30 November 2006

Thank yous, shout outs, and props!

Today's post is a simple thank you for those who take the time out of their days to read my blogs (this one and The Saphyre Lounge). Of the many things you can do in a a day, including me doesn't have to be one of them; however, the fact that you do means a lot to me. When I initially began blogging, I didn't really embrace the comments portion of it as I thought that many were just commenting out of some form of obligation or to get a reciprocal comment. As time progressed, I realized that there was a sincere interest in what I was posting and I felt that I was networking in a way I'd never imagined could happen. Though I have a MySpace page, I don't feel the warmth and sincerity there as I do on Blogger (even though it arbitrarily acts the hell up). On Blogger, comments are shared openly and honestly with no hidden agendas (well, none that I've had). The inspiration, guidance, humor, love, etc., that is shared; though virtual, provides a connection that could become so much more. As I said in yesterday's post, I've made some real connections to people and those connections have opened doors that I wouldn't have otherwise received. So, without further babbling, I would like to take a moment to bow in your honor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Give back some of the inspiration, joy, comfort, and unity that you've given me. The list is in no particular order and if for some crazy chance, I've omitted your name, please do NOT take it personally as it was not intentional.

  • Meditations of a Broken Soul
  • - You are a great friend, a cool manager, a PITA at times, but I love you much.
  • Wide Lawns Narrow Minds
  • - SW, you were one of the first blogs I consistently read when I first got on Blogger. Your posts are long, but well worth the read.
  • Indigo Trail of my Thoughts
  • - Nikki, your blog has made me laugh more times than I can count. It's also given me rooom for pause and envoked some tears.
  • Slimm's Soliloquy
  • - Slimm, I happened upon this you by accident, but enjoyed my visits though you post sporadically.
  • The Butterfli Affect
  • - Girl, there's so much I can say about you, but most of it is NOT for public knowledge, so I'll simply say, our kinnection is so fly and thanks for giving me a reason to let my guard down.
  • Urban Butterfly
  • -UB, a special bow goes to you because you are such a beautiful person and your blog inspires me in so many ways.
  • The Cheap Seats
  • - I happened upon this blog while visiting another and boy was I ever impressed with it. Terry, you are a truly gifted and articulate man and I'm awed by your compassion and humanity. One day we shall meet and converse for hours.
  • Short Short Fiction
  • - Lehane, my fellow countryman. Your writing is incredible and your talents endless. I feel so fortunate to have made your acquaintance and I know it will bring forth great works.
  • The Master Cleanse
  • - This blog has assisted me in maintaining good health and well-being and provided information I could easily and immediately use.
  • Lovers Anonymous
  • - X, damn! What can I say? You are talented, creative, inspiring, giving, open, thoughtful to say the least. Making your acquaintance has been a wonderful occurance for me.
  • The Dancing Archer
  • - A recent find and certainly a well worth one.
  • Susan Abraham
  • - Su, you're an incredible writer and I look forward to reading your posts everyday. Your comments are always wise and insightful.
  • The Wandering Author
  • - Although I don't read this blog as often, it's still full of great stuff.
  • Post a Secret; Share a Secret
  • - All I can say is, check this blog out. Better yet, buy the books. This blog will definitely be of use and inspiration to you all.
  • More Than the Sum of My Parts
  • - Tiff, I happened up on yours by chance and you often provide information that I wouldn't ordinarily think about, which is great for making me see and think about things/life from another pov.
  • Miss(ed) Manners
  • - D, you're a freaking nut and that's what makes your blog such fun for me to read. Well, that and the fact that you reside in an area I'm completely familiar with.
  • The Mistress
  • - Girl, you are the damn truth! Your blog has expanded my sexual knowledge and your ability to be open and so vocal impresses me. You are someone I'd like to meet and hang out with one day.
  • The Fackin Truth
  • - H, just keep on doing what you're doing cause your blog gives it to me straight no chaser and with a little humor as a chaser from time to time. It's them darn kids!
  • Life in the Chocolate City
  • - Thanks for that sweet potato pie recipe; it's the damn truth. You ought to copyright it and sell it. That aside, the blog is extremely informative and G-Mo has a good side hustle going on if you ever need tix. Holla at dat boi!
  • JoJo Dancer
  • - JoJo, Little do you know that I'm a little scared of you, but in a good way. Your confidence, tenacity, and willingness to speak on issues I wouldn't have even given thought to gives me knowledge and awareness.
  • Black Blogs
  • - For allowing me to add my blogs to your site so more people can become aware of me.
  • JayHawk Fever
  • - Mom, your radiance shines through in so many ways and your strength as a mother inspires me and lets me know that things will be okay.
  • Woman On The Move
  • - For breaking it down in terms that a meaningful and for just being open on the way you look at things.
  • Fortress of Solitude
  • - Clark, for giving me reason to know that there really are superheroes out there.
  • Romantic Verses
  • - Sleek, you were another of the first blogs I began reading and I used to love to read the Hustler Diaries, but all those half naked women was a bit much for me, so I unfortunately quit you. But you came back to me and I love your new site. Can't wait for you to update it.
  • Everything In Its Right Place
  • - Iron, you are so missed. Your writing is incredible and I can't wait for you to return and grace me with your skills.
  • Glass Petal Roses
  • - Slump, you've written and continue to write some profound pieces and I enjoy stopping by your blog.
  • The Road to Redemption from Perdition
  • - Nique, you're a great writer and have so much potential,so please try to post more frequently.
  • The Copasetic Soul
  • - Copa, you exude such a beautiful energy and I always get a sense of tranquility when I visit you.

