03 January 2007

All Love For Good

"Isn't all love for good
How do we get this misunderstood
God doesn't care who we love
Just that we do"
-Micheal Tomlinson (Calling Me Back to the Wild CD 1995)

As I listened to this song (it inspired today's post), which was written by Mr. Tomlinson in memory of his sister who was a lesbian and it caused a family divide. I watched Family Stone last night which was a surprisingly good movie. I recalled the scene at the dinner table where the very bougie Meredith questioned the relationship between an interracial couple who wanted to adopt a little boy. Not only was the couple interracial, but they were gay and the white partner was deaf. By her standards, there were so many things "wrong" with that relationship and for every time she tried to clean up her comments, she progressively made a bad situation worse.

Why is it that we consider anything that we wouldn't do or can't fathom wrong? Aside from a few things, which are inherrantly wrong, (child sexual acts to name one), why does whom one chooses to love have to be an issue? From everything I've read in life, it says that love is BLIND. So if it's truly blind, then it does not see color, gender, age, or handicap. Love does not see; it feels.

All too often we allow ourselves to get caught up in what someone else says/thinks is right or wrong and that in itself is wrong. It shows that we are incapable of thinking for ourselves and that we are all lambs waiting to be slaughtered because we follow and not lead. Think about how politricks (intentionally spelled) is used to determine someone's worth, meanwhile we've seen many politrickions shamed for the same thing they supposedly have an issue against. Hell, we have a president who's right hand man has a lesbian daughter who's pregnant. How can he call this man his friend/ally when the pres stands against the things that the mans daughter is? Hypocricy at its very finest. There are preachers denoucning homosexuality, but we find out they've had a gay lover for many years. These very people talk a good game on tolerance and love for humanity, yet their actions speak the polar opposite.

Love gets tossed around like a four letter word and instead of being embraced and used for the greater good, it's discarded and disregarded because someone has an opinion on how it should be practiced or displayed. We can show more love and humanity for an animal we'll hold hostage in a zoo or in our homes, but be can't love someone because they're of another color, orientation, age, etc. What kind of bullshit is that? It's appalling what is happening in and to the world and we wonder why there is such a major shift in the increase of acts of nature. It's because Mother Nature is reclaiming what is rightfully hers and she'd rather perform a true act of cleansing instead of allowing self-righteous and indignant people to do it and tell her what love truly is.

The day of reckoning is closer than we can imagine!!!


BZ said...

Great post! I agree. Love is blind. The fact that any true form of love exists between two people should bring about a certain joy. I watched Family Stone the other day and was thinking the same thing.

I think such cleansing events have occurred on Earth throughout its history. I only think it seems this drastic now is because of the great number of lives lost or affected due to it, which in reality is only a reflection of the out-of-control population problem we happen to have now, whereas before we did not. Humans are parasites on this Earth and I think such instances are really only processes God has implemented, from the beginning, for Earth to maintain some semblance of homeostasis.

Wendy said...

People, even those who say that they don't care what others think really do. We Wear The Mask, which grins and lies... No man is an island. Because we are raised ( some of us)to do not only do what is morally right but as society dictates. You may have the most liberal person in the world staunchly and secretly against biracial dating. Not because, they do not believe in this type of love. Or even that it will work but, because they know the stigma attached to it. The same for homosexuality. No one wants to be persecuted,or see their love ones persecuted. Unfortunately, according to society all in love is not good or fair. So we remain a world full of depressed souls,full of repressed emotion,never really finding or opening themselves to their true loves because society says that kind of love is wrong.

chele said...

I've tried a few times to formulate an intellgent comment and all I can come up with is: DEEP.

BlaqRayne said...

I agree with you 100%. I believe in a person's right to choose. If one is against bi-racial relationships then they ought not engage in one, but just as they have the right to make that choice without persecution, that same respect should be reciprocated.

BlaqRayne said...

Forgot one thought...

People should definitely refrain from allowing the opinion of others to prevent them from being who they are. There are times when you should care what people think, but not associating with certain people or engaging in certain relationships because "people will start to talk" is rediculous.

Lyrically speaking said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm, love gets tossed around like a four-letter word, preach, preach...so true

Happy New Year!! Much applause to your post

nikki said...

this is a great post, but you're preaching to the choir. i think there are alot of folk out there who don't think love is unconditional and they don't see themselves as being hypocritical by having limits on their idea of what love is.

for example, if a sista loves a man who beats her, is that unconditional love or is that sista just being stupid? if we love the folk who don't earn it, is that bad of us? i mean, it's one thing to love someone despite their faults, but to be in love with a person? do i continue to be in love with a brotha if he's cheating on me or would that be ridiculous of me?

in other words, folk have their own ideas of what love is. i think the key is to find the person whose definition of love is most closely aligned with mine and work it from there. i mean, one could argue that you're being a bit self-righteous by saying those folk are being hypocrites when the thing is you don't accept their ideas of what love is.

you don't have to accept it as your own belief, but it doesn't mean you have any more right of telling them they're being a hypocrite for not adopting your definition of love than they would if they told you how you love is wrong.

Blu Jewel said...

bz - you're the second person other than myself to have watched that movie. initially, i didn't think it was something i'd enjoy, but did. you're right, there was been some form of cleansing throughout history; however, it just seems more and more prevalent now.

Wendy - i like your commment, WE WEAR A MASK! you're absolutely right and you raise some very valid points. my point is that we say we're in favor of tolerance and humanity and practice the opposite, which as you said, "we remain a world full of depressed souls,full of repressed emotion,never really finding or opening themselves to their true loves because society says that kind of love is wrong."

chele - even being somewhat speechless is cool...lol!

rayne - i like both your points and agree, but we both know the sad and harsh reality that words hurt too and can be as damaging as the persecution

lyrically - it's truly a shame where it's easier to say "fuck you" to someone than to say "i love you"

nikki - how did i know i'd get you to shout from the rooftops on this one...lmao! seriously though, you raised some very interesting and sounds points. we all have warped ideas of love and how it should be displayed. as Wendy said, we all wear masks, but the bottom line is that we all, if honest just want to love and be loved without it being an issue. i know i've commented on the acts of some people; however, i add the caveat "to each his/her own" because ultimately i'm not walking in their shoes. i know i may sound a little hypocritical, but i'm not trying to be. i've known and know the damaging effects of someone else's views on whom i've chosen to lose and it's for those reasons that my tolerance for others in their situations (gay, biracial, age) has increased. one thing i can say i dont/wont do is expect someone to conform to my definition of love unlike those i've mentioned here.

Thank you all thus for for your comments on this ongoing and highly debatable and controvesial topic.

Susan Abraham said...

One of the most empowering qualities is that we cannot choose who to love but that love makes the ultimate choice for us.

A clever heartfelt post Blu. You're back in form. *grin*

The Mistress said...

Say it again girl!

You already know my stance on intolerance.

That shit pisses me off. Mind your own damn business people...this is America, we don't have to approve of other people's lifestyles...especially when what they do doesn't affect us. GET A LIFE FOLKS!


Debo Blue said...

Your post and your comments should be included in a humanities class or, even better, Oprah's. Great post, exciting comments.

If I've forgotten, Happy New Year and thanks for the kind words for me.