27 November 2006

Still Thankful

As I contemplated this blog, I thought about all the things/people we gave thanks to and for last week. I wondered how many of those things/people we'd still be thankful for this week. I also thought about whether we'd still be giving of ourselves throughout the year and not just because it was Thanksgiving and Christmas is forthcoming.

As the many thoughts traversed through my mind, I read one of my favorites blogs In Rememberance and learned that a good friend of hers had passed. We later spoke on the passing and the reality that many of us take for granted is that we are all dying. For my friends friend Trish, she was only 24 and had a 10 month old daughter. Yes, only 24 years old! Trish was terminally ill; however, I learned she lived her life fully in spite of. She relied upon her faith in God to always be her guide and to not succumb to the illness prematurely. As we spoke, we both acknowledged that each one of us is living on borrowed time. Trish had the forewarning of knowing just how much she might have, while we do not.

I ask you all this, if you knew you only had a limited time to live, would it change how you live? Most of us will shout a resounding "yes" and that's where the problem begins. Why should it take the knowing of our demise to make us live better? It shouldn't. We all know that life is filled with ups and downs, but we can still find something to be grateful/thankful/mindful for. Life is not filled with one negative thing after another. We have to embrace the bad to appreciate the good, so on and so forth. Even if you aren't a church goer, I'm sure each of you have some beliefs and those beliefs in a higher power are what helps to guide and shape you. As my friend and I talked on, wee acknowledged a few Bible verses that have been a powerful source when all seemed dark. Romans 5:3, 4, 5 say the following:
"...And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience:
And patience, experience; and experience, hope:
And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abrouad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us..."

It is that kind of knowledge and guidance that we all need to adhere to. We're human and it's not easy to think past our immediate discomfort, but as it's said, "there is always someone worse off than you." In addition, I recall some of the lyrics to the song It's Gonna Rain, by Kelly Price
"It will rain (Oh...ho...)
There'll be pain (Only for a little while)
Trouble will come (Yeah, they will)
Understand (Ooh...)
Count it on joy (You gotta count)
Mornin' will come (After the rain)
The sun will shine (Yeah, yeah)
Keep your head high (Mmm, uh-huh)"

If we indulge ourselves with good energy, surround ourselves with good people, and keep a higher power in our lives, we can overcome much, appreciate everything, and live better lives. I do recognize it's all easier said than done, but sometimes you've got to do the hard things in life. If everything was a "gimme" we'd still find something to complain about because we'd want for more and more. I later read this blogger's (she suffers with depression) thoughts on the joys in her life and was again reminded how fortunate we are. In All Things Joy.

Each day is a constant reminder that we're blessed to see the day. We have to be thankful each and every day because people like Trish who only lived 24 years will never see her daughter grow and she'll never know what her life would have become, but she lived the life she had with joy and thanksgiving regardless. We are the ones living death's watch and maybe if we keep that in mind, we'd actually have more fulfilling lives instead of complaining about what we don't have, what we want, and so on.

I know this post might be a buzz kill, but it is what it is...the truth.

P.S...I wanted to thank all of you who posted last week. I unfortunately didn't have the time to go back and acknowledge comments, but please don't think I didn't read or appreciate those left. Without you all, my blog would be nothing. I appreciate the time each of you take out of your day to read and comment.


Anonymous said...

"buzz kill"? hardly! Truth? Definitely.

Who, knowing Trish, has not given thought to life and mortality? As I take my own moral inventory I find myself in short supply of some essentials while damaged goods, outdated stock, and questionable material of all kinds clutter my soul and spill into the corridors of consciousness. Trish LIVED and she certainly did not live in vain. I am challenged now to apply the lessons she taught me and live my life accordingly, ready to face my maker at any time.

Peace and Love

jc said...

I agree with X on this one Blu. You are definitely not a buzz kill. If anyone takes this as a buzz kill, then they have some serious issues to work out. Life and death are the edges on which we live and how one affects the other is a simple as how we live each day. There is no predictions for death other than those drs prescribe. God can snatch each of us at any time and every day is a day of reconcilliation, reckoning, and a chance to get right. I know loss well and have had my own life tested, so I use that as a guide to try to be a better person. Now more than ever we see the constant reminders of the frailty of life.

Thanks for another slap in the face reminder. Btw, I donated $100 to a church that provides meals for the homeless and I am now a Big Brother for the BB/BS program and I have you to thank for that.

Terry said...

If I may be corny and sentimental myself, when I read things like this from you, I learn to appreciate you even more. To sum it up:

"People are like stained-glass windows.
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."

