03 November 2006

Open your (&%)#*% mouth

DISCLAIMER: I'm angry. Not just your average garden variety type of anger, but that full-fledged, I'd like to slap the taste outchat mouth type angry; so if you're not up for having your Friday skunked, stop reading now.

Okay, I finally got to read I Don't Wanna Play Either and I swear Jus and I are truly kinnected (her word for our relationship) because her post is complimentary to my thoughts right now. I'm so fucking sick and tired of people who can't say what the fuck is truly on their mind. No, I'm not talking about being quiet to be politically correct; I'm talking about people who send mixed fucking messages, use crptic speech, or say nothing at all. Will someone please tell me what the fuck is up with that? I know IT IS NOT JUST ME? Jus's blog and the one she referred to in her blog obviously support my thinking/quesion. In another post by Jus Indiscriminate Thoughts posted yessterday one of her "How comes?" asked, "How come I hate when people try to spit slick shit in code or using cryptic language instead of just saying what the fuck they want to say?" This form of "speech" is insulting, juvenile, frustrating, as well as down right fucking cruel. People's feelings are at stake and the mutha fucka toy's with them. People who do this are spineless and deserve to be fucking shot.

I won't sit here and act like the morality police and say I've never sent mixed messages, but when called on it as I had been, I spoke up. I digressed into incessant apologies and thoroughly explained my shortcomings. I can not and will not intentionally send mixed messages especially when the receiving party has been forthcoming.

The most insulting part of this kind of bullshit communication is that the offending party will act as if he/she has done nothing wrong. WTF? Yeah, right, like the receiving party is sitting around asking to be fucking shit on. I doubt that highly. In the case that has be partly so worked up, I know it's the offending party that's causing all the heartache. The receiver has decided to digress, but was met with resistence and now that she wants to know where she stands, she's being given the run around. Age and experience is telling me to let it go and not take it so personally, but when I see what the receiving party is going through and knowing that said person has done NOTHING BUT BE KIND, SUPPORTIVE, AND NICE, I'm sorry I can't. This is the kind of shit that makes me wanna roll up on offender and be like, "you know, you're a fuck up right?" But of course I can't do that as it's truly not my place, but politeness be damned, I really want to. Again, I digress and recognize that I need to continue to be a friend to the receiver of the bullshit treatment and guide her as best I can. I'm a ride or die type friend and that's why I'm all worked up.

I recognize and realize that with age comes wisdom and I'll cut the offender a little, and I do mean a little slack, cause they're young; however, that doesn't take away the fact that human kindness can be extended at any age especially when you're above 18 and have had a little relationship experience under your belt. And folk wonder why I'm still fucking single. A chick like me has no time for the drama.

I'm now a little calmer than how I started, but I know this is temporary. Seeing the hurt and pain in my friend's eyes later is going to kill me and I'll have to restrain "Annie" (alter ego) from wanting to black the fuck out and holla at the dumbass for their inability to keep it real.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend and in closing I ask you all to think about the words that leave your mouth when you speak. Always strive to "Say what you mean, and mean what you say."


jc said...

man, i wasn't expecting this kind of post today, but hey you gotta say what you gotta say sometimes. i was always taught to speak up and not hide my words even when they might hurt someone's feelings. it's better to speak up and hurt someone because they'll appreciate the truth, than to lie or send mixed messages.

MagicalSis said...

glad you're in touch with that anger.....lol


all i can say is that i agree, to say our peace SEEMS like the right thing...but we do not get to determine where others are on their path. perhaps they haven't learned to speak up like you have.

lovin' my John Legend btw!

jus.b.fli said...

OH MY GOD!! you are goin' the fuck off today!! (LOL) i can't even lie and say that i don't like it or that i'm offended... well, because I DO! and I'M NOT!!

as you said earlier... our kinnection is showing today. i don't know... yesterday was so crazy for me and this morning i decided to just let it go. so... i did.

anywho... relax, relate, release, darlin'. but i appreciate your vent! and tell your other friend, when you see her... i can send Edie up there to help Annie out if she wants me too. (LOL)

Happy Friday!! Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

You know what is really cool about this post? (Besides the raw emotion that I find so sensual...)

You are leading by example. :-)

blaqrayne said...

Definitely a post close to my heart. Nice job ranting and raving. You're kinda cool when you go off...LOL. Thanks big sis!

Terry said...

Well let me say this about that.

The post was…like…sorta..out there…I mean not like out there, out there but like sort on the…like edge of out there. I mean it was like real and shit…but not like really real like when they stick a thermometer up your ass real…but like, it was out there real…kinda like really all…I mean like…like all primal type real and shit. Know what I'm sayin'?

I'm just messin'.

Truth is most folks have a problem with keeping a conversation real so they can control the situation. They can practice plausible deniability and always claim that it was not what they meant. Fact of the matter is that's covert aggressive behavior and I for one don't need it. Blu - you and your sisters have this one called right. Folks need to stand up to the plate and just come out wit it. Makes life a hell of a lot simpler.

For instance, if I was ten years younger gurl, I'd be all over your stuff! Did I say that out loud?

I just messin' again. Well…sort of…I mean not like messin', messin' but like sorta messin'…like kinda the real deal but not really the deal…sorta like…well you know…like messin' like messin 'round…sort of like really messin' but not really…know what I'm sayin'?

The Mistress said...

Well meow! tell it like it is girl.

I too despise people who speak in tongues and riddles about shit. Pisses me off! JUST SAY WHAT YOU WANNA SAY!

Nancy said...

if everyone Says what they mean and Means what they say, the world would be a better place. I hate games and I try to hold (myself and) people accountable.
good luck and i hope everything works out for you

BluJewel said...

jc - you were taught wonderful lessons and it's great that you've heeded them.

magical - hey, sometimes you just gotta unleash the beast ya know?! Agreed we cannot control that of others; however, i contend that people should be mindful of others regardless.

jus - i KNEW you would get this and i KNEW you would feel this. sometimes you just gotta say what it is. i refuse to sugar coat shit and call it candy; is't still shit. annie & edie should team up just for shits and giggles...snicker!

x - thank you and i'm doing my best.

rayne - for you; anything...well almost...big hugs to you.

terry - i...err...uhm...get..uhm...where you're...err..coming from. I love "...practice plausible deniability ..." those are some true and powerful words right there and i can't wait to use them on someone who thinks they're about to get one over. Nope, no siree bob!

mistress - i knew you'd feel this too as it's something you've commented on in your blogs. if folk are as grown as they say or as they think they are, then they need to step up and keep it real.

nancy - thanks for stopping by again. you're right, the world would be a better place, but it seems some are still hell bent on keeping it ugly.

SIDENOTE - i realize that this may have come as a shock to some of you, but hey, like the post says, you gotta say what you mean and mean what you say. how can i post something like this and not live it? Blu ain't that kind of gal!!!

Nique said...

Well darling I am so sorry that someone has gotten under your skin like that, but some people are high communicators and some poeple are low communicators. As far as the acting nice or innocence part, those are just that person's low character traits. I hope that by now you have resided all your anger on this but if not, then love, calm down, we still love you.

Mominator said...

I'm gonna say what I mean and mean what I say.... Love ya girl! Thanks for stopping by with encouragement. Much needed in my last few weeks of insanity!


Anonymous said...

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