanting in return, and knowing that a part of me would be with them on Thanksgiving and beyond. It just felt right and good. There was one family that touched me deeply. They were a family of 13 all living under one roof as the mother took in her children in due to their respective loss of homes. Each time the woman was contacted, she cried tears of joy for the compassion she was being shown. We decided to take their food to them that same day instead of the next (Tuesday) seeing as their need was great and they had the most things. We packed our vehicles and drove over to the house. The lady cried from the moment we arrived to the moment we left after giving each of us warm, thankful hugs. Tears filled my eyes as I choked them back to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving and to say God bless you. We informed her that we'd return today (Tuesday) to bring the remaining items, milk, eggs, butter, hotdogs and and a ham. The woman was so excited that she said, "hotdogs? You're gonna bring me hotdogs? Oh, I'll get to eat them for lunch tomorrow". Man, I can't even begin to tell you how those words pulled on my heart strings. This woman was excited about eating hotdogs; a food that repulses me and that I wouldn't eat if I was starving.

After choking back even more tears, I got in my vehicle and left wondering if she eats on a daily basis. Here, most of us discard food like it's nothing, turn our noses up at things we "don't like", yet here's a woman who got excited over hot dogs and cried as she received boxes of food from the kindness of strangers. For the rest of the night, this woman laid heavy on my heart and I pray for her. I pray that her life will improve and that her children's plight will be lifted. I pray that this family will have more to live on and for as they receive the true joys of Thanksgiving.

I implore each of you that reads this to give a little more of yourself not just for Thanksgiving, but always. Keep in mind that what we see as beneath us, is the only thing that some people will have. All in all, recognize your own thanksgivings, your own blessings, and your own good fortune because it was made abundantly clear to me yesterday that I have little to complain about, be sorrowful for, and ungrateful for. My prayer last night was for forgiveness for the simple complaints I may have made and to be grateful for everything, and I mean everything that I have. My sufferings may have been many, but my life is pretty good now and for all of that I need to always be ready to give something that I may pay forward the blessings in my life.

I wish each and everyone of you a safe, joyful, happy, and safe Thanksgiving. May God's love and blessings be upon you all and may the goodness in your lives be appreciated.


Terry said...

You of course know about the orphanage. The first time I went I went kicking and screaming ... didn't want to do it.

That was eight years ago.

To this date I still venture once a month to that tiny little hamlet in Mexico. It costs me a little to do it, but as you say, the reward is priceless.

I couldn't agree with you more.

So...Wise...Sista said...

Couldnt say it any better.

blaqrayne said...

Amen to this! My primary focus for Thanksgiving goes right along with this post. Additionally, I had a debate with a co-worker/friend who doesn't believe in the Thanksgiving Holiday. I tried to explain that it doesn't have to be about Pilgrims or who did who wrong. I pointed out that we should be thankful and celebrate the lives of those who struggled and/or died to paved the roads that are open to us today.

It didn't work, but I'm going to enjoy the holiday and use it as a time to reflect on things that I normally take for granted and try to make it last for more than just the holiday season.

Anonymous said...

I had to stop by to let you know it's ok to use the artwork you asked to use on your page...don't recall which one, sorry for the late reply...enjoy your thanksgiving, i'll come back again to read your post

The Mistress said...

Aww aren't you sweet.

I gave some dough to the United Way for our charity thing at work so I feel good about that.

Nice Message!

Susan Abraham said...

Thank you, Blu. All beautiful.

Anonymous said...

*KISS-KISS* You are so sweet. I love that.

A woman on the move said...

You're the best!

Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!

jc said...

You floored me with this one. I've been one selfish bastard more than once in my life, but when you're caught out there, you soon realize that it's the kindness of others that gets you by. And now that I'm a father, I value life even more and I give whenever I can and offer myself when I don't have money. I know how precious and short life is and I try to be ever thankful.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and I hope you and your family are forever blessed.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully stated. Thank you for giving of your own self. Thank you for leading by example. Thank you for sharing.


Brotha Buck said...

I keep saying that I'm going to teach my son about giving, and volunteer a Thanksgiving at a homeless shelter, but I haven't done that yet. Great message.

Nancy said...

A great reminder for all.
Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

MagicalSis said...

great post. i am glad you got to see misfortune...only because it has given you a gratitude that is sometimes hard to come by in our safe prosperous world.

I appreciate you coming to visit my blog and your kind and thoughtful words.

Anonymous said...

Blu-J: Ali left a message for you on my blog. :-)

Hawa Bond said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful. I love that you shared this with us.

I'm working on a plan for an organization that will promote your exact sentiment: When you help others, you help yourself.

And how about the opposite being true? When you give, something positive blooms in your heart. But when you're selfish, you contribute to the demise of your own character and ability to truly be happy. You deny your own need to love and connect with others.

Bravo, Blu.