01 November 2006

Why Wednesday

So far so good with me not quitting the themed week, but I do still have two more days to go. Well, here's my thoughts for today...

…why do I want to continue the mischief I mentioned in Monday’s post?

…why do I want to give in to a temptation from Tuesday’s post?

…why does anyone (politicians) who’s last name end in (R) really piss me off?

…why does the prospect of a black and/or female president sound so promising, yet a part of me knows come ’08 it may NOT happen?

…why isn’t it November 7th so all this political bullshit will be over?

…why do I wish I was on a private jet heading to somewhere tropical?

…why do I not disagree with this comment..."Being a citizen in George W. Bush's America is like being a passenger in a care driven by a drunk driver"?

…why am I having enormous mood swings?

…why am I ignoring there’s probably a reason for it?

...why am I still wondering why A.I (Allen Iverson) looked like he was on Lithium when my friends and I on Saturday at the 40/40 Club in A.C?

...why do I wish I could have slapped the taste out of the mouth of a coworker who got loud and indignant with me yesterday as I was leaving work? (yes, I did promptly read her ass)

...why did the following bloggers jus.b.fli,
Lovers Anonymous, and
The Dancing Archer post erotic stuff that I read too damned early in the morning leaving me to sigh and well...I'm just happy I'm not a guy

What's your "why?" today?


MagicalSis said...

Hey~ thanks for coming to visit.
.....and for the shout out on your blog.
Glad you like my D/s erotica, some don't quite get it, but that's ok, to each her/his own. hehe

I am gonna check ya out here for awhile and see what you're about.


jc said...

some very interesting why's Blu. Bush as a drunk driver got to me as it made so much damn sense. He's one scary fucker.

My why? Why the hell is this fat ass woman wearing what the hell she has on? NASTY!!!!

Terry said...

Why da hell did all those late model Vans and Suburbans come rolling into MY neighborhood last night with all those "outta town" tricker-treaters?

BluJewel said...

magical - it was my pleasure and thanks for the reciprocal stop by.

jc - i said the same thing when i saw some chicks out on Saturday night. EWWW!

Terry - fortunately we didn't have many in my 'hood last night not that i was giving out candy anyway.

jus.b.fli said...

i'm definitely diggin' the "why am i having enormous mood swings" part of this post. i'm with you on that one!

here's my why for today:
why dha hell you tryin' to blame me for your "disposition" after reading my SLIGHTLY erotic poem on yesterday?? (LMAO)


blaqrayne said...

Why was I stuck at work on such a beautiful day?
Why does it seem like no matter how strong my faith is, doubts are overpowering me?
Why can't I understand people?
Why are emotions so fluid?

BluJewel said...

jus - maybe it's something in the cosmos. We're in a lunar phase right now and i think we're about 1/2 moon

rayne - i'm sure you would have bounced if you could. Faith is something you have to hold onto regardless of the doubts. Understanding people is beyond human comprehension and as for emotions; well sweetie, they unfortunately just are. Bug hugs!

Brotha Buck said...

I'll be so glad when we are past this election. Obama in 08!

Susan Abraham said...

Why, why, why, indeed!
An enjoyable post today, dear Blu and the erotic bit made me smile.

The Mistress said...

LMAO @ "why does anyone (politicians) who’s last name end in (R) really piss me off?"

ME TOO!!!!

P.S. The world IS ready for a black president...they just don't know it yet. People need to get a fucking clue...most of the people in this WORLD are BROWN people. The majority is not white, people need to open a book and get out more. WE ARE READY FOR A BLACK PRESIDENT.


Anonymous said...


My why for today: Why am I such an idiot to keep wearing high, high heels when they've been such a pain to my feet lately?

BluJewel said...

brutha - so you feel me!

su - you too have stirred some things young lady...lol

mistress - welcome back! had a feeling you'd enjoy the (R) one. Agreed we are more than ready, but you know it's not gonna be easy.

jojo - step away from the heels (Even though they're fly) and put some flats on

Anonymous said...

LOL. Wait until next week!