17 January 2007

Is it just me?

I pondered many things on my way into work this morning and thought I should pose the question "Is it just me?"

Is it just me or....

do you get the impression that Barack Obama is going to be raked over the coals should he decide to run as it looks like he will?

are you so sick of the political lies that you'd rather see children running for office? (Lord knows many are smart enough)

do you look at the way these kids are dressed and ask yourself why?

do you question why innder city schools aren't given the fairness in funding they deserve?

have you questioned why builders insist on building huge houses on poststamp sized lots?

do you further wonder why these same companies can't build homes for low income families?

have you asked yourself what you can do to make a positive contribution to your environment?

how much longer the world will actually last?

do you want to drastically improve something about yourself and/or someone you're really close to?

have you wanted to perform a really crazy act if wanton abandoment?

revert back to a part of your childhood or life where you felt completely safe?

wished you could do something really good for someone anonymously?

do you want to ask these celebs why they would squander they're dream occupation (singing, acting, etc.,) on drugs, alcohol, or crime?

do you want to force feed triple zero models?

Well, that's what's going on in the Jewel's mind today...have a blessed day!


Xavier said...

I'm sorry, but as I read your list (imagining that silky voice of yours with the sexy accent,) there was a song stuck in my head. It's called "Tambourine", have you heard of it? LOL

But I love you for more than just your sexy accent. I love you most for the unreserved support you have showered on me from day one. Tall, dark and handsome is real, and he’s very lucky, you two just don’t know it yet.


chele said...

It's not just you.

BZ said...

No X 10. I'm with you all the way. :-)

Hawa said...

It certainly isn't just you, sweetie! I agree with so much of what you shared today.

Obama Obama Obama. The same folks smiling in his face and pressing him to run will drag his arse across hot coals, like the charcoal-turner at a BBQ. Lord help him.

As far as the sized 000 models, I was so with you on that. I swear every time I see one, I wanna serve them fried chicken and potatoes.

Honey-Libra said...

LOL...that's alot going on...I do however wonder how people are going to react if he does indeed announce his running...EKKK

blaqrayne said...

It definitely isn't just you.

jus.b.fli said...

you got MADD shit on your mind today sis, but! those who really know you understand that's jus the norm! ;)

hey. wait a minute. i ain't tryin' to start nothin', but... ummm... is it jus me or is xae flirting with my big sister??!!! (LOL)

anyhoo... Love You LOTS!!


Rosemarie said...

Do you want to drastically improve something about yourself and/or someone you're really close to?

Yes, I'm working on me. I'm in a growing season. It hurts and it's challenging.

Changing other folks is impossible! Everybody has his or her own fair share of self-growth to deal with.

Thanks for your usual random questions that provoke us to look closer.

j.a.c. said...

girl you was thinking about DEEP things that morning! you asked a lot of good questions though. the world's not going to last that much longer. that's why we have to live our lives as righteous as possible. stay close to God and you'll be ok.

Blu Jewel said...

Xae - let me find our you're flirting with me...that's how rumors get started playa!!!!!!!!!!

chele - so i guess inquiring minds have been hitting you too huh?

bz - how was VA chica? I'll email for details *wink*...nice to know i'm not the only one thinking

hawa - so you're feeling me too. great to have such allies. LOL @ your analogy to Barak...poor bloke's gonna 'ave 'ell to pay when 'e puts 'is trainers on and starts runnin eh??? 000 isn't that just insane?

honey - his theme song will be "wanna be startin somethin" by Michael Jackson...lol!

rayne - another great mind!

jus - yeah, you know how i do (giggle) sometimes you just gotta ask though cause i really do wonder if i'm the only person who thinks these things...as for Xae, i was sounding like Black Rob saying "WHOA!" when i read his comment. next thing you know i'll be on the blogger tabloids and shit right under...Blogger fakes own death!" LMBAO!!!

rosemarie - agreed, working on the self is always a good thing and certainly much easier than trying to work on someone else. it doesn't stop one from wanting to fix just a little something on someone though. i must add, your voice is a nice addition to spot. thanks for joining in!

Blu Jewel said...

j.a.c - you snuck in while i was replying to the other comments...yes, i was pondering much and just needed to get my thoughts out and find out what others are thinking too. Yes, we're all in need of some get right.

Anonymous said...

yes, I certainly question the funding situation to inner city schools, and I think its soooo sad. we have that problem in the DC area. That issue touches my heart and I wish there was something I could to help change it. I'm sure there is something, I'll have to do my research.

beautyinbaltimore said...

They have already started on Barack.

A model who is slim like Naoimi Campbell is fine because she looks healthy.
I am so sick of seeing teenage girls with nothing on and teenage boys wearing pants that are to big. Although things are changing a little with the boys here in Baltimore, many of them are now wearing better fitting pants.