18 January 2007

Run; Barack Run!

A couple days ago, I read an editorial in a local newspaper about the pasts of those who run for president. Bill Clinton's acknowledgement of smoking weed, but not inhaling. I've always thought that funny because you have to inhale in order to say you've smoked; but whatever; it's his story and he's sticking to it. Gee-Dubya likened his alcohol and cocaine use to his being young and reckless. Barack Obama admitted he used drugs when he was younger in a book. The author blabbed on and on about the acts of what these man did in their younger years and asked whether we'd want a man or a mouse in office (loosely translated). Personally, I don't give a flying fig if any of these men smoked weed, sniffed coke, or had homosexual sex in their younger years. What I care about is if they can do the job they've been sworn to (well, a certain someone named has proven himself ineffective). Everyone has done something in their past that they'd rather not discuss, but since they know that everything they've once done will be thrown in their face; I guess it's best to put it out there before hand.

The past lives of people should not dictate what they can do now. As previously stated, we've all done something shady, illegal, or inappropriate at some point. For some, we've not gotten caught or felt the need for disclosure. In addition, we're less likely to be raked over the coals for it either. I say again, I really don't care (unless it's something of major detriment) what they did in the past as they're all human and entitled to make mistakes. I want the person running for a position who might get my vote to be honorable in his character, live by his word, effect positive change, and strive to be the best of what his position requires.

From everything I've read and heard about Barack Obama, he's someone worthy of runinng for the presidency. I believe he'd be good for a country that is currently under seige, suffering from low morale, and in dire need of an effective and positive change. Lord knows he'd have his work cut out for him considering the muck he'd have to clean up, but given the chance and with a supportive cabinet, I believe he could do it. This isn't about his race; it's about being what the country needs. His former drug use means nothing and if that's the best they can dig up about him to sway a person's opinion of him, then they're proving nothing; especially when he's already declared it.

I'll continue to do my research, listen to his proposals, and not settle for the lesser of two evils. I want to cast my vote knowing it will actually mean something to the person on the ballot; though he won't know me personally. I want to support a man of prinicples, strong beliefs, with a love for his constituents, and overall; someone who says what he means and means what he says. I want societal restitution for the chaos currently in effect and I hope that he's the man that can make one hell of an improvement. I know it shouldn't fall solely on his head, but his influence could sway the change and foster favorable results. Maybe the United of the currently Untied States will once again mean something and morale will reign again.

I understand that running for the presidency is no easy chore, but I wish him well and hope that he has his Nike's on cause the race to the White House isn't going to be easy.


Anonymous said...

I personally think he should wait another four years to strengthen himself and his record but like everything in life, only that person knows when they're ready for the battle.

Great post!

Debo Blue

Mominator said...

I'm a gal who votes democrat and republican. Whoever I feel can do the job, I vote for. I'm really encouraged seeing Barack emerge. I don't think he will make it 'all' the way this time, but I'm glad he is getting out there and getting his feet wet this time around. The country will get to know him better and he will bust out four to eight years from now.


smoothie said...


i totally agree about barrack...what pissed me off the most was how sharpton anfd Jackson failed to endorse obama..I put them on blast on my blog..

Terry said...

Well let me say this about that. The Democrats are in trouble.

Currently you apparently have there candidates who are going to run for the Democratic nomination. Former Senator John Edwards, who has been here done that (sort of), Hillary Clinton, who is…well Hillary Clinton, and by all accounts Barack Obama. There may be a few more before it's over but they will be of little consequence.

Problem is that this is America. And with America still comes our stupid little hang ups. The majority of Democrats will not support a woman. Especially someone like Hillary Clinton. Most will not support an unproven African-American from Chicago. Which is unfortunate. So - that leaves the Caucasian from North Carolina. A man who could probably not win the Presidency.

So the Republicans will come up with another lame excuse for a candidate, (the Senator for Arizona comes to mind) and HE will probably win.

See my point?

The only way a woman gets elected is if Hillary Clinton and Dr. Rice run against each other, and the only way an African-American man gets elected is if Gen. Powell and Barack Obama oppose each other.

I'd like to think we in this country are bigger than that, but fact is, we're just not.

Shame on us.

BZ said...

I'm so with you on this! And, thankfully, so are my Cuban, and historically staunch-Republican family.

I think he can do it. I think he represents much of what people want now. A fresh, mature and inclusive approach to politics. The system is only as good as the number of people that involve themselves in the process. And he encourages that. I think people appreciate that about him.

chele said...

I have to agree with Terry. I don't think America is ready ... shame on us, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I agree with everything you said.

"This isn't about his race; it's about being what the country needs." Don't you think this is the sentiment of those of us who are wishful thinkers? I wish it could really be that way, but...

Shelle said...

i have to agree w/ya...not about what you did...what you going to do now?

The Mistress said...

I just finised reading "The Audacity of Hope" and I believe wholeheartedly that Barack has what it takes to make an excellent president.

We'll just have to wait and see!

I'm excited at the prospect though.

beautyinbaltimore said...

I don't think he is ready for the white house just yet. He should wait until 2012 or 2016. That way he will have accomplished something major(I hope) that will distinguish him from other senators.
I truly think the next presidental race will be Hillary's if she plays her cards close. I think the only person who has a chance at beating her may be Rudolph Gulliani. Although that is unlikly since he is a republican, and I don't think the hollyrollers will support him in full force.

Blu Jewel said...

I must apologize for not commenting sooner, but things have been rather crazy for me of late. Thank you all for your comments and feedback. I like the diversity of comments to this and it shows people are really thinking and not being sucked in by the hype.

blaqrayne said...

I am soo not ready for the drama and bs that surrounds elections. For once, I'd like to see the candidates just stick to the facts, but you know how it always goes and it's going to be amplified this time around with a woman and an African-American in the race. I might as well cut off my cable and cancel my newspaper subscription...lol