    Honorable mentions because I haven't added you to my current blog roll yet.

    Drum roll for the following:

    J.C - you are not a blogger but have been a reader since day one and you get mad props for that. BZ, t.c, chele, snakebite, wendy, jenellybean, tethabile, ncnaynay, organized noise, so...wise...sista, debo blue, rastaman, barb, kaleidescope, lyricallyspeaking and brutha buck.


    Anonymous said...

    OK, you keep rubbing my face in the fact that you are always first on Jus.B.Fli's blog, do I get a prize for being first on yours? LOL

    Thanks for the kind words. I think you are an awesome person and
    I'm so glad I met you. I have to remember to thank JBF. (K) <-- a kiss

    jc said...

    Okay, Blu you made me blush. I don't do that often, but you managed to get that out of me. I never expected to see my name on your list, but thank you so much for it. No, I'm not a blogger and have no intention of being one. I like to read and your blog was one that I came across and liked. I wish you continued blessings and much success.

    Anonymous said...

    Both humbled and flattered to be amongst such distinguished company! In fact, I can honestly say, that you with a couple of the others you've namechecked have actually kept me doing what I do, and kept me believing! So thanks to YOU for that! Now, "slave girl", do you want to hear a crack of that whip? ;)

    Anonymous said...

    Love the post, girl (and not just because I got an honorable mention! lol). :-) I feel much the same about the folks that visit my little corner of the world.

    Nique said...

    i am sorry i dont post as much, i only have access to the internet when i am at school. I wish i could, i wish i could give you more of me

    Clark said...

    Wow, I'm truly honored. You have me listed among some amazing people. Thanks for everything.

    A woman on the move said...

    I appreciate the love and I always value your advice and comments.

    Wendy said...

    Aww damn Blu...I'm all choked up. I want to thank God, my mother and father for teaching me that reading is fundamental. My english teacher..sorry the music is playing.Seriously, it feels good to be appreciated.

    Anonymous said...

    Damn that!!!!! I'm taking it personal ;-). Just because I don't comment EVERY day doesn't mean I don't read.

    All jokes aside, my old pastor used to say that its good to give people their flowers while they can still smell them, so its nice to see someone taking time to thank those that take time to thank of you during the day.

    Maybe I'll make the next list ;-)

    Terry said...

    A thousand "thank you"'s my Dear.

    BluJewel said...

    X - Yes, you'll get a prize for being the first to comment. That's two in a row right? Well, I guess that means double the prize.

    jc - thanks for the well wishes and you are so worthy of being called out.

    lehane - your humility is a farce! LOL! Kidding and you do deserve the credit given. as for the whip...i think it's gone...devilish laugh!

    bz - you know i had to put you out there. I'm just sorry I didn't have a link already set up for you, but i'm gonna change that.

    nique - now i understand the intermittent posts. i look forward to a time when you can post more frequently.

    clark - c'mon man. you know you've earned it and living vicariously thru you and our mutual friend is so much fun.

    woman on the move - aww shucks! that was a really nice compliment. your blog is great.

    Wendy - yes, you were given a great foundation and you're using it well. it was my pleasure to call you out.

    org - don't be like that man. u went and changed your link and then got all private and shit. but i do still try to stop by and i'm going to update my blogroll and you will be added.

    Terry - no, thank you. Actually, we can thank g-mo cause it was through him that i found you.

    Susan Abraham said...

    Hi Blu,
    That's a long list, you popular girl, you!
    And you're welome to the other bit.
    I'm truly & sincerely delighted to have you for a friend.
    love always

    The Mistress said...

    Well aren't you sweet! Thanks for the shout out! You're the object of my blog affections too!!!!!


    Anonymous said...

    Yes, the number you dialed is correct and I got yet another sample. TWO in fact, for a total of three. If I don't talk to you soon I'm going to start thinking that you are teasing me on purpose. ;-D

    MagicalSis said...

