13 January 2007

10 things...getting to know me

I was tagged by Urban Butterfly to do this, so here it is...

  1. I think everyone who knows me knows...I am a good cook
  2. I am...a simple kinda gal who enjoys the less chaotic things in life
  3. My favorite perfume is...now Hypnose by Lancome. I happened on it and fell in love. Polama Picasso was/is still my signature scent and I do feel like I'm cheating on her, but Hypose is sooo sexy and fits my style/moods
  4. I love Music...I listen to music of almost any genre. It is a staple in my life and I'm particularly moved my lyrics
  5. My favorite pastime is...reading. I have always loved to read and it's something I can do anytime; anyplace. Hanging out in Borders Cafe going through magazines is a wonderful part of my week
  6. I am most comfortable...left to my own devices. I enjoy company, but am equally content being alone and doing whatever comes to mind
  7. When I am stressed out...I love to cook. It helps to relax me and takes my mind of other things. Cooking allows me to be creative and try new things.
  8. I don't like...being around negative people. They have a depleting energy.
  9. I am not a very good...at math, although I can calculate percentages pretty well when shopping...lol
  10. My indulgence...books, pastries, and cooking.


Organized Noise said...

I'm with you on #4. To me, lyrics are definitely more important than the music. Anyone can put a hook over a funky beat and come up with a hit, but how many artists these days are saying anything?

Debo Blue said...

#4, #5, #6 & #7-I'm right w/you. And hey, I used to love Poloma too. Great minds think alike (well, sometimes you do scare me LOL).

beautyinbaltimore said...

I love to read to.

I also hate being around negative people. I feel like they take away from my spirit.

Rosemarie said...

Thanks for sharing! I love to cook too. Since my daughter was born, I haven’t been that creative in the kitchen considering my limited free time. Thank goodness for those awesome all-in-one meals from the crock-pot though. I have a great recipe called Pat’s Creamy Chicken with Thyme. Steak under the broiler is always a good option as well.

What's your favorite dish to cook? Do you own the chef pans and knives too?

Drop by my blog Monday for a drama post...Trump vs. Rosie and click on the link to rap artist Jin.

Voice on Miscellaneous Matters

Anonymous said...

Hey Beautiful Jewel! Thanks for answering the tag! I enjoyed reading your answers and getting to know you a little better! =)

I love simplicity and no chaos in my life. Peace, tranquility & serenity are my best friends!

I've never heard of your favorite scents. I'll have to smell them next time I'm out! But I love a scent that makes me feel and smell sexy!

When it comes to music, I'm in love with lyrics as well.

I also enjoy the company of others, but I also need my solitude!! =)

I don't like being around negative people either.

Susan Abraham said...

What a wonderful life, Blu. (sigh!)

Mominator said...

i'm just learning more and more about you girl! The books and cooking I knew. Borders is a fav with us also. That's where we go on our dates.

sue :)

Blu Jewel said...

ORG - without lyrics the songs are meaningless. as you said, anyone can come up with a nice beat, but without anything to back it up, it's like good looks and no brain.

debo - i guess we do have things in common...betta watch out before i rub off on you...lol

beauty - very nice of you to stop by and share your comments; thanks for that. reading is a brain food. the ONLY purpose negative people serve is to improve our faith in a higher power.

rosemarie - almost anything with seafood is fave for me. seeing as I only eat seafood and poultry, i'me really creative with food. i'm a Pampered Chef fiend, so i have a lot of their kitchenware.

Urban - you and i have a lot in common too. (smile) yes, do go check out each of those scents and maybe they'll become additions to your vanity

mom - thanks for stopping by to see me. i know that couldn't have been easy with your schedule. i do appreciate it. Borders is such a great place. everyone should go there at least once a month for a great mental health break

jus.b.fli said...

it must be genetic cause i suck ass big time when it comes to math! (LOL)

lovin' the list, momma!

as always passin' thru and throwin' love all up in the air!! :D


A woman on the move said...

I LOVE to read as well!
In fact, I was at Borders this past Saturday. I bought a few business related books, but the book I am most proud of is this brand new cookbook I bought.

The guy I am seeign has giving me some indirect inspiration to practice cooking again (something I need a lot of work in,LOL).

Fun post!!

The Mistress said...

I suck at math, I love being alone, and reading is my thing too!

We are just birds of a fether.

Honey-Libra said...

#5 is sooo me LOL


I'm not too good with math either, but I know how many women have broken my heart...

windscreen:fly said...

i feel like i'm getting to know you all over again...what a wanker i must be ;)

josie said...

well i am just like you. i agree with 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10

Blu Jewel said...

jus - math sucks, but as i said, let someone fuck with my money and i bet i'll figure it out real quick...lol...and i can calculate percentages when there's a sale *wink*

woman - reading is FUNdamental and there's always something new to learn. cooking as you now know is a fave thing for me and i hope it becomes that for you too/two *wink/smile*

mistress - yes, we are in more ways than one...lol!

honey - the majority of commentors enjoying reading too, maybe that's a part of why we all blog

slump - i'm sure you've broken your share too.

widescreen - ah, my fave wanker has come back to me...missed you man. see what you learn when you hang out with me again

josie - it seems like there are quite a few of us who are alike

Hawa Bond said...


Please oh please... hooka sistah up with the creamy chicken and thyme recipe! I have a crock pot collecting dust, mostly because I don't have many good recipes.

I cook with lots of fresh and dried herbs... and thyme is a favorite.

blaqrayne said...

That definitely sums you up

Blu Jewel said...

hawa - if you haven't already, hit rosemarie's page up, she has some good posts

rayne - yup...sho nuff!

rethots said...

'm with you on nos. 5, 6, 8 but, unlike you i love maths.