31 January 2007

Why? (questions on Blu's mind today)

why is it fair that Brandy is being sued for $50 million?

why do i wanna f*ck up a former friend?

why am i soo looking forward to warm weather?

why am i caught in the craziness of the current lunar cycle?

why did i mess up my ATM deposit?

why am i looking forward to my tax return?

why will getting my tax return make me feel like i hit the lottery (though less the millions)?

why am i gonna pimp myself for a decent pay increase now that i'm in a new position?

why don't restuarants give their left over food for the night to homeless shelters?

why are there entirely too many people homeless/hungry, in dire need of healthcare, while billions of dollars is spent on a war?

why am i looking forward to voting for a new president next year?

why do i feel like screaming at the LAN guys who decided to do maintenance on the server during the work day?

why am i so looking forward to seeing Prince during the half time show during the Super Bowl, but not the Super Bowl itself?

why am i craving sushi like it's crack?

why does the sound of certain voices make me smile in some cases and mad in others?

why do i wish i had my space heater at my desk today?


Lyrically speaking said...

I don't think it's fair that Brandy is getting sued, not sure if she deserves it since there are two sides of the story.

As for warm weather, yessssssssss I can't wait myself...

I agree, restaurants should feed the homeless their left over foods, so much is wasted in the trash. Great post.

JoJo D. said...

Girl, you better put me back in the Blog roll!!! LOL!!!

Hey girl! Happy new year. I know I'm late, but... then again, that's always my story! Been doing alright? I hope so. I like your Random list.

*I love Prince. I can't wait to see his falsetto hitting ass either.

*The reason restuarants don't give away leftover food to the homeless shelters is because they save it for the next day to give back to US. I swear they re-served me some meat I had leftover from yesterday. LOL!!!! Good to be back in your company, girl. You're the best, Blu!

Hawa Bond said...

You forgot a couple:

Why do I keep changing my password, forgetting it, and locking myself off my work computer?

Why didn't I kill H.B. for escorting that scrub to my desk today?

Why did Vic get jealous about the split pea soup, claiming he wanted to cook some for his lady first? (For real!)

LOL Love you, girl!!!

Terry said...

"why is it fair that Brandy is being sued for $50 million?"

Because she lives in freakin' California! Haven't ya heard? This is the "Sue Me State". Get rich with a law suit or die tryin'.

That's how we roll.


Honey-Libra said...

Funny thing is I've always wondered why restaurants don't do that...instead of throwing the food away

I think they are trying to "teach" other celebs a lesson via Brandy which isn't fair, but hey she hit and killed someone something should be done...maybe not as much as they are trying to do but someone died.

Why is blogger actin like it's on the rag?!!! I have never typed so hard trying to do a word verification only to be sent to 3 or 4 more word verifications LOL..then thinking that I've posted anony when I haven't LOL..great

BZ said...

You just f*ckin made me want sushi. DAMNIT! lol

As far as restaurants giving food to homeless shelters: litigiousness.

I'm looking forward to voting next year, too. HALELUIAH!

I want my space hearter, too. Although - why is it f*cking freezing in the office restroom - moreso than the office itself? GRRR

blaqrayne said...

You were on a roll. I think you have Jadakiss beat...lol.

One big why that I've been asking lately is why can't people just keep it real??

Blu Jewel said...

lyrically - you're so right about Brandy. We should all plan a getaway together. Sad about the food situation and i wish there was something we could all do.

jojo - yes, ma'am consider it done and consider me shook! lol! You could be onto something about reserving cause someone told me many buffets do that. EEK!

Hawa - trust me i know all about the forgetting passwords. i did it twice in one day. Nah, the riff-raff was a good thing. Tell your sweetie i'll make something for him too *wink* Love you too!

Terry - i think damn near the entire US has jumped on the "I'll sue" bandwagon; too bad many of the cases are unwarranted.

Honey - we all seem to agree about Brandy and restaurants. crying shame! LMAO@ blogger being on the rag. I do know what you mean though.

bz - lets meet up and get some sushi together. if i dont get some this weekend i think i'm gonna hurt someone. we so agree on many levels...what sign are you? lol!

rayne - lol @ jadakiss. you've asked that question before, maybe you should ask the person in question.

Susan Abraham said...

I don't know, Blu. I have several unanswered questions in my life, that right now, I can't even bear thinking about.
Will a great big hug do? hugs then. :-)

The Mistress said...

I got one...

Why is my ENTIRE tax return going to moving expenses.


~jus butterfli~ said...

why do i love you so much when you leave voice messages calling me a troll? (LMAO)

why do you ALWAYS have the ability to make me laugh?

why do i hope you know how much you mean to me?

why is it raining cats and freakin' dogs this morning and i'm still in a good mood?

why am i trying to play catch-up so you won't come to my blog and go the fuck off?

i'm out! (hehehe)

Paula D. said...

I got a few!

Why do I not have a love life?
Why am I so damn ashy?
Why do I blog all day at work?

Rosemarie said...

"Why is blogger actin like it's on the rag?!!!"

I agree. These past two days have been very frustrating!

Rosemarie said...

"why is it fair that Brandy is being sued for $50 million?"

Did her negligence cause a death?
That could be anyone of us. How do you move on from that? Forget about the money!

Anonymous said...

good, i just brought tons of different emo backgrounds 2 my blog