- Elizabeth K├╝bler-Ross

Anonymous said...

Wow blue...thank you for this post because first and foremost I wouldn't have even known about Trish...but I totally agree with X...this is NOT a buzz killer at all...this is TRUTH, and at this time of year with the holidays and the New Year approach we definitely HAVE to take stock...WE HAVE to look at ourselves and keep working towards living the BEST life that we can possibly live...she was and IS such a joy and to just think about her (not even knowing her personally other than being let into her world via her blog) is to know that she lived for Jehovah GOD and she lived to be the BEST person that she could possibly be....and that right there is inspiring that right there makes you want to check yourself and get yourself together and live and do things the RIGHT way...
I too am still Thankful...thank you for this post...

T.C. said...

The above post is mines..don't know why its "anonymous"

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us conscious of what's important. I truly appreciated this post.

BluJewel said...

x - i know you recognize the realness of having and living life and i appreciate your support and love. you are an inspiration to me.

jc - i'm sure X will appreciate your concurrance. from what you've previously shared, i understand where you're coming from. it's good to see bruthas stepping up and doing for their community.

Anonymous said...

Sadly it takes the realism of our mortality to suddenly make us live our lives to the full. A friend of mine, his father was very conservative. Saved, invested and lived his life prudently. Then he had a stroke and almost died. He recovered, although paralysed won one side. Suddenly he spent money wildly, travelled the word with his wife and lived for the now, rather than worrying about tomorrow. His reason? He said what good would all that money and saving and planning for a rainy day do for him if he had died?

So, sometimes it's a risk to live life to the full and maybe a risk people are only prepared to take once they've been close to the edge of life and fallen off altogether.

Wonderfully sensitive and thought provoking post!

BluJewel said...

Terry - wow! That's a hella compliment and I'm flattered. The quote is great.

t.c - i appreciate your comments and your visits. it was my pleasure to share Trish with the blogsphere and between this post and her memory, we can all become better people.

j.a.c - thanks for the stop by and more importantly for the props. i hope you'll continue to come back.

lehane - you raised two rather good points. clearly we should live our lives to the fullest; however, the contrast of saving for the proverbial rainy day that may never happen. Either way, I think we should live our lives with perhaps the mixture of both, while always striving to live well and as fertile as possible.

blaqrayne said...

You're right about this and it's sad that for most of us, it takes a tragedy to "get it together" and we usually end up falling back into bad behavioral patterns.

I've been extremely guilty of this over that past few weeks. In my heart, I know I have faith, but it seems like when I fall there's noone there to catch me. Then I remember that God is there to break my fall even when noone else is. I'm learning to only depend on myself and Christ who strengthens me. Keeping that in mind is what helps me feel like I'm not alone and cancels my pity party.

Thanks for this blog; it was a much needed reminder and hopefully I'll get back on track.

The Mistress said...

This was far from a buzzkill...it was thoughtfully written and sincere.

I'm glad I'm close with my family and friends and tell them CONSTANTLY how much I love them...if something was to happen to any of us tomorrow, we would all be secure in the fact that we knew what we mean to each other. Whenever someone dies, I think about that.

Susan Abraham said...

Dear Blu,
I once had a very good magazine editor who told me to always remember to write any of my creative pieces - whether an article or poem - in 2 ways.
One that it was the first one I was ever writing and to give it my best shot.
And the 2nd?
That it was my last day on earth and the last piece of anything that I would ever write. And then to see the difference in the outcome.
Marvellous words!
Ad now I share these gems with you.

with love

BluJewel said...

rayne - it's good that you recognized that you've fallen off track and will get back on. It's even better that you realize you shouldn't question your faith as it's what will help you through regardless. As for being caught, you'll have a hard time finding a net, if no one knows you're falling. Sometimes you have to speak up and let people know what's really going on instead of falling alone. It's not that people don't care; they can't always react to what they don't know. Bottom line, deep down you know who has your back; reach out!

Mistress - what you and your family/friends do is commendable. More people need to do that and do it often. Yeah, we all get caught up in our lives, but it only takes a few minutes a day to make a call, send an email, or text. The comfort you have if something were to go wrong is something I wish I had in my own life. Thanks for reminding me/us.

Su - what wonderful words of inspiration and I'm so happy that you shared them with me. I will keep that gem close to heart and think about it each time I write. I'm sure it will be a much needed tool in my life.

urban butterfly said...

I love when you quote scripture. I believe that Bible is the most beautiful book ever written.

I didn't know Trish personally but I visited her blog regularly. I was so deeply saddened by her passing.

This is a beautiful post, Precious Jewel!