    Thanks for the shout.

    T.C. said...

    Aw shucks....I just got an Honorable Mention...
    HELLO!!!! *smiling*
    I definitely appreciate your spot and glad that I found it...So THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts, your loves, your wisdom with the world and letting us all in...

    JenellyBean said...

    This was very nice of you, I'm sure your blogger friends are just as happy to have you in their lives.

    I dont really have relationships with my Blog Family outside of the blog world.

    You've inspired me blujewel.
    I need to get closer with them.

    I see that you live in NJ.
    I live real close to NJ, I live on Staten Island. Maybe we can link up and hang out. I'm not sure of the age gap b/w us, Im 21, but I love to meet new people.

    nikki said...

    i laughed...i cried...i wondered what great thing i've done in the world to make me deserving of being on this list.

    and i give thanks to you for making my day :)

    blaqrayne said...

    Thanks for showin luv. This was a very honorable thing that you did here. You know I'm in your corner forever -- Ryde or Dye Friendz 4 Lyfe!

    jus.b.fli said...

    well here i am... so maybe NOW i can stop any future calling/cursing outs on my damn blog!! (LMAO)

    you KNOW i love you. so why you gotta ALWAYS act up? HUH?!!! don't you eva doubt our kinnection! don't make me come up there!! now... to what i REALLY want to say:

    thank you for the honor of being included in this distinguished list. it made my heart smile. now all you gotta do is add me to the blog roll ova here and it'll be official that you REALLY like my spot!! (LOL)

    you're the best, big sis! HAPPY FRIDAY!! i had to come outta hybernation for jus a moment because i didn't want you to feel anything close to neglected! besides, i wanted to give you a BIG HUG!! :D

    have a wonder-full week-end!! talk to ya soon!


    Barb said...

    I know what you mean about blogger people. Such a nice group :)

    SLUMP FACADE said...

    I enjoy you stopping by my blog, I'm honored to be included in the list with such a kick ass group of writers, poets!!!

    G. Mo said...

    Thanks for showin' a brotha some love. I'm glad you enjoyed the sweet potato pie from my recipe, I told you it gonna be good didn't I? *wink*

    BluJewel said...

    Su - you are so worthy of being named and i always enjoy visiting your site. your talent is profound and an inspiration to me.

    Mistress - what a sweet comment. thanks for it and thanks for keeping me informed. *wink*

    magical - you've earned it.

    t.c - your honorable mentioned is well earned and i will add you to my blog roll so others can enjoy what i already do.

    jenelly - getting to know your blog family can be an enrichment to your life and a way of making some very good connections.

    nikki - you know your page is the shit! you give it to us with no masks, no delusions, and that's what makes it so great.

    rayne - you know we do. i called it as i saw it.

    jsb - your site is one of the reasons i even came to know some of the people named here, so your props is necessary. in addition, it's an inspiration and education for me. the kinnection is fly and i hope it continues for life.

    barb - yeah, these bloggers are great. you included.

    slump - thank you for enjoying my presence. from the shout out, you know i enjoy your too.

    g-mo - you earned your spot and i have to thank you for turning me on to Terry. He's the mutha effin man. and that recipe...well, let's just say, i've amped my baking skills now.

    Hawa said...

    Well dang. I feel like I just hit the lottery.

    Blu, I am more than honored that you took time to consider me on this long list of shot outs. Keep pouring yourself onto the page for us to share. I must must must spend some more time at the Lounge, too!

    urban butterfly said...

    Dang...how did I miss this post!?! Thank you for including me in your list, how awesome is that?! Thanks for your precious words! You're such a sweety pie! =)

    You are such a beautiful person- inside and out (yes, I went to your website and saw your pic, hehe!!) You're an awesome writer, and your words also inspire me!! I need to do one of these lists, but I'm so emotional that I may start crying as I'm writing it!! LOL. I will one day soon because I want you and all of my blog family to know how much I appreciate them.

    Love you lots!

    Copasetic Soul said...

    awww, thanks for the shout out. I needed that piece of joy in my life.....and I feel you about myspace. there is something special about people 'wanting' to read your blog rather than having to 'beg' them to.

    BluJewel said...

    Hawa -i was taught that you give credit where credit it due, so that's what I've done. You are worthy of being recognized.

    Urban - how could i not include you on my list? C'mon now! You have given so much to me with your poems and the artwork and with your story. There have been many times when your posts have been what i needed to get by or to just release myself. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself.

    Copa - you too have earned your spot here. your spirit resonates through your blogs. you're unpretentious, articulate, and open, which are great traits to have. i always enjoy swinging by your spot as it gives me a sense of calm. Thanks